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Archives - Weekly Update

As many of you know, over the past few years, we have increased the number of virtual events that we are offering to readers. We have a rather huge invite list, which has become unwieldy to write via regular email. Thus, we now have an Events Newsletter, which we will send around the first of the month. While we mention our events in this newsletter, if you want to plan a couple of months ahead, sign up here for our new Events Newsletter. It will come from, so drop that address in your address book!

What are in the boxes, you ask? Books! More specifically, they’re the prizes for the Bookreporter End-of-the-Year Contest, last week's “Bookaccino Live” giveaway, and the ReadingGroupGuides “Share Your Favorite Books of the Year” Contest. On Tuesday night, I packed boxes, printed gift cards and organized postage with our Contest Coordinator, Lisa Hickman. This was the “morning after”; please ignore my bare feet. I am grateful to my husband, Tom, for taking everything to the post office on Wednesday.

It has been such a busy start to the year that the other night I asked my husband what the date was. When he said January 10th, I thought he was wrong. It had to be at least the first week in February. The past nine days in the office have been so busy. We are working on some terrific events and batting around new contest ideas.

And we’re back! I confess that I feel like the break was a little shorter than I would have liked. There were lots of books that I had hoped to read, though I did read two that I enjoyed that I will get to in a minute. And I think just a wee bit more relaxing could have happened. But just before the staff headed out to celebrate with our families, we met as a team to work on some plans for 2024, and those have us very excited.