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Archives - Weekly Update

I am writing from Atlanta where I am attending the Romance Writers of America annual convention. Atlanta is hot and sticky enough to ensure that I will wear all of the clothes I brought with me as I seem to be changing three times a day. This convention is one where fashion gets as much discussion as writing and books. There is shoe chatter, jewelry chatter and most conversations do start with ---- "you look great!" before "what are you working on?"

I spent part of the time at ThrillerFest in Phoenix a few weekends ago reading THE MEPHISTO CLUB by Tess Gerritsen. Tess and I have gotten to know each other these past few years, and as I was sitting in the pool reading (literally IN the pool with the book propped up on the side of the pool) I kept looking up to see if she was walking by. I imagine for an author it's quite interesting (most say it's disconcerting) to watch someone reading your book. I finished it a few days later in Colorado and once again it's pure Gerritsen, full of blood, spine-tingling scenes and moments that will have you checking the doors. Here's a bit...a woman is found dead and above her head in Latin are the words, "I have sinned." Ready to be thrilled? Tess is our latest Suspense/Thriller author and we have 20 copies of THE MEPHISTO CLUB to give away to 20 readers who are interested in reading and commenting. Interested? Then send your name and email address to by Friday, August 4th.

I got back last night from my biz/vaca/biz trip to Phoenix, the mountains of Colorado and Denver. As I was walking through downtown Denver the other night I was wishing that publishing was headquartered there instead of New York, so I could live there. I love that part of the country. There is something about the colors, the light and the sky that invigorate me.

I am writing this week from the deck of a condo at Beaver Creek as I am wrapping up a week of vacation in Colorado. (For those of you left with last week's cliffhanger, my husband and sons met me in Denver without incident last Saturday night in a moment that made me very grateful to whoever invented the cell phone.)