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Archives - Weekly Update

Last weekend I celebrated the snowstorm sitting on the couch reading ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AN ORDINARY LIFE by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Some of you may have read my comments about this book on the Blog. Tuesday night I had the opportunity to meet Rosenthal at a reading that she did in New York. She is both shy and approachable, and is just as honestly sincere in person as she is on paper. Last week my son told me what he likes about this book is that it talks about a regular person's life like it is special as opposed to what we see so much where celebrities are deified.  It's definitely one of my new favorite books. Read the blog to see more about it.

Welcome to the newly expanded version of the Newsletter. With this week's issue we are now able to highlight 15 features, which is up 50% from previous issues! This will give us the opportunity to spotlight many more titles and authors for you.

Just when we get back into the swing of work, here comes a three-day weekend for most of you! And it's the first holiday in a few months that does not require entertaining, gifts or other reveling. Make the most of it.

Hope you all had a great holiday! I had a nice combination of family celebrations, gift giving/receiving and reading/relaxing. I made just one New Year's Resolution --- I am not going to finish any book that I am not enjoying. I have had no need to break my resolution thus far. I have read some really terrific books over the last few weeks from both debut and well-known authors.