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Archives - Weekly Update

Last night was sports night at our house as Tom feverishly clicked back and forth between the Yankees and Giants games. Derek Jeter’s last home game could not have been scripted any better. I was taking very careful notes about his walk-off RBI single in case I ever get to meet him in his new role running Jeter Publishing. I think it’s pretty cool that books are his next play.

As I am typing today, my fingers are cold; I forgot what it felt like when it’s 62 degrees in the house, but I refuse to succumb to turning on the heat. Tom has a terrific solar cover solution on our odd-shaped pool (two circles that look like bubble wrap), so we may be able to pull off a couple of more weeks in the water. I fell up the stairs in early May and damaged something in my shoulder, so it’s been water aerobics and water running for me all summer, but I love it. Wendy Corsi Staub told me about a waterproof iPod, which you can see above. Pretty cool, right? We are going to interview Wendy about her audiobook listening via this device in the next few weeks. For us readers, extending reading time to the water is great!

I am a huge fan of Jonathan Tropper, and I am looking forward to the adaptation of THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU hitting theaters next Friday (I saw a preview of it at BEA, and it was such fun). Somewhere in my house is a copy, but since the fiction section of the Fitzgerald Family Library needs a cleanup, I cannot find the original copy. Of course, I may have loaned it out, and --- the horror of horrors for a booklover --- it was not returned. Thus I bought a new copy so my husband, Tom, could read it.

Last Friday, it was a bit strange not to be writing a newsletter. I confess that I barely powered up my laptop when we were on hiatus. I flagged a lot of email on my phone and got caught up on real life. I did a lot of entertaining (including our fun staff picnic; I wish I had a photo of us all sitting on the side of the pool with our toes in the water), pool floating, gardening, wandering through the house doing those small projects that creep into life and need attention, and, of course, reading. Lots of reading.