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Archives - Weekly Update

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Here's hoping your celebration makes some wonderful memories. I am just cooking for our immediate family as my parents are off visiting my sister in Atlanta. I love to cook and thus am going through "large gathering cooking withdrawal." Thus I am spending the afternoon at my friend Rachel's helping her cook for her 20 guests. Looking forward to chopping. By the way, I have a killer turkey recipe that I created about 10 years ago if any of you need it. I stuff it with herbs and baste it in butter and red wine.

Wednesday night I attended the National Book Awards. They are "the Oscars of publishing" made all the more controversial this year since there was lots of discussion/flack/haranging about the nominees who were not well-known names. Garrison Keillor was the master of ceremonies and he spent most of his remarks talking about how much writers owe to their readers. I loved hearing that. I think in this business sometimes the reader gets forgotten, which always saddens me.

The newsletter is coming to you a bit late this week, but includes a few extras as the company that we work with on this, Patron Mail, upgraded their system this week. What's new? More quick links on the upper right. Also, the ability to add links in the text to take you more quickly to features, reviews and excerpts. In the weeks to come we also will be able to share 15 features instead of 10. We're excited about this new format; hope that you are too.

As promised, this week we bring you our 3rd Annual Reader Survey. It's your chance to weigh in on what you buy, where you buy it, what you read and what prompts you to read it. Your replies will help us program in the weeks and months to come, so please do weigh in. And for sharing your thoughts you can be entered to win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon, as well as two other $25 gift certificates. Click on the link below to learn more. The survey is open til December 5th, but may we suggest you vote now?