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Archives - Weekly Update

I am writing this note on Thursday night. I just got in from the Edgar Awards dinner where the coveted Edgar Allan Poe Awards were given out. The best novel award went to Jess Walter's CITIZEN VINCE while Theresa Schwegel's OFFICER DOWN won best first novel by an American author. It was a fun evening that followed a terrific day yesterday at an all-day mystery symposium. Right now I am writing in between racing around to pack for my L.A. Book Fair trip. I have my clothes in a pile, which I will sort and get into a suitcase. What's getting me stumped is what to take to read. The way I see it, I will have about six hours on a plane on each flight.

The first week back from vacation takes on a rhythm all its own. This week as I was shaking the sand from my toes I found myself plunging right back into work. When it gets crazy busy like this, I find that reading a few pages of a book can definitely sort me out. Right now I am reading PRAYERS FOR THE ASSASSIN by Robert Ferrigno. It's not light reading, but rather a thought-provoking thriller that takes place in 2040. Somehow though when I have reached for this book this week, I have felt myself calming down. It's like checking in with these characters is something stable as everything else swirls around. While I did not have much reading time this week, I did find that these little escapes have been lovely. Any of you do this when life is hectic?

I am writing this afternoon from the deck at the house we are renting on the Outer Banks. It's been a wonderful week weather-wise, thus I have the "laptop on the deck" scenario completely under control. I love Wi-Fi when it works seamlessly like this. I have tap tap tapped out notes from the deck, the patio and the "tiki bar." I kid you not. This house has a tiki bar. Our house is on the 18th fairway. I have become the spotter for many an errant ball these past days. I hear clink on the rocks and know shortly a golfer will find his way through the trees and I will point to where the ball is. It's my version of vacation multi-tasking.

One of my favorite authors is Charles Martin. I discovered him two years ago when I read THE DEAD DON'T DANCE in manuscript and said --- this is an author who can write and make me feel. His latest book, WHEN CRICKETS CRY, is just out this week. I read it, again in manuscript, last summer. I've been looking forward to sharing it with you. Our Marketing Manager, Wiley Saichek, read an advance copy last fall and told me it was one of his favorite books of 2005. And now our reviewer, Cindy Crosby, loves it too. Trust that reading Charles Martin will take you to another place and leave you looking for his next book once you're done. People tell me this over and over again after I share his work with them.