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Archives - Weekly Update

Are you ready for the holidays? I just about am. I am wrapping up some of my favorite books of the year for family and friends, which is a nice way to celebrate the season. I hope that they enjoy them as much as I did.

This week we have a special author to share with you in our Debut Author: One to Watch feature. She's Jodi Compton, who has written a book called THE 37th HOUR that will be in stores on December 30th. Joe Hartlaub, Wiley Saichek and I all read this and immediately blitz emailed each other talking about the storyline --- and the great writing. Not sure if you know, but Joe lives and works in Ohio, Wiley lives and works in Texas and I work out of our New York office. Thus when we "talk" about a book the mail and IMs are fast and furious, which is what happened as we all finished THE 37TH HOUR.

This week when I was out and about the city I felt the holiday rush. People were racing around shopping and admiring the decorations. I confess that when I walked into a store right before Thanksgiving and heard blaring carols, I did a slight panic. I heard trees to be decorated, presents to buy and cookies to be baked, if such a thing were possible.