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Archives - Weekly Update

I enjoyed reading through this week's reviews. As I read many books far in advance of publication, I enjoy reading what our reviewers have to say about the books that I already have fallen in love with. Reading Kate Ayers's glowing review of Eli Gottlieb's NOW YOU SEE HIM, I remembered floating in the pool on the Outer Banks this summer reading an advance copy of this book. When I closed it, all I wanted to do was talk about it, but there was no one else around who had read it. Reading Kate's interview with Gottlieb filled in some of the questions that I had, so I felt like my experience with this book has been enhanced. We also learned last week that NOW YOU SEE HIM will be made into a movie; it has all the makings of a terrific one.

Last weekend's American Library Association Midwinter Conference was a great experience. The Friday evening kickoff event with Geraldine Brooks and Mary Doria Russell got the show off to a great start. Brooks spoke eloquently about the influence that her travels had on PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, which was inspired by something that happened to her in Sarajevo, and the effect that her training as a journalist has had on her novel writing. Russell was outrageously funny talking about librarians as those who fed her habit for books and reading over the years and made her into the reader she is today, corrupting her into the world of books like they were pushing drugs upon her.

I am writing this newsletter from Philadelphia where I am attending the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting. It's a nice way to jumpstart the year. I loved going to the library when I was growing up, so it's always great fun for me to have a chance to meet with librarians and hear about the books and authors they are excited about.

The holidays were wonderful. I had simple goals: Make some great memories, try to think about how much exercise each holiday treat would mean BEFORE I ate it, get all knitting projects ON needles finished, read as much as I can and wrap my head around the concept that the holiday card is just as lovely coming out as a New Year's card as it is at Christmas. I'm happy to report that the family told me the memories were made; many photos were taken; I only slightly overdid the treats; Jeanne and Brittany at Knitting Addiction in Southern Shores were true elves, giving me advice on all my knitting projects, thus all lingering ones are off needles and new ones are underway; a number of great books were read (more on that in a bit) and the New Year's card with the photo we shot on Christmas Day at the beach will go out this weekend.