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Archives - Weekly Update

The recent anniversary of The Book Report Network has me thinking about how much I personally have changed over these past ten years. Little secret: When we first started the company I HATED making cold calls. In fact, I hated making most phone calls. I would delay calling anyone I did not know. But as time went on I realized that I was the only person who could make the calls to get some things done to make the company work, and I needed to get over my fear of the phone to do this. So I did. The way I see it, passion overcame fear.

Tuesday night we celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Book Report Network with a party at Ruby Foo's in the city. Authors, publishing friends, agents and friends of the company joined us and shared stories from the last decade. It was a really fun evening. You can see photos of some of the events of the evening here.

My boys are back in school this week for a full week. For all the moms out there, HOW tired are you of filling out forms for school where you list emergency numbers? My favorite was this week when I was filling out a form for my younger son online and I needed cell numbers for all "in case of emergency" contacts, including the three neighbors who can be called if my husband or I cannot be found. This came after I had listed home/office and cell numbers for both myself and for my husband. Both of my sons have cellphones too with all these numbers speed dialed. So the form was not letting me close it without this info for our neighbors, which I did not know. So I typed 000-000-0000 and it worked! I know, I am a bad mother!

Welcome back! We had a lovely week away, with lots of time for reading and relaxing. I had a great time on the Outer Banks. You can read my blog about what I read here. Quick snapshot of the titles I read, what I will call the topline notes: RICOCHET by Sandra Brown, TRIPTYCH by Karin Slaughter, THE THIRTEENTH TALE by Diane Setterfield, PROMISE ME by Harlan Coben, ANGEL'S REST by Charles Davis, TALLGRASS by Sandra Dallas (coming in March 2007) and BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE by Frank Turner Hollon (coming in January 2007) and THE WIDOW by Carla Neggers. Please note that there are two blogs on this same page. Scroll down for the vacation reading one, or read both at the same time!