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Archives - Weekly Update

One of the joys of summer is late nights in the pool. Last Friday night, I spent a lovely evening floating around the pool while chatting with Tom and the boys; it was one of those evenings where not much happens, but a memory is made that we will look back on and talk about --- the night we all hung out in the pool until midnight. I love moments like that; they are the ones I replay in my head over and over. The little things away from the routine that are my “ah” moments.

When we left off, I was headed over to ThrillerFest for a Friday packed with author panels and meet-ups with author friends. Happily, Greg joined me and had the thrill, literally, of meeting one of his favorite authors, Ian Rankin; I bought him a copy of SAINTS OF THE SHADOW BIBLE, which Rankin graciously signed with noughts and crosses (which we call tic-tac-toe) in recognition of his first book, KNOTS AND CROSSES. Nice moment.

I trust that you all had a nice 4th of July. One of the highlights for me was having no set agenda for four days. I truly appreciate time like this when I can just kick things back a notch, pick up a book and put down all electronic devices. The weather cleared on Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday were glorious. In between dinners with friends, I read, and by the time the weekend was over, three books had made my weekend a lot brighter.

Yes, it’s Thursday, not Friday night. The newsletter is arriving in your mailbox a day early today so the staff can enjoy a much-deserved 3 1/2-day weekend.

Last weekend, I had a booklover’s dream weekend as I read two books that were page-turners. First up was BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty, which is one of our Summer Reading titles that will be in stores on July 29th. Many of you may remember Liane’s last book, the New York Times bestselling THE HUSBAND’S SECRET. In BIG LITTLE LIES, she looks at three women, each of whom have their secrets that they are putting bright faces on. There’s a bullying scandal among the youngest students and a murder that are gossiped about from various characters in pithy comments from the opening pages. At the start it is not clear who and what is being commented on, but as the pages turn --- and they will turn quickly --- the tension ramps.