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Archives - Weekly Update

On Tuesday, will celebrate its 18th anniversary! This week brings up a treasure trove of memories for me --- from the pre-launch prep, to the site going live, to the 936(!) weeks of updates since then. It’s been such a privilege to bring you our updates each week; we spend a lot of time thinking about our growing audience of readers and what you want to see in this newsletter and on the site. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you in person; others have become virtual friends. I still get all the reader mail and try to answer it as well. No matter how much we have grown, I still appreciate the personal contact. On behalf of the entire staff, I thank you for reading!

This week, I noticed that the hours of daylight definitely are waning. While I used to be able to race home from the city to get in a walk and a swim while there was still daylight, that is not so easy anymore. Last night, under the stars and with the pool light on, I floated and jogged around in the pool where the heater had it at a lovely 87 degrees, and I felt myself unwinding from a very crazy week. On my bucket list is a hot tub so I can keep this trend going all winter!

After a very hectic four days in the city, I happily am out in the Hamptons in Amagansett with my family, where we are visiting our good friend, Moe Schwartz, for the weekend. My bag contains five books, two knitting projects and enough clothes to keep me dressed for a month. At home I typically wear a bathing suit, shorts and a t-shirt for most of the weekend. I have packed four pairs of pants and six pairs of shoes, not counting the ones I wore on the trip out. I seem to harbor some mentality that I need to be prepared for anything, even if the forecast is for steady sunny skies the entire weekend.

As we enjoyed a blissfully cool week of weather this week, I had one of my most hectic weeks of the summer with three evenings of fabulously fun author events. On Monday night, I started the week off with an event at Verdura for the launch of Daisy Goodwin’s novel, THE FORTUNE HUNTER. My friend Beverley joined me, and we were surrounded by staggeringly beautiful gems and pieces, including two cuffs that were owned by Coco Chanel that Daisy posed with; Daisy also was wearing stunning emerald and diamond earrings on loan for the evening like we were at the Academy Awards. Verdura is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and they will be having a special event for the public starting in October called “The Power of Style,” and I am going to see if Beverley wants to join me to view it. I wear the same jewelry every day, but it does not stop me from ogling amazing gems.