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Archives - Weekly Update

It’s funny how anniversaries creep up on you. At the beginning of August, it’s always in the back of my head that’s anniversary is coming up, but suddenly August 27th is here! Once again this milestone has me counting my lucky stars that you all are reading and enjoying the site so I can continue reading and sharing books and authors with you. This celebration is just as much yours as it is ours.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to comment about the NEW website. I think I responded to everyone; if I missed you, my apologies. I was trying to keep up! I shared your notes with the staff, and we really appreciate them.

It’s live --- the NEW! We had celebratory bagels and cream cheese Monday morning --- this project has been a complete team effort, and I am really proud of how our entire staff pulled together to make it happen --- and then hovered over our monitors waiting for the servers to pick up the new site. At one moment during the week, there were three versions of the site floating around the Internet --- the new one, the old one, and the one we had used to build it! Couple that with Mercury being retrograde, and it was quite a week!

As we are in transition from the old website to our newly redesigned one that you are seeing here, this newsletter is an updated copy of the one that was mailed out to readers on Friday, August 5th. This time all the links go to content on the new site. I learned long ago not to launch a website on a Friday, and thus this transition happened on Monday, August 8th!