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Archives - Weekly Update

After watching the Oprah/James Frey show yesterday I will share the same thought that I told the staff the morning this happened. Never lie. It's not worth it. Besides the fact that it's not right, you WILL get caught. The world today is too small with the Internet, cable news and every other method of communicating. Lie and way too much is on the line because there is someone somewhere who will figure it out. I do think the real sad thing is that writing needs to be "over the top" to be heard among the clutter. A simple story of recovery from addiction would never have gotten this much attention.

Last night I was looking over this week's lineup and smiling. To me it's one of those quintessential weeks where the lineup just speaks to why I love doing what I do.

What a week to be a reader it has been! Thanks to James Frey, books were a news topic and the news buzz was about reading. Imagine that. Wondering what I think about this? Then read my Blog entitled, "My Week in January with James Frey." Here's a line to get you started: "What does it say that a memoir that clearly was moving and emotionally packed required any fiction? Do we readers need 'more' than the truth to make a memoir work?" Piqued your interest? Read the rest of my musings on the topic here. Nothing like a scandal to jumpstart January.

Happy New Year! Yesterday I was telling a colleague that a lot of time has been spent this past week saying "Happy New Year and how was your vacation?" Probably enough to have had time to read an entire book. This week demands those niceties. Those people who know me know that emails from me rarely have warm fuzzy openers. They just have questions or rambling thoughts or answers. This week I found myself slowing down to add the above line. I am hoping that there are a few more Happy New Years left and then I can go back to being good old dash the note me! Not that I mean anything less by this sentiment.