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Archives - Weekly Update

I think we need a federal holiday every month. Who is with me on this? From what I see, we are missing ones in March, April and August. I say this as a three-day weekend last weekend was so helpful. I had a lot of reading time. I had lots of catching up around the house time. AND I had time to do the things that I rarely have time to do, like get a pedicure. The last time that I had one was on Columbus Day. See what I mean?

I have been making the same cake for at least 15-20 years on Valentine’s Day. I have a heart-shaped pan, and I frost it with whipped cream and then garnish it with berries. So I did all the usual things and placed it on the heart-shaped plate that we always use. About five minutes later, it suffered heartbreak. So amusing! It still tasted great.

I had so much fun last night at Kristin Hannah’s event celebrating Tuesday’s release of her new historical novel, THE WOMEN, an upcoming Bets On pick that documents in stunning detail the largely unknown contributions of women in the Vietnam War. Joining me at Symphony Space in New York City were Tom and Lisa from our team, along with my friends Annmarie and Beverley.

I am not sure why, but January felt like it lasted a year. And now February is here, bringing with it 29 days, as happens every four years. I know at least two people whose birthdays only happen every four years. What a great way to stay forever young!

I planted a lot of amaryllis bulbs in December, as well as giving them as gifts. Also, I bought a number of them at Trader Joe’s that had the wax bases. Above you can see a side table with them in various stages of bloom in our family room. A very tall peach-colored one is in another room. There is a pink one in my office, too! I love the way they add color this time of year. Oh, and I leave the tags on to see if they bloom the way I thought they would!