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Jamie Ford's New Novel is August's "Read with Jenna" Today Show Book Club Pick

THE MANY DAUGHTERS OF AFONG MOY is a powerful exploration of the love that binds one family across the generations.

Megan Miranda Returns with a Gripping and Propulsive New Psychological Thriller

A journalist investigating a string of vanishings in the resort town of Cutter’s Pass disappears. Will its dark secrets finally be revealed?

Award-Winning Audiobook Narrator Julia Whelan Has Penned an Uplifting Second Novel

In THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, a former actress turned successful audiobook narrator has lost sight of her dreams after a tragic accident.

In Lincoln Child's New Novel, High Tech Comes to Life Alongside the Myriad Dangers It Poses

Chrysalis's groundbreaking virtual reality technology is redefining the way we live...and possibly introducing a catastrophic danger to the world.

Jillian Medoff Returns with an Electrifying, Twisty and Deeply Emotional Family Drama

Set on Manhattan’s glittering Upper East Side, the novel explores the dark side of love, the limits of loyalty and the high cost of truth.

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An Interview with Jamie Ford, Author of THE MANY DAUGHTERS OF AFONG MOY

Jamie Ford, the New York Times bestselling author of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, returns with his highly anticipated new novel, THE MANY DAUGHTERS OF AFONG MOY. This powerful exploration of the love that binds one family across the generations is this month’s “Read with Jenna” Today Show Book Club pick. In this interview, Ford explains what epigenetics is and why he decided to write a love story that revolves around it. He also discusses what fascinated him about the true story of Afong Moy, how he managed the personalities of the various female characters who span several generations, the challenges he faced in writing about the future, and what’s next for him. Bets On: THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK by Jennifer Hillier

THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK is the first book that I have read by Jennifer Hillier. As this is her seventh, I am trying to figure out how it took me so long to find her work. It kicks off with Paris Peralta in the bathroom with a straight blade in her hand, and her husband dead in a bathtub full of blood. She is arrested, but her biggest fear is not being caught for this murder. She is worried that her picture will be plastered everywhere, and the past that she has so cleverly hidden will come back to haunt her --- and with it, another murder that she could be charged with. Bets On: LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY by Bonnie Garmus

There are times when I “miss” a book and play catchup. That is what I did with LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY by Bonnie Garmus. I think it was because a few people told me that it was similar to another book that I did not like. But then I heard raves from others. So exactly four-and-a-half months after hearing about it, I picked it up. And I found myself not just loving Elizabeth Zott and her quirky ways, but thinking about how this woman was really making strides at a time in the late ’50s and early ’60s when women’s roles were a lot more traditional. Plus, I love clever, which is exactly what this book is.'s 18th Annual Summer Reading Contests

Summer is here! At, this means it's time for us to share some great summer book picks with our Summer Reading Contests and Feature. We are hosting a series of 24-hour contests for these titles on select days through the end of August, so you will have to check the site each day to see the featured prize book and enter to win. We also are sending a special newsletter to announce the day's title, which you can sign up for here.

Our final prize book will be announced on Tuesday, August 9th at noon ET.

Bookreporter Talks To...

As part of our mission to expand The Book Report Network, we have been shooting video interviews with authors and posting them on our YouTube channel. We also have been making them available as podcasts. Carol loves interviewing authors, so this feels like a natural.

Carol had a fascinating conversation with Casey Sherman about his book, HELLTOWN: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer on Cape Cod. In it, he gives readers a real 360-view of the heinous crimes committed by Tony Costa in the summer of 1969 when young women were not just murdered, they also were dismembered and violated after their deaths. Casey shares how he came upon the idea of writing this book and his extensive research project, which included seeing some photos with images that are hard to get out of his mind. Also layered into the story are two literary legends --- Kurt Vonnegut and Norman Mailer --- each of whom competed to write about these murders, and the rivalry between them. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

Bonnie Garmus' debut novel, LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY, was April’s “Good Morning America” Book Club pick and an instant New York Times bestseller. An upcoming Bets On title, the book introduces readers to a one-of-a-kind scientist in 1960s California whose career takes a detour when she becomes the star of a beloved TV cooking show. Bonnie talks about protagonist Elizabeth Zott being a character in an earlier book draft, where her role was not part of the main storyline, and why she loves writing her. She also discusses why she decided to set the book in the late ’50s/early ’60s and explores her other characters, including the amazing dog Six-Thirty. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

Carol enjoyed chatting with Jennifer Hillier about her new thriller, THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK, which will be a Bets On selection. Jennifer explains to Carol what sent her in the direction to write this book; she wanted to look at what would happen to someone who had been damaged as a child and where they go from there. She talks about writing out of sequence and being “an instant gratification author,” the fun she had coming up with all the scenes, and her relationship with her editor, who helped her with the flow of the novel. Jennifer and Carol also talk sharp objects and Russian Red lipstick. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

» Click here for a complete list of our "Bookreporter Talks To" videos and podcasts, along with upcoming interviews.

Latest Reviews

Gangland by Chuck Hogan - Thriller

In the late 1970s, The Outfit has the entire city of Chicago in its hands. Tony Accardo is its fearless leader. Nicky Passero is his loyal soldier, though no one knows he has a direct line in to the boss of bosses. When the Christmas gift Accardo got for his wife, an inscribed bracelet with gold and diamond inlay, is stolen along with other items in a jewelry heist, Nicky is charged with tracking down and returning all of the items --- by whatever means necessary. Forced into an impossible situation, Nicky must find a way to carry out Accardo's increasingly unhinged instructions and survive the battle for control of Chicago. What Accardo doesn't know: Nicky has a secret that has made his life impossible and has put him in the pocket of the FBI.

Beginning with the Roman army’s first recorded encounter with the Gauls and ending in the era of Emmanuel Macron, FRANCE takes readers on an endlessly entertaining journey through French history. Robb’s own adventures and discoveries while living, working and traveling in France connect this tour through space and time with on-the-ground experience. There are scenes of wars and revolutions from the plains of Provence to the slums and boulevards of Paris. Robb conveys with wit and precision what it felt like to look over the shoulder of a young Louis XIV as he planned the vast garden of Versailles, and the dangerous thrill of having a ringside seat at the French Revolution.

Smarting from her recently canceled wedding and about to turn 40, Laurie Sassalyn returns to her Maine hometown of Calcasset to handle the estate of her great-aunt Dot, a spirited adventurer who lived to be 93. Alongside boxes of Polaroids and pottery, a mysterious wooden duck shows up at the bottom of a cedar chest. Laurie’s curiosity is piqued, especially after she finds a love letter to the never-married Dot that ends with the line “And anyway, if you’re ever desperate, there are always ducks, darling.” Laurie is told that the duck has no financial value. But after it disappears under suspicious circumstances, she feels compelled to figure out why anyone would steal a wooden duck --- and why Dot kept it hidden away in the first place.

The automobile industry has abandoned Vacca Vale, Indiana, leaving the residents behind as well. In a run-down apartment building on the edge of town, commonly known as the Rabbit Hutch, a number of people now reside quietly, looking for ways to live in a dying city. Apartment C2 is lonely and detached. C6 is aging and stuck. C8 harbors an extraordinary fear. But C4 is of particular interest. Here live four teenagers who have recently aged out of the state foster-care system: three boys and one girl, Blandine. Hauntingly beautiful and unnervingly bright, Blandine is plagued by the structures, people and places that not only failed her but actively harmed her. Now all Blandine wants is an escape, a true bodily escape like the mystics describe in the books she reads.

The Couple at Number 9 by Claire Douglas - Psychological Thriller

When pregnant Saffron Cutler moves into 9 Skelton Place with boyfriend Tom and sets about renovations, the last thing she expects is builders uncovering human remains. Forensics indicate that the two bodies have been buried at least 30 years. Saffy has nothing to worry about --- until the police launch a murder inquiry and ask to speak to the cottage’s former owner: her grandmother, Rose. Rose is in a nursing home, and Alzheimer’s means her memory is increasingly confused. She can’t help the police, but it's clear she remembers something. As Rose’s fragmented memories resurface, and the police dig ever deeper, Saffy fears that she and the cottage are being watched. What happened 30 years ago? Why did no one miss the victims? What part did her grandmother play? And is Saffy now in danger?

The Book of Gothel by Mary McMyne - Historical Fantasy

Haelewise has always lived under the shadow of her mother, Hedda. With her strange black eyes and even stranger fainting spells, she is shunned by her village, and her only solace lies in the stories her mother tells of child-stealing witches, of princes in wolf-skins, of an ancient tower cloaked in mist, where women will find shelter if they are brave enough to seek it. Then Hedda dies, and Haelewise sets out to find the legendary tower her mother used to speak of --- a place called Gothel, where Haelewise meets a wise woman willing to take her under her wing. But Haelewise is not the only woman to seek refuge at Gothel. It’s also a haven for a girl named Rika, who carries with her a secret the Church strives to keep hidden.

Kismet by Amina Akhtar - Thriller/Humor

Lifelong New Yorker Ronnie Khan never thought she’d leave Queens. She’s not an “aim high, dream big” person --- until she meets socialite wellness guru Marley Dewhurst. Marley isn’t just a visionary; she’s a revelation. Seduced by the fever dream of finding her best self, Ronnie makes for the desert mountains of Sedona, Arizona. Healing yoga, transcendent hikes, epic juice cleanses... Ronnie consumes her new bougie existence like a fine wine. But is it, really? Or is this whole self-care business a little sour? When the glam gurus around town start turning up gruesomely murdered, Ronnie has her answer: all is not well in wellness town. As Marley’s blind ambition veers into madness, Ronnie fears for her life.

The Other Guest by Helen Cooper - Psychological Thriller/Mystery

One year ago, Leah’s feisty 21-year-old niece, Amy, mysteriously drowned in the beautiful lake near her family-owned resort in Northern Italy. Now, Leah’s grief has caught up with her, and she decides to return to Lake Garda for the first time since Amy’s death. What she finds upon her arrival shocks her --- her sister, brother-in-law and surviving niece, Olivia, seem to have erased all memories of Amy and fought to have her death declared an accidental drowning, despite murky circumstances. Leah knows she must look beyond the resort’s beautiful façade and uncover what truly happened to Amy, even if her digging places both her family ties and her very life in danger.

Psychic-medium Sylvie Young starts every show with her origin story, telling the audience how she discovered her abilities. But she leaves out a lot --- the plane crash that killed her parents, an estranged adoptive family who tends orchards in rainy Oregon, and panic attacks. After a catastrophic reporting error, Thomas Holmes’ next story at the L.A. Times may be his last, but he has a great personal pitch. “Grief vampires” like Sylvie who prey upon the loved ones of the deceased have bankrupted his mother. He’s dead set on using his last-chance article to expose Sylvie as a conniving fraud and resurrect his career. When Sylvie and Thomas collide, a game of cat and mouse ensues, but the secrets they’re keeping from each other are nothing compared to the mysteries and lies they unearth about Sylvie’s past.

From Saratoga to Belmont Park, New York hosts some of horse racing's most important races, but many of the most successful thoroughbreds of the past five decades also have called the state home. Say Florida Say seemed to only improve with age, winning 33 times throughout a seven-year career that made him a regional favorite in the 1990s. The first-ever New York horse to win the Kentucky Derby, Funny Cide, rose to national prominence in 2003, winning both the Derby and the Preakness in incredible fashion. The thoroughbred Audible shared owners with triple-crown winner Justify; though embroiled in some controversy as a result, he was also an elite race horse during a brief career.