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Two-Time Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Colson Whitehead Makes a Triumphant Return

HARLEM SHUFFLE is a gloriously entertaining novel of heists, shakedowns and rip-offs set in Harlem in the 1960s.

Sally Rooney's Latest Bestseller Centers on the Lives and Loves of Four Irish Young Adults

According to our reviewer Harvey Freedenberg, "[T]hree novels into her career, it’s clear that Sally Rooney’s stature is well-earned."

People's Lives are Forever Changed in the Wake of a Young Couple’s Disappearance

Once again, Lisa Jewell has crafted a dazzling work of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page.

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers' Magisterial Debut Novel is Oprah's Latest Book Club Pick

Her book chronicles the journey of an American family, from the centuries of the colonial slave trade through the Civil War to our own tumultuous era.

An Emotionally Arresting Follow-up to THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF SAM HELL

Robert Dugoni's new novel, THE WORLD PLAYED CHESS, is about breaking away, shaping a life and seeking one’s own destiny.

Latest Features and Contests

Fiction Author Spotlight: IN EVERY MIRROR SHE'S BLACK by Lolá Ákínmádé Åkerström

Three Black women are linked in unexpected ways to the same influential white man in Stockholm. Successful marketing executive Kemi Adeyemi is lured from the U.S. to Sweden by Jonny von Lundin, CEO of the nation's largest marketing firm, to help fix a PR fiasco involving a racially tone-deaf campaign. A chance meeting with Jonny in business class en route to the U.S. propels former model-turned-flight-attendant Brittany-Rae Johnson into a life of wealth, luxury and privilege as the object of his unhealthy obsession. And refugee Muna Saheed, who lost her entire family, finds a job cleaning the toilets at Jonny's office as she works to establish her residency in Sweden and, more importantly, seeks connection and a place she can call home. Bets On: LIGHTNING STRIKE by William Kent Krueger

William Kent Krueger’s ORDINARY GRACE and THIS TENDER LAND are such favorite books of mine. They have details that are memorable, which is the sign of a gifted writer. So when I heard that Kent was writing a prequel to his Cork O’Connor series, which is set in Tamarack County, Minnesota, I was intrigued. LIGHTNING STRIKE takes readers back to the youth of a beloved character with a backstory that is pitch perfect. Readers will connect with the Cork they have come to know and love, and embrace the story of his youth. Bets On: A SLOW FIRE BURNING by Paula Hawkins

I tiptoed my way into Paula Hawkins’ new novel, A SLOW FIRE BURNING. I enjoyed THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN but was disappointed in her second book, INTO THE WATER. However, a few chapters in, I felt that Paula once again had hit her stride. The more I read, the more I saw how she had ratcheted up her game. The book is full of moments when you’re sure that you know who killed Daniel on his houseboat, but then you get another equally plausible culprit presented to you. Bets On: IN EVERY MIRROR SHE'S BLACK by Lolá Ákínmádé Åkerström

Lolá Ákínmádé Åkerström’s debut novel, IN EVERY MIRROR SHE'S BLACK, is told through the perspectives of three women. Kemi Adeyemi is a marketing executive living in the United States. She is hired by a major Swedish marketing company to help them with their diversity efforts with respect to branding; they are recovering from a brutal faux pas. Brittany-Rae Johnson is a former model now working as a flight attendant. She is charmed by the owner of the marketing company, Jonny von Lundin, who sweeps her off her feet. The third woman, Muna Saheed, is a refugee who is seeking residency in Sweden. She is working at a cleaning company, and one of their clients is the marketing company.

Hats Off to Joe Hartlaub: Celebrating Joe as He Retires as Our Senior Reviewer (1997-2021)

Joe Hartlaub has been our Senior Writer and our beloved mystery, thriller and crime book reviewer since 1997 (just one year after Bookreporter launched). After 24 years and over 3,000(!) reviews, Joe is stepping away from his role while he is "still at the top of his game." To celebrate his long and impressive run with us, we have asked a number of authors whose books Joe has reviewed frequently to share a few words about him, as well as some publishing professionals who have known him for many years.'s 11th Annual Fall Preview Contests and Feature

Fall is known as the biggest season of the year for books. The titles that release during this latter part of the year often become holiday gifts, and many are blockbusters. To celebrate the arrival of fall, we are spotlighting a number of outstanding books that we know people will be talking about in the days and months to come.

We are hosting a series of 24-hour contests for these titles on select days in September and October, so you will have to check the site each day to see the featured prize book and enter to win. We also are sending a special newsletter to announce the day's title, which you can sign up for here.

Our next prize book will be announced on Monday, October 4th at noon ET.

Bookreporter Talks To...

As part of our mission to expand The Book Report Network, we have been shooting video interviews with authors and posting them on our YouTube channel. We also have been making them available as podcasts. Carol loves interviewing authors, so this feels like a natural.

IN EVERY MIRROR SHE'S BLACK by Lolá Ákínmádé Åkerström, a Bets On pick, is an arresting debut for anyone looking for insight into what it means to be a Black woman in the world. Lolá talks about how Swedish racism differs from the racism commonly experienced in America. She explains how she decided to use her characters to show this through their actions and reactions in ways that are both believable and realistic. She also discusses some of the challenges that Sweden still has left to overcome, and what we all can take away from them. Watch the video and listen to the podcast.

Carol had a fascinating discussion with Edgar Award winner Naomi Hirahara, whose new mystery, CLARK AND DIVISION, is a Bets On title. Set in 1944 Chicago, this story of a young woman searching for the truth about her revered older sister's death brings to focus the struggles of one Japanese American family released from mass incarceration at Manzanar during World War II. In the interview, Naomi explains the research she conducted to tell this story and how her nonfiction research on Japanese Americans inspires her fiction. She also talks about her trip to Chicago, where she walked the streets of Clark and Division to absorb details shared in her writing. Watch the video and listen to the podcast.

LIGHTNING STRIKE, a Bets On selection, is the powerful prequel to William Kent Krueger's Cork O'Connor series. Kent explains why he decided to write this book, which serves as an entry point for those new to the series (it reads like a stand-alone) and provides a backstory for longtime readers. He also talks about some of the oft-forgotten history of Minnesota that appears in the novel --- including the repercussions of the Indian Relocation Act of 1956 --- as well as his research, his inspirations and a hint of what's next. Watch the video and listen to the podcast.

» Click here for a complete list of our "Bookreporter Talks To" videos and podcasts, along with upcoming interviews.

Latest Reviews

Talk to Me by T.C. Boyle - Fiction

When animal behaviorist Guy Schermerhorn demonstrates on a TV game show that he has taught Sam, his juvenile chimp, to speak in sign language, Aimee Villard, an undergraduate at Guy's university, is so taken with the performance that she applies to become his assistant. A romantic and intellectual attachment soon morphs into an interspecies love triangle that pushes hard at the boundaries of consciousness and the question of what we know and how we know it. What if it were possible to speak to the members of another species --- to converse with them, not just give commands or coach them but to really have an exchange of ideas and a meeting of minds?

A married couple from Cambridge, MA takes residency at a distinguished academic institute. When the husband is stricken with a mysterious illness, misdiagnosed at first, their lives are uprooted and husband and wife each embarks upon a nightmare journey. At 37, Michaela faces the terrifying prospect of widowhood --- and the loss of Gerard, whose identity has greatly shaped her own. She cares desperately for him in his final days as she comes to realize that her love for her husband, however fierce and selfless, is not enough to save him and that his death is beyond her comprehension. A love that refuses to be surrendered at death --- is this the blessing of a unique married love, or a curse that must be exorcized?

Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian - Psychological Thriller

Chloe Sevre is a freshman honor student, a legging-wearing hot girl next door who also happens to be a psychopath. She spends her time on yogalates, at frat parties and plotting to kill Will Bachman, a childhood friend who grievously wronged her. Chloe is one of seven students at her DC-based college who are part of an unusual clinical study of psychopaths --- students like herself who lack empathy and can’t comprehend emotions like fear or guilt. The study, led by a renowned psychologist, requires them to wear smart watches that track their moods and movements. When one of the students in the study is found murdered in the psychology building, a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, and Chloe goes from hunter to prey.

Shy and reclusive, 30-year-old librarian June Jones would rather spend her time buried in books than venture out into the world. But when her library is threatened with closure, she is forced to emerge from behind the shelves to save the heart of her community and the place that holds the dearest memories of her mother. Joining a band of eccentric yet dedicated locals in a campaign to keep the library, June opens herself up to other people for the first time since her mother died. It just so happens that her old school friend, Alex Chen, is back in town and willing to lend a helping hand. The kindhearted lawyer's feelings for her are obvious to everyone but June, who won't believe that anyone could ever care for her in that way.

The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun - Romantic Comedy

Dev Deshpande has always believed in fairy tales. So it’s no wonder then that he’s spent his career crafting them on the long-running reality dating show “Ever After.” As the most successful producer in the franchise’s history, Dev always scripts the perfect love story for his contestants, even as his own love life crashes and burns. But then the show casts disgraced tech wunderkind Charlie Winshaw as its star. Charlie doesn’t believe in true love and only agreed to the show as a last-ditch effort to rehabilitate his image. As Dev fights to get Charlie to connect with the contestants on a whirlwind, worldwide tour, they begin to open up to each other, and Charlie realizes he has better chemistry with Dev than with any of his female co-stars.

The Women of Troy by Pat Barker - Historical Fiction

Troy has fallen, and the victorious Greeks are eager to return home with the spoils of an endless war --- including the women of Troy themselves. They await a fair wind for the Aegean. It does not come, because the gods are offended. The body of King Priam lies unburied and desecrated, and so the victors remain in suspension, camped in the shadows of the city they destroyed as the coalition that held them together begins to unravel. Old feuds resurface, and new suspicions and rivalries begin to fester. Largely unnoticed by her captors, the one-time Trojan queen Briseis, formerly Achilles' slave, forges alliances when she can, with Priam's aged wife, the defiant Hecuba, and with the disgraced soothsayer Calchas, all the while shrewdly seeking her path to revenge.

Inseparable written by Simone de Beauvoir, translated by Sandra Smith - Fiction

From the moment Sylvie and Andrée meet in their Parisian day school, they see in each other an accomplice with whom to confront the mysteries of girlhood. For the next 10 years, the two are the closest of friends and confidantes as they explore life in a post-World War I France, and as Andrée becomes increasingly reckless and rebellious, edging closer to peril. Sylvie sees a France of clashing ideals and religious hypocrisy --- and at an early age is determined to form her own opinions. Andrée is inclined to melodrama and romance. Despite their different natures, they rely on each other to safeguard their secrets while entering adulthood in a world that did not pay much attention to the wills and desires of young women.

Nanao, nicknamed Lady Bird --- the self-proclaimed “unluckiest assassin in the world” --- boards a bullet train from Tokyo to Morioka with one simple task: grab a suitcase and get off at the next stop. Unbeknownst to him, the deadly duo Tangerine and Lemon are also after the very same suitcase --- and they are not the only dangerous passengers onboard. Satoshi, “the Prince,” is also in the mix and has history with some of the others. Risk fuels him as does a good philosophical, is killing really wrong? Chasing the Prince is another assassin with a score to settle for the time the Prince casually pushed a young boy off of a roof, leaving him comatose. When the five assassins discover they are all on the same train, they realize their missions are not as unrelated as they first appear.

Monster Hunter Bloodlines by Larry Correia - Urban Fantasy/Adventure

The chaos god Asag has been quiet since the destruction of the City of Monsters, but Monster Hunter International knows that he is still out there. When Owen and the MHI team discover that one of Isaac Newton's Ward Stones is being auctioned off by Reptoids who live deep beneath Atlanta, they decide to steal the magical superweapon and use it to destroy Asag once and for all. But before the stone can be handed off, it is stolen by a mysterious thief with ties to MHI and the Vatican's Secret Guard. It's a race against time, the Secret Guard, a spectral bounty hunter and a whole bunch of monsters to acquire the Ward Stone and use it against Asag. For as dangerous as the chaos god is, there is something much older --- and infinitely more evil --- awakening deep in the jungles of South America.

The Lovelorn Killer murdered seven women, ritually binding them and leaving them for dead before penning them gruesome love letters in the local papers. Then he disappeared, and there hasn’t been a trace of him in 20 years. Grace Harper, who uses her snooping skills as part of an amateur sleuth group, believes that the Lovelorn Killer is still living in the same neighborhoods in which he hunted. If she can figure out how he selected his victims, she will have the key to his identity. Detective Annalisa Vega lost someone she loved to the killer. Now she's at a murder scene with the worst kind of déjà vu: Grace Harper lies bound and dead on the floor, surrounded by clues to the biggest murder case that Chicago homicide never solved.