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Paula McLain Has Penned a Novel of Intertwined Destinies and Propulsive Suspense

A detective hiding away from the world. A series of disappearances that reach into her past. Can solving them help her heal?

Sally Hepworth Delivers a Knock-out of a Novel about the Lies that Bind Two Sisters

Ray Palen raves about THE GOOD SISTER in his review: "The finale is a wild one with plenty of unexpected plot twists along the way."

Heroes Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers Join Forces on a Deadly Maritime Case

Three Coast Guardsmen are shot and killed on the job, and Davenport will need to bring in every asset he can claim for his investigation.

A Mother Must Decide How Far She's Willing to Go to Protect Her Child and the Life She Loves

MOTHER MAY I is a chilling tale of power, privilege, lies, revenge and the choices we make, ones that transform our lives in unforeseen ways.

Enter to Win a Mother's Day Prize Package for You or the Special Lady in Your Life

Each package includes 15 fiction and nonfiction titles we think moms will love. The deadline for your entries is Friday, May 7th at noon ET.

We're Celebrating the Arrival of Spring with a Series of 24-Hour Contests

Our latest prize book is RUBY FALLS by Deborah Goodrich Royce. The deadline for your entries is Tuesday, April 20th at noon ET.

Latest Features and Contests's 10th Annual Spring Preview Contests and Feature

Spring is in the air! We’ve caught the fever --- and it’s being fueled by some wonderful new and upcoming releases. Our 10th annual Spring Preview Contests and Feature spotlights many of these picks, which we know people will be talking about over the next few months. We are hosting a series of 24-hour contests for these titles on select days through April 23rd at noon ET. You will need to check the site to see the featured book and enter to win. We also are sending a special newsletter to announce each title, which you can sign up for here.

Our latest prize book is RUBY FALLS by Deborah Goodrich Royce, which releases on May 4th. The deadline for your entries is Tuesday, April 20th at noon ET.'s 16th Annual Mother's Day Contest

Mother’s Day is a time to recognize the woman who raised and nurtured us. To celebrate, we're giving you the opportunity to win books for yourself or the special lady in your life in our 16th annual "Books Mom Will Love" contest. From now through Friday, May 7th at noon ET, readers can enter to win one of our five prize packages, which includes 15 great fiction and nonfiction titles we think moms will love.

Our Interview with Kelly Mustian, Author of THE GIRLS IN THE STILT HOUSE

THE GIRLS IN THE STILT HOUSE weaves a beautiful and harrowing story of two teenage girls cast in an unlikely partnership through murder. In this interview conducted by reviewer Bronwyn Miller, Kelly Mustian talks about the inspiration for her debut novel, why she decided to set it in 1920s Mississippi on the Natchez Trace, her virtual book tour and how much it means to her to be able to talk to readers from all over the world about the book, her amazing experience volunteering at the Mooresville Public Library in North Carolina before the pandemic hit, and her next novel in the works, which is set mostly in Depression-era Mississippi. Bets On: YOU BELONG HERE NOW by Dianna Rostad

Set in Montana in 1925, YOU BELONG HERE NOW by Dianna Rostad is a beautifully written debut novel. Three orphans are traveling westward from New York City, looking for new homes. At each whistle stop along the journey, they and the other orphans are paraded before families willing to adopt them. The families are often in search of laborers to help farm their land, and their goals are less altruistic than one might think. But at station after station, there are children who are not selected; for them, life ahead is one great unknown.

Our Interview with Adam Mitzner, Author of A PERFECT MARRIAGE

The price of true love is betrayal, suspicion and murder in THE PERFECT MARRIAGE, a twisty thriller by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of such novels as DEAD CERTAIN, NEVER GOODBYE and THE BEST FRIEND. In this interview conducted by reviewer Ray Palen, Adam Mitzner talks about the book’s message and its central themes, why he chose a life-threatening illness to be the driving force behind the actions of his protagonists, who’s to blame for most failed marriages, how the pandemic has impacted his writing routine, and two upcoming projects --- one of which is a fun departure for him.

An Interview with Jeffrey Siger, Author of A DEADLY TWIST

A DEADLY TWIST is a twisting tale of greed, corruption and murder that puts Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis, his family and members of his team in the path of a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to keep dark secrets buried --- forever. In this interview conducted by Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House, Jeffrey Siger describes the most distinctive elements of the island of Naxos, which is the setting for his 11th book featuring Kaldis. He also talks about his uncanny ability to predict crises that are addressed in his novels a year or two before they become harsh realities, and the one character in the series whose growth has even taken him by surprise.

Bookreporter Talks To...

As part of our mission to expand The Book Report Network, we have been shooting video interviews with authors and posting them on our YouTube channel. We also have been making them available as podcasts. Carol loves interviewing authors, so this feels like a natural.

ETERNAL, Lisa Scottoline's first historical novel, is a New York Times bestseller and a Bets On selection. Lisa talks to Carol about her inspiration for the book, which was four decades in the making. The seeds of it were sown during a class she took at the University of Pennsylvania that was taught by Philip Roth, and the fictional works of Primo Levi were part of the curriculum. She was drawn to write about the rise of Fascism and Mussolini in Italy and how the invasion of the Nazis put the lives of Italian Jews in jeopardy. Watch the video and listen to the podcast.

Carol had the pleasure of chatting with Gabriela Garcia about her debut novel, OF WOMEN AND SALT, which is April's "Good Morning America" Book Club pick and a Bets On title. The story revolves around a daughter's fateful choice, a mother motivated by her own past, and a family legacy that begins in Cuba before either of them were born. In the interview, Gabriela shares her personal journey to write the book, discusses many of the timely cultural topics that are looked at in her prose, and explains how she worked to blend the women’s voices together. Watch the video and listen to the podcast.

In Nadia Hashimi's new novel, SPARKS LIKE STARS (a Bets On pick), an Afghan American woman returns to Kabul to learn the truth about her family and the tragedy that destroyed their lives. Nadia talks to Carol about the troubled history of American war and politics, and how questionable behavior from certain countries tread a gray line of morality. They also discuss the effects that war has had on culture in unexpected ways and what that means for changing personal decisions as people move on. Watch the video and listen to the podcast.

» Click here for a complete list of our "Bookreporter Talks To" videos and podcasts, along with upcoming interviews.

Latest Reviews

What begins as a typical day for Officer Bernadette Manuelito takes an unexpected twist when she’s called to help find an old friend. Years ago, Bernie and Maya were roommates, but time and Maya’s struggles with addiction drove them apart. Now Maya’s brother asks Bernie to find out what happened to his sister. Tracing Maya’s whereabouts, Bernie learns that her old friend had confessed to the murder of her estranged husband, a prominent astronomer. But the details don’t align. Suspicious, Bernie takes a closer look at the case only to find that nothing is as it seems. Uncovering new information about the astronomer’s work leads Bernie to a remote spot on the Navajo Nation and a calculating killer.

Position Vacant: Two ancient old women residing at Providence Retirement Villa seek male assistant for casual exploitation and good-natured humiliation. The salary is generous and the employers are 90 years old, so how hard could the job be? Ruthie Midona will work in Providence’s front office, and be at the beck and call of the wealthy and eccentric Parloni Sisters, forever. Teddy Prescott devotes his life to sleeping, tattooing and avoiding seriousness. When Teddy needs a place to crash, he makes a deal with his developer dad. Teddy can stay in one of Providence’s on-site maintenance cottages but only if he works there and starts to grow up. An unimpressed Ruthie knows how this sweetly selfish rich boy can earn his keep --- and be out of her hair in under a week. After all, there is a position vacant.

Jane falls in love with Duncan easily. Unfortunately, he has slept with nearly every woman in Boyne City, Michigan, and she sees his old girlfriends everywhere. His ex-wife, Aggie, still has Duncan mow her lawn. His coworker, Jimmy, comes and goes from his apartment at the most inopportune times. Sometimes Jane wonders if a relationship can even work with three people in it --- never mind four. Five if you count Aggie's eccentric husband, Gary. But any notion Jane had of love and marriage changes with one terrible car crash. Soon her life is permanently intertwined with Duncan's, Aggie's and Jimmy's, and she knows she will never have Duncan to herself. But could it be possible that a deeper kind of happiness is right in front of Jane's eyes?

Isaac lives alone with his dog, grieving the recent death of his teenage son. Next door, Lorrie, a working single mother, struggles with a heinous act committed by her own teenage son. The two parents are emotionally stranded, isolated by their great losses --- until an unfamiliar 16-year-old girl shows up, bridges the gap and changes everything. Evangeline’s arrival at first feels like a blessing, but she is also clearly hiding something. When Isaac, who has retreated into his Quaker faith, isn’t equipped to handle her alone, Lorrie forges her own relationship with the girl. Soon all three characters are forced to examine what really happened in their overlapping pasts, and what it all possibly means for a shared future.

Known for his brilliant songwriting, his extraordinary guitar playing and his haunting voice, Richard Thompson is considered one of the top 20 guitarists of all time, in the songwriting pantheon alongside Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Randy Newman. Now, in his long-awaited memoir, the British folk musician takes us back to the late 1960s, a period of great change and creativity --- both for him and for the world at large.

Lloyd Wilkinson Petrie, one of the seven elderly trustees of the now-defunct (for 34 years) Temple Academy for Boys, is preparing a memoir of his days at the school, intertwined with the troubling distractions of present events. As he navigates, with faltering recall, between the subtle anti-Semitism that pervaded the school's ethos and his fascination with his own family's heritage --- in particular, his illustrious cousin, the renowned archaeologist Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie --- he reconstructs the passions of a childhood encounter with the oddly named Ben-Zion Elefantin, a mystifying older pupil who claims descent from Egypt's Elephantine Island.

When Paige Meyer gets an email from a DNA testing website announcing that her father is a man she never met, she is convinced there must be a mistake. But as she digs deeper into her mother’s past, Paige begins to question everything she thought she knew. Back in 1975, Betsy Kaplan, Paige’s mom, is a sophomore at the University of Kansas. When her boyfriend disappoints her, Betsy decides she wants more out of life. Enter Andy Abrams, the golden boy on campus with a potentially devastating secret. After their night together has unexpected consequences, Betsy is determined to bury the truth and rebuild a stable life for her unborn child, whatever the cost. When Paige can’t get answers from her mother, she goes looking for the only other person who was there that night.

Nikki Griffin, a private investigator when she isn’t running her small bookstore, is on a case. The matriarch of one of the wealthiest San Francisco families has been defrauded by a con-man, and her furious son enlists Nikki to find the money and the con-man. Nikki’s secret mission, born of revenge and trauma, is to do everything she can to remove women from dangerous situations --- and to punish the men responsible. As Nikki follows the trail toward the con-man, she realizes that no one involved is telling her the whole truth. When the case overlaps with her attempt to protect a woman in trouble, and Nikki’s own life is put in danger, Nikki has to make terrible choices about who to save --- and how to keep herself alive.

The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner - Psychological Thriller

James and Jessica Sommers are celebrating their first blissful year together, an unexpected second chance at true love. Unfortunately, their newfound shot at happiness is not without collateral damage. There’s Jessica’s ex-husband. He pretends for all the world that he’s resilient and strong. If only for the sake of their teenage son, profoundly vulnerable in his own way. James’ ex has taken a different road. Bitter, vengeful and threatening, she wants only the worst for the happy couple. Are they truly as in love as they seem? When James enters into an extraordinarily profitable, if shady, transaction with a beautiful art dealer, Jessica and James’ seemingly perfect marriage takes a dark and tragic turn.

Rosie Hopkins has gotten used to busy London life. Although she might like a more rewarding career, and her boyfriend is not exactly the king of romance, she’s not complaining. And when she visits her Aunt Lilian's small country village to help sort out her sweetshop, she expects it to be dull at best. When Rosie arrives to help her aunt with the shop, the last thing Lillian wants is to slow down and wrestle with the secret history hidden behind the jars of beautifully colored sweets. But as Rosie gets Lilian back on her feet, breathes new life into the candy shop, and gets to know the mysterious and solitary Stephen, she starts to think that settling for what's comfortable might not be so great after all.

Out of Place by Milree Latimer - Historical Fiction

In 1913, 15-year-old Martha is sent from an orphanage in Dublin to relatives she has never met in Canada --- her cousin, Anna, a kindred spirit, and her aunt, who loathes her. Here Martha uncovers a tragic family history. When World War I occurs, Anna voyages to France to care for the wounded soldiers and loses herself in shell shock. Martha leaves the emptiness of her adopted family and becomes a wartime farmerette. Her life is as a farmer, mother and wife to Charlie coming home from war, broken. In 1938, Simon Lansky, a German Jewish professor, asks for help to save his daughters from a dreadful fate. Martha and Anna, hardened to war and its torments, travel to Europe to rescue the girls.

Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton was raised in a Southern Appalachian community steeped in tradition. He learned to make moonshine at an early age and continued to pursue the perfection of the craft throughout his life. At the same time, he honed a natural talent for performance and came to fill not only the role but the appearance of the master moonshiners he had known as a child. Ultimately appearing in documentaries, television shows and heritage events, he brought the traditional craft of a secret brotherhood into the light. Now remembered as a folk hero who would literally live free or die, THE MOONSHINER POPCORN SUTTON captures the true story of the man behind the myth in a celebration of craft, heritage and irrepressible character.