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Archives - Weekly Update

This week around the office, when we were not talking about books, we were talking about television shows. This is “Premiere Week” where the new fall programming kicks off, and it was harkening me back to my teen years when the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide was as eagerly anticipated as the August issue of Mademoiselle.

Summer, you were such fun; wish we could have booked you for a few more weeks, especially since in the New York area it’s been sunny with blue skies and no humidity. Yesterday, as I was walking crosstown to an author lunch, I was thinking how really blissful this weather is. The author was Jonas Jonasson, who is from Sweden --- and he is not a thriller author. Imagine that! Instead, he has written an international bestseller (to the tune of 3,000,000 copies sold worldwide) that has just been released here called THE 100-YEAR-OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW AND DISAPPEARED.

No matter how old your children are, the first weeks of school are soooo hectic. Besides all the “usual” paperwork, which now is done electronically but still requires attention (and now includes remembering passwords), last night was “Senior Night,” where a myriad of details about college admissions were discussed. I could sense palpable tension and anxiety in the room as various statistics were discussed about acceptances and rejections, and all you need to know about the total dice roll that getting into college has become. Tomorrow, Cory and I are going to look at a school that he is really interested in. I had such fun doing this with Greg a couple of years ago that I am looking forward to it.

Each year we have a tradition where we take the “first day of school” photo at the lamppost in front of the house. This year, I think sensing my “over-the-top” emotions about this being the LAST time I will do this as Cory is a high school senior, he actually obliged me with a smile and did not give me his usual hard time about marking this occasion. Then he hopped in his car and headed off to school…no school bus for seniors, I have been told. However, lest I think he is slipping away too soon, he did stall in the driveway (first time in a while for that), which, if I was writing a novel, I would call some kind of symbolism!