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Archives - Weekly Update

I am getting a tad bored with the gray and white palette outside my window. The flakes have been flying for days --- yesterday there was a point where I could not see across the street from the office in New York, and today, while the backyard is pretty, I am ready for some color. My good friend Seale Ballenger just passed me a link to a church sign that said, “Whoever is praying for snow, please stop.” I am in agreement. I love snow days when I can enjoy them and kick back, but these storms have meant I just hunker down and work at home instead of at the office. Not so much fun!

Last weekend was subtitled “thriller weekend,” as I happened to read three books from the thriller genre back-to-back-to-back. I did not plan to read like this, but it just happened that all three books I plucked from my pile were thrillers. Ever notice how you can drop into a reading zone like that?

The snow around the country this week made life “interesting.” My younger son is loving this as he has been off from school on a snow day/long President’s weekend winter break and has discovered that there is money to be made in that old-fashioned thing called shoveling. He and his friend Stephen, who we have dubbed “Son 2B” since he is at our house a lot (his other friend Josh is "Son 2A”), have been shoveling the driveways of neighbors who are off skiing. The driveways around here are long, thus this is a booming business. Via Facebook and text message and with MapQuest maps in hand, they have ascertained who is away so they can “make their deals.” Note that I am fairly sure he slept through all shoveling around this house, which makes this all the more amusing, as well as the way they raided the pantry here for snacks to eat while shoveling.

Flying to San Jose via Houston (all 8-plus hours) on Tuesday left lots of time for reading, knitting, watching the movie, napping and working on my laptop. Kudos to Continental for those new planes with power outlets on them! I got so much done that I think I should spend one day a week "up in the air." I confess I am not all that jazzed about the advent of Internet accessibility in the sky; I love escaping from new email for a while so I can attempt to catch up.