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Archives - Weekly Update

This is the time of year when there is ALWAYS something to do. My life is busy enough, but layering in parties, presents, decorations and other holiday celebration items ratchets up life to a whole new level. Seriously, I think we all should campaign for Santa. I mean he gets all the credit, though I have NEVER seen him wrap a box around these parts. And did HE go shopping this week? The way I see it, he sits in a chair in the mall convincing children he has it all under control. Ha, I want that job.

One of my pet peeves over the holidays --- strings of holiday lights that do not work. We have had a number of holiday gatherings at our office space, thus in addition to my “famous” turquoise tree in my office, I wanted to place white lights around greens on the bookshelves in the larger area. I brought in a large plastic container of lights from our attic that I have stored through the years, certain that I had more than enough to do the job. I was so sadly wrong. Going through TWENTY sets of lights, I found ONE that worked three quarters of the way. Luckily, it was one of the long strings so I could use it.

This was one eventful week. I kicked it off literally with HBO’s airing of The 25th Anniversary of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert. I tuned in expecting another ho-hum music event and was more than pleasantly surprised to see a show with great --- and unexpected --- pairings for the performances. It was four hours of fabulous rock and roll, and I confess I was dancing around the family room with the surround sound cranked up. I saw it as a brilliant way to exercise off the Turkey Eat-athon.