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Archives - Weekly Update

This week has had a really crazy vibe to it. There definitely are a lot of people away for Easter and Passover week. About half the emails that I have been sending have been getting replies; the others are getting away messages. It’s the kind of week that I can pretend I am going to catch up when in reality I know this is not going to happen because those who I need answers from are on vacation!

This was one crazy busy week. I drove home late last night with the sunroof open and the radio blasting, with me singing very off key. I had come from a very moving evening as we celebrated the life of Murray Bruce, who was one of my original partners in The Book Report Network, on what would have been his 77th birthday. More than 200 people gathered at Ramscale, the loft event space that he and his wife, Gail, founded. It’s set on the West Side Highway, and at one point during the evening, the sun was setting through the window on one side of the loft while the moon was rising on the other. At the centerpiece of the celebration of his life was a 40-minute tribute film that brought waves of memories washing over me. It reminded me of what an amazing person Murray was. I am not sure if I know anyone who drew people together quite like him.

For a while now, I have been noodling an idea for a series of Bookreporter videos. I wanted something short where I could share just a few books, but was stuck on what to feature. This week, I hit on a formula that we gave a whirl --- a short video preview on Wednesday of what is going to be in the newsletter that week. Nicole shot it with her phone, and we uploaded it to our Bookreporter Facebook page. Then yesterday, our designer, Jenni, created a YouTube channel and posted our first video there. We kept it short on purpose; it’s just a minute or so. Think of it as a 60-second commercial!

As I am writing this, I am eating Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I am on the second sleeve of the second box. I want to finish these so I do not eat any more. You know what I am talking about, right? However, if I do not finish them, you can bet that Tom will. They are addicting, and the sooner that they leave this house, the better! I have eaten four as I wrote this one paragraph.