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Archives - Weekly Update

Fall means that we have arrived at the time of the year when I want to start gluing leaves back on the trees. They are flying off the branches way too quickly. It’s time to close the pool as it is starting to be a big leaf catcher. Besides the leaves floating to the ground, the garden still has lots of color, which I am sharing with you in the photos above.

This week could have used a few less distractions. First, they continued to install sprinklers in the office, which, while the work takes place after hours, meant that we did a lot of packing and unpacking. There is still a lot of patching and painting to be done; it’s better when I stare at my computer monitor instead of glancing at the ceiling. Our office is painted shades of gray/green that are in the same palette that the living room and dining room at our home are painted in, as I love an unconventional look in an office. But I am hoping that they match it all when they do touch-ups.

This is your last summer grab a book and head outside. Fall rolls in on Monday, so this is your last chance!

Last Saturday, I went to yoga class and from there headed to the hair salon for a haircut. There I realized that I had left my backpack with my wallet at the yoga studio, which would not be open until Sunday morning. So there went my plans for doing a huge list of errands as I did not have my driver’s license, credit cards or cash, and my gas tank light had blinked on for a refill (I am known to wait for the light to go on before getting gas, which drives my husband crazy). So what did I do? I grabbed books and read to prep for upcoming interviews for both our in-house videos/podcasts and an upcoming festival and events. There were lots of options on my bookshelf!

So it’s Friday the 13th…and there's a full moon. As Ann, who is one of our former book chat hosts, said, “What could go wrong?” I also read that it's the first time this has happened in 19 years. Note that I have not fact-checked this statement, so do not quote me! Speaking of facts, Mary pointed out that in last week’s newsletter, I had the wrong name for the village where Louise Penny’s books are set. It’s Three Pines. Thanks for the note, Mary.

We’re back from our week off with a big update for you as a lot happened while we were away. I confess that I have had a lot more relaxing vacations. Work projects crept into last week, and I found myself at my desk at the house a bit more than I planned. That said, there’s lots of news to share.

First, our “Bookreporter Talks To” podcast is live and available wherever you listen to podcasts. Many of you have told us that you listen to podcasts on Apple Podcasts, so here is the link to listen to it there.