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Archives - Weekly Update

I know you are not going to believe this….and I totally expect my mailbox is going to be bombarded after I say it. But I went to an advance screening Monday night and saw Jack Reacher --- and I really enjoyed it AND Tom Cruise does work in the role of Reacher. I can feel you all tapping out emails to respond to me that I must be daft, so let me explain. While Cruise is not what we all physically conjure up when we think of Reacher, he does something that makes him right for the role. Much of Lee Child’s writing of Reacher gets readers into the character’s head with short terse sentences. We are in there working out the crimes and tracking the bad guys. Well, that does not lend itself very easily to a movie.

Last weekend, while I was browsing in a card store, I saw a couple of cards that had bookmarks as part of their design, which I thought was quite clever. I always think cards are way overpriced, thus I truly loved that these had a dual purpose. Then I was flipping through one of those “Holiday Coupon Books” where children can use their coupons for treats. Coupons included “Get a Story Read to You” and “Good for Buying a New Book.” I loved both of these ideas. It’s nice to see books promoted and referenced outside of bookshelves.

At the beginning of this week, my mailbox was filled with Cyber Monday offers. I have decided that neither Cyber Monday nor Black Friday are motivators for me to shop. When I got a Cyber Monday offer from the local YMCA, I realized this has reached a new level of insanity. When on Tuesday my mailbox was filled with “Cyber Monday has been extended,” I grabbed my mouse to delete delete delete. I do enjoy giving at the holidays. What I loathe is gross materialism --- and gifts bought without meaning.