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Archives - Weekly Update

We are coming to you on Wednesday so we can have a much-needed long weekend. If you will miss us on Friday night or Saturday morning, apologies for this! Or you can stop reading now and read on then.
Ah, Thanksgiving! A time for time-tested recipes, as well as at least one new one. I am making an Ina Garten carrot recipe. Let’s not discuss how many stores we visited to get the perfect tri-colored carrots. I wish there was video of Tom and me trying to figure out which bunch had the most colors, and the right sizes, at three stores. But now we have a blend of two shades of purple, yellow and orange. I know all about the Thanksgiving food hunt. We have been to four stores and one farmers' market. The table is set, the flowers are arranged and the pies are baked. Now we just have to take care of all the rest of it.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where the menu is fairly set; it all revolves around the turkey. On Saturday, Greg will be picking up a fresh-killed turkey. This is the ONLY time of year that we eat turkey. Two people I know are making prime rib this year, and I love their renegade spirit. I still remember the year I talked my parents into making lobster for Thanksgiving, insisting that if the Pilgrims were in Massachusetts, they probably had lobster. Talk about breaking with tradition! I have not lived that one down.

I loved the extra hour last weekend, which I did spend 24 ways --- and it was really nice  not to have to drag myself out of bed on Monday in the dark!

I finally got a head start on my January 2022 reading with two books that I am enjoying. First up is OLGA DIES DREAMING by Xochitl Gonzalez, which is both smart and fun...and yes, if you recognize the title, it's because it's a current contest book (more on that later). I am loving Olga’s adventures as a wedding planner and her zest for life. I liked it so much that when I had an appointment the other morning, I brought it with me so I could read while I waited. But when I came home, I could not find it. I called the office where I had been, twice, and I searched the car again.

Longtime readers know how much I love this weekend. It’s time for me to get back the hour that I have been missing since we started Daylight Saving Time in March. And I also have at least 24 ways to spend this one hour!

2022 books have been making their way to the house, and these are the moments when I realize that work from home means I really, really need to get a handle on an organization system for these books. I want to read them all –- now. I already can see that this is going to be another great year for reading!