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Archives - Weekly Update

For the record, Thanksgiving weekend did not feel like it lasted 4½ days. It whooshed right on by. Dinner was really fun, and even the new dishes that we tried turned out really well. My Triple Berry Crisp was a big hit; I do not really like apple or pumpkin pie, so I tried this and it was perfect. My mom baked the adorable cookies that you see above --- one of her traditions! As I loathe days and days of leftovers (turkey is fine, but the veggies do not have the same attraction for me four days later), this year I wised up and made goody bags of leftovers for everyone who was here. No looking at Brussels sprouts later in the week. Hallelujah!

This is a short week, but there is lots going on as we jammed five days into 2½! Making Thanksgiving dinner means lots of trips to the grocery store...or, should I say, stores. Our version of "hunt and gather" for this has now had us at five stores. I feel like there was one item that I wanted at each store. The goal is to not have to make emergency trips out today or tomorrow. We will see if that works; if so, it will be the first time ever!

My dad called the other day and asked incredulously, “Do you know next Thursday is Thanksgiving?” I did, but that was the fifth time I had heard that same question this week. Note: This is the earliest that the holiday can be, so it’s to be expected that you, too, may be surprised about this!
Then yesterday brought one of those snowstorms where the weather people get it very wrong and the snow comes much faster and falls much harder than they predicted, and it takes everyone five times as long as they planned to get home, if they get home (Rebecca in our office did not!). And I know that was a really long sentence, but that is what it felt like when the snow fell yesterday. It went on and on and on. Fortunately, I had planned to work from home as I had a work event scheduled in New Jersey, and thus was spared sitting in traffic for hours worrying about running out of gas. That is what is called luck!

Last night, Greg and I went up to the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, to see Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. Greg has been an Edie fan since he was five; something about her music resonated with him when he was a kid, and it still does. It was such a fun show; Edie exudes a really playful nature, and the way she related to and played with the crowd was just magical. One of the songs on their new album is called “What Makes You Happy,” and watching the video of it where she is on roller skates most of the time will make you smile. I read that she told her husband that she wants a skate barn on their property, which amused him. Her husband, by the way, is Paul Simon.

I have been waiting for the extra hour that we are getting this weekend since we gave it up last March for Daylight Saving Time. While I will be sorry to see it getting dark earlier in the evening, I find myself dragging in October, and I am ready to get the extra hour back. So Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year; I love thinking about how to spend my extra hour.