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Archives - Weekly Update

When we left off last week, I was in New Orleans. Thanks to all of you who wrote to tell me how you enjoyed last week’s newsletter about my author and book adventures there. I really appreciated your notes, and I THINK I responded to everyone.

I am in “the Big Easy” for the American Booksellers Association’s Winter Institute, an annual gathering of independent booksellers where the business of bookselling is on the agenda along with the opportunity to hear about hundreds of upcoming titles --- and meet authors. It's been a stellar event with one session more exciting than the next, and last night's reception alone had 67 authors in attendance.

It’s been a hectic week with many amusing moments. When we left off last week, I had my grand plan to pack up our Christmas decorations the "right" way and FINALLY get them all organized into labeled containers in the attic. I always have been bad at estimating how long things will take, thus the “two-hour” project became a full weekend event. I delegated the final move to the attic to my husband and Cory. Later this week, there were a few straggle pieces to get added to boxes, and I was charmed to learn that my beautifully labeled boxes were indeed in the attic lined up like perfect soldiers. The problem: the side with the labels on them for half of the boxes were facing the wrong way and needed to be turned around!

Happy New Year! A few weeks without writing you has felt rather strange. Over the break, I kept making note of little nuggets of information to share with you.