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Archives - Weekly Update

This has been a super busy week, with so many bookish high moments. On Tuesday morning, many from the publishing world gathered to celebrate the life of Sue Grafton. Speakers included Marian Wood, her editor of 40 years; Molly Friedrich, her agent (who spoke of Sue making her a cake for her recent milestone birthday); Michael Connelly; Harlan Coben; J.R. Ward; Sarah Weinman; Sue’s daughter, Jamie Clark, and her husband, Steve Humphrey.

Last weekend, we had a brief glimpse of summer when the temperatures climbed up to 82. I am happy to say that I did not forget how to sit in the sun and relax with a book. There was not a leaf on a tree and thus no shade, the umbrellas were still in storage and I was melting, but it was so nice to be outside. And then the temperature dropped on Sunday and, bam, we were back to winter. But hey, I practiced for summer lounging and it felt great.

I had a new reason for not exercising on Sunday. I was all set to head out for a walk when Tom told me that a black bear had just been spotted on the route that I would be taking. He, the bear that is, had turned from the main road off to one of the side roads leading to our house. All I could picture was me walking along listening to an audiobook and never realizing that the bear was behind me. So I returned to the couch and read a book. I think this was a valid excuse not to exercise, right?

We had a lovely anniversary/Easter weekend. Recently a Whole Foods market opened near us. While many love shopping there for their organic produce, I love their floral selection. The pink roses above were from there, along with the greens, and I loved pairing them together. I also bought bunches of deep purple hyacinths and three shades of pink and purple tulips. I loved the riot of spring colors around the house that made the place feel a bit more festive. On Saturday, it was warm enough to wear shorts when I was outside doing yard work; on Monday, we had seven inches of snow. This truly has been a winter/spring where weather twists one way and the other.