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Archives - Weekly Update

March has been a lamb/lamb month here in the New York area instead of exhibiting any lion tendencies as the weather has been pretty spectacular. But Mercury is retrograde until the 6th, and it seems these last two weeks have been filled with a number of small and large tech and other communication hassles that have me LONGING for the 6th when this planetary insanity ends. I know…I know…people think I make this up, but clearly the last couple of weeks give weight to my claim.

While some of the country is dealing with snow and lower temperatures than usual, we in the northeast are experiencing a summer-like spring. Trees are flowering and the birds are back. At this time last year, when there was still snow on the ground in March, I could not picture that we would be running the air conditioner this year.

We had a brilliant burst of glorious summer-like weather in the middle of the week, and the “jetlag” of the clock change did not hit me until today. While there was less time last weekend, I still got in some great reading.

Though it signals the promise of spring, I am not looking forward to losing an hour this weekend to jumpstart Daylight Saving Time. And I wonder who wants to vote with me to lose an hour on a Monday, not a weekend! I think the timing would work out a lot better. Or a Wednesday. Just not the weekend. Cory, my younger son, leaves for the bus stop at the ungodly hour of 6:50, so here we go again with a 6:30 wake up in the dark (he’s a guy who can be out of the house in 20 minutes). This week he had a series of standardized tests at school, and tomorrow he has the SATs. I think by tomorrow afternoon he will be really sick of filling in little boxes with a number 2 pencil. The good news is that, now that he can drive, he can take himself to the school for the SAT, which starts at 7:30AM. Noon would be so much more practical for a start time for this!

Wednesday of this week was a day where my past collided with my present. It started when I spoke at a class at Fordham University. I graduated from Fordham more than three decades ago, and whenever possible I like to reach out to students there, bringing them in as interns at the company. In fact, Tom Donadio, our Editorial Director, started with us just that way, and we have been lucky to have him with us now for 10 years!