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Archives - Weekly Update

One of my favorite things about reading for a living is watching authors who I discovered as debut writers mature. One I have had my eye on was Michele Martinez, whose latest book COVER-UP will be in stores on March 13th. Michele's work gets better with each book (this is her third) and I truly love her style, as well as her characters. I see a huge future for her. We will have a feature about her starting next week.

Winter moved in this week, but luckily there were great author and book events to keep my mind off the weather and other things. I was lucky enough to catch Linda Fairstein's appearance Tuesday evening where she gave a fabulous chat and Q&A about her latest book, BAD BLOOD, which is just on sale. As readers know, I really enjoyed this one and Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum gives it a thumbs up review this week. Linda does extensive research and her description of hunkering down in an elevator to plummet below the depths of New York to see the work the sandhogs do was just one example of her diligence to getting the details right.

A three-day weekend like this one so soon after the holidays is just grand, especially when it is has no obligatory event strings attached. No special dinner. No special presents. The way I see it this holiday weekend is for two things --- skiing or shopping. And with the warm weather at least here in the northeast, I think shopping may be more on the calendar than schussing.

Here's to a great 2007! I hope you all had a memorable holiday season. We had a wonderful time on the Outer Banks. I got a Tom Tom GPS system as a gift since I am forever getting lost. The amusing thing about this is that my husband's name is Tom and whenever I would get lost I would call him for directions. My older son programmed it to have a British woman's voice and thus we now are told "stay on the motorway" and all kinds of other little British-isms. We already have had a fight with Miss Tom Tom, who we have yet to name. On the drive up we took the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel while she wanted us to take 95. Thus for 20 minutes Miss Tom Tom kept telling us to "take the next U turn, make a left and turn around." Maybe it was our imaginations, but she sounded more and more insistent each time she said this. We did not listen and eventually she complied. Then we all were startled out of our skin at one point when we had been driving in silence for about an hour and Miss Tom Tom perked up and said "Turn right here." I see us having many adventures ahead!