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Archives - Weekly Update

When we left off last week, I was plotting my strategy for getting to the airport for my 7am flight home from Seattle. I gave up the redeye years ago; for me, it’s not efficient and prolongs jetlag, while early AM flights help me get back on eastern time more quickly. Above you can see my suitcase (you knew it would be aqua) packed completely with books that I picked up at Winter Institute. I stuffed yarn that I bought on the trip on top. If that bag had been lost, it would have been interesting trying to detail the contents!

I have only been to Seattle once before, but I love this city so much and will be back when I have more time to explore it. I flew in Monday evening, beating the snow and cold out of New York (not the first time I have done that!) so I could enjoy Tuesday before the opening event that evening. I took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, where I met up with Kristin Hannah and had a lovely lunch while we talked about books, writing and publishing, as well as kids and life. After lunch we strolled over to the Eagle Harbor Book Company, where we caught up with a number of booksellers who were touring various bookstores in the Seattle area on a busman’s holiday. They loved meeting Kristin and having the opportunity to speak with her. Above you can see a photo of her with Victoria, who is the store’s Events Coordinator.

I am flying to Seattle on Monday where I will be attending the American Booksellers Association’s Winter Institute, meeting dozens of authors and hearing about upcoming spring/summer titles, as well as enjoying the company of hundreds of booksellers. I have been reading up a storm getting ready for this. I do not like meeting authors when I am not prepared! Events like this are flush with serendipitous moments where you hear about a book that you HAVE to read and then dash back to your room after events and stay up way too late doing just that!

The staff had a terrific break and appreciated having two weeks away from deadlines to relax --- and get some reading done. We were on the Outer Banks for the holidays where I did exactly what I wanted: read, knit, sleep, watch movies, watch football (some GREAT games), walk on the beach, and have “hang time” with the family. We have been staying in the same house for nine years now, which I realize is half of Cory’s life. So setting up the tree and decorations there is what we have come to expect. We bring it all --- tree, ornaments, outdoor lights, assorted decorations, placemats, holiday dishes and tableware. One day, a workman came by to drop off some propane for the grill and was amazed to see the full-on celebration we had in gear. I had forgotten that this is not “normal” and was amused when he said, “You bring ALL of this?”