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Archives - Weekly Update

As I wrote the headline to this newsletter, I was humming it like a song in my head. Much progress in our house on the holidaze front. My gifts are wrapped, except for the ones that are still on order. I have been wrapping gifts as soon as they arrive trying to keep from the Christmas Eve wrapping marathon where there's never any tape and I contemplate bandaids for closure.

Life in our house is never dull, but the holidaze definitely ramps up the excitement. Like last weekend. We had a lovely tree decorated in our front foyer. It was done in golds and burgundies and just looked perfect. It was "done." Then I got a brainstorm while at the Charity Tree Event last Thursday night. I saw a fabulously decorated purple tree. Now anyone who knows me knows I love turquoise. So the wheels started turning on doing a turquoise and silver tree for NEXT year. Well, I have never been one to have patience so why wait for next year?

Many people remember lines from books. I remember scenes that take place in places I know. One is in Stephen King's THE STAND where he writes about all the cars backed up in the Lincoln Tunnel with dead bodies in them. I drive into the city through the tunnel many days and that scene streams back into my consciousness as I drive through the white-tiled tube.