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Archives - Weekly Update

Last night my older son and I went to see Joseph Finder talk about COMPANY MAN at an event in New York. Parents have different ways of benchmarking their children's growth. For me, a big milestone is Greg reading many of the same books I am, and enjoying them. He read an advance reading copy of COMPANY MAN a while ago and thought it was pretty impressive to get a chance to meet the author. He raced for the bus this morning wearing a Company Man baseball cap that he got at the reading and felt very very cool. I love he was not flogging a sports team, but rather a book!

Happy Tax Day! I hope that news does not leave any of you smacking your heads and running to the post office. For those of you who wrote a check, you have our sympathy. For those of you who are getting a refund, start making a list of books to buy.

This has been a week of pomp and ceremony. I feel like I am on news overload with every tradition completely wrung through and out. Those of you who know my rather low opinion of cable news reporting can imagine what a field day I had with this subject this week. I now completely understand the definition of the word "cloying." I am not being irreverent here. There are just times I want to watch and not have things explained and over explained.

Weather this week on the Outer Banks was less than stellar. The ocean water has not warmed up yet, thus land temperatures are not where they should be for this time of year. Oh growl.