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Archives - Weekly Update

For years, I have heard that Seattle and Portland are wonderful book towns --- and the past 10 days have confirmed this for me. I spent last Friday touring downtown Seattle, where I was lucky enough to experience Elliott Bay Books in its location in the Pioneer Square neighborhood before they begin their move next week to Capitol Hill, where they will reopen by April 14th. I loved the atmosphere in the store, which really had a “if these walls could talk” kind of feel to it. The creaking steps, the bookshelves that held well-culled selections, and the board where author appearances were announced all told such a rich bookish story. The café there has a fabulous menu, and I learned that, although the store is moving, the café will remain there as well as in a new location at the new store.

I have been in Seattle since Tuesday, where I am on an uber booklover adventure. I literally have been racing all over the city --- and I am loving every minute of it. Lourdes Orive, an old friend and one of our reviewers, has been Master Hostess. She is a native of Seattle, and thus on each block she has great stories about the history of the city. Here’s a taste of what has been going on.

This is a weekend when I need another hour, not an hour less. Yes, this is the weekend of the dreaded clock change, giving all of America simulated jetlag! And here it’s also going to be rainy, which will give me “slicker practice” for my next two weeks as I am headed to the misty Pacific Northwest.

I hear it’s going to be sunny this weekend. I am holding the weatherman/weatherperson to this. I think in my next life I am going to be the weatherman/weatherperson. You can say it’s going to rain and an entire city of people will carry umbrellas; you can be consistently wrong and not get fired.