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Archives - Weekly Update

I am headed to the Outer Banks tomorrow. I am hoping it will be sunny and 10 degrees warmer than New York, which it usually is this time of year. I was spoiled in Charlottesville last weekend where all the flowers were in full bloom. The hyacinths smelled particularly lovely.

I got a fun story in email this week about a Lisa Scottoline signing. Last year at Lisa's signing for DIRTY BLONDE, a couple came up to the table and Lisa could feel sparks flying between them. She commented on how cute they were together and asked how long they had been dating. They told her "we just met on the line and we are going for coffee after the signing." This year they came to the same store for the DADDY'S GIRL signing one year and one book later, still dating. As Lisa says, "See, books really do bring people together.

Here in New York a "wintry mix" is falling, which is just plain cruel after the temperatures got to 70 a few days ago. Wintry mix sounds pretty; it's not.

Looming in my mind right now --- how I am going to make up for the hour we are missing this weekend when the clocks change. I confess that I am not understanding how this saves energy, but then I remember that science never was my thing. I operate on the common sense theory of life. If I have X to do in a day that requires daylight and there is only X amount of daylight during a day, the things I can do during that time either X happen in the morning or X happen in the evening according to when there is light. And I cannot figure how changing the clocks saves energy.

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of THE CAT IN THE HAT. Though I grew up on Seuss, I had not known that his books were first published around the time I was born. I assumed they had been around forever, but then what child knows from front list and backlist? I love fun bookish facts and the one that this book has just 236 different words in it is great trivia to me. Today there is a national read-aloud of THE CAT IN THE HAT taking place at 2:36 PM EST. Hats off to whoever dreamed that event up. My copy of the book is sitting here begging to be read again, which I will do at 2:36 today.