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Archives - Weekly Update

Ah, my virtual life. I had a very busy --- and fun --- weekend at the events for the Morristown Festival of Books. I enjoyed interviewing Kristin Hannah and Nadia Owusu, and then attending the programs with David Michaelis being interviewed by Bill Goldstein and V.E. Schwab in conversation with Dhionelle Clayton. I heard from many of our readers who attended the programs, which I got such a kick out of. The virtues of virtual is that you can be anywhere and attend. I really love this!

I think we need more three-day weekends. Just saying. I got so much done --- and had free time. Imagine that combo, which is rarely seen.

Since the recording studio for our podcasts and videos is in my home office, we needed soundproofing in there. For a while this has been really piecemeal, literally with foam arranged around me. Recently, we got an idea on how to create something to work for this, which also was visually terrific. We inherited this triptych when our friend, Cathy, was moving. On one side I matted and framed a stunning series of cards with flowers that were made by another friend, Cathy Gerardi; she had given them to me for my birthday through the years. And then we added the soundproofing materials to the other side. Since I feel like I live in this office these days, the way it looks matters…a lot.

I have been standing up to work a lot more this week thanks to my standing desk. I really love the way I am not trapped sitting all day long. I keep making new tweaks to my desk and office setup to get it the way I want it. Next up will be hiding the endless number of cords surrounding my work space. What sparked joy for me this week? A 4-port USB hub with power switches and a multi-plug wall charger. I know, I am amused very easily. There are a lot of tech gizmos around here that I never had thought of before, but I am loving them.

This has been a big reading week for me. Sally Hepworth has been an author whose thrillers I enjoy, so it was such fun to pluck her upcoming book (releasing April 13th) off my shelf and escape for a while. THE GOOD SISTER is about two sisters who are twins, Fern and Rose. Fern has challenges, and Rose has always been there for her. Rose wants to have a baby, but has been unable to. What will Fern do for Rose? But as the story unfolds, who is really doing what to whom? I think this is Sally’s best book...and yes, it will be a Bets On selection.