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Archives - Weekly Update

The clocks change this weekend. The good thing about this is that starting Monday I will not have to wake my older son for school and send him to the school bus in the dark. I have never been a morning person, but this time of year it's a real struggle to get going. Of course, I loathe leaving the office in the dark, but then again most nights even in summer I leave when it's dark. I get caught up in what I am doing and suddenly it's after 7!

The BIG news this week is that in September, The Book Report Network (the parent company of had more than 1,100,000 unique visitors. This has real significance to me since before I started I was at Mademoiselle magazine where our circulation was 1,100,000 readers. Pretty cool to see how this happened in just nine years. Actually we more than doubled our circulation in the past year! So to all of you, thank you for reading and telling your friends about us. My new goal is....2,000,000 readers.

Tuesday night this week, books got glamorous with the Quill Awards, which was the most fun book award ceremony that I've attended. It was star-studded with Jon Stewart doing opening remarks and Brian Williams as Master of Ceremonies. There was a red carpet, camera crews and authors, publishers and agents in black tie. Here's what I really loved --- I had heard of or read MOST of the books that were nominated. In fact, I kept picking the winners. Since they were reader-voted awards, I just sat there and thought about what I thought would win, based on what I know from our readers!

In the office we talk about food --- a lot. There's a healthy respect for the time and care that goes into creating a memorable meal. A couple of weeks ago Sunil Kumar, our producer, and I celebrated a particularly dizzying month of work with lunch at Le Bernardin. Sunil is a trained cook so as we were enjoying the flavors of each dish, we also were studying the presentation. It was great fun seeing the meal through his eyes.