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Archives - Weekly Update

Last weekend in Miami/Coral Gables was just lovely. I still am dreaming of the pool at the Biltmore --- all 80 meters of it. I had a room overlooking it, and when I opened my drapes the water was my view --- perfect! I lounged when not doing laps, though my pool reading was not typical resort fare.

I am writing from Coral Gables, FL where I am in town for the Books & Books 25th Anniversary activities, which include the Book Club Twister Mixer on Sunday afternoon where I will be sharing book ideas with book clubs. You can read more about all of the Books & Books events here, and if you are attending be sure to look for me to say hi.

Last Saturday morning, after getting up earlier than I would have liked to see my older son off to the SATs, I sat down in my home office and started "wandering around" on the Internet. You know what I mean by this. You sit down and think about something. From there you start clicking, and you keep clicking, and all of a sudden you are searching things you never thought about looking for online, like turquoise cowboy boots.

This past month my friend Cathy has been to our house a few times for dinner. We’ve been friends for more than 20 years and live in the same town, but her wickedly intense travel schedule --- she goes to the Orient like I go into the city --- and her homes in a few places around the country keep us from spending much time together. When we get together it’s always memorable, and we catch up like we just were together. One thing we rarely talk about is books. Cathy always tells me she is not much of a reader. Given the amount of time she travels, this always surprises me.