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Archives - Weekly Update

I need an elf. Actually I need a few elves. It’s T-minus 8 days til Christmas, and my “make the holiday merry and bright” list has barely been touched. For presents, books are the answer. I have been making that list and checking it twice. Since many of my family members read this newsletter, my selections cannot be published here lest surprises be ruined, but I have found some “perfect” books for people. And the best part --- they are easy to wrap for those of us who are challenged by wrapping paper and tape!

When one is born in December, it’s tough to keep your birthday from getting schmushed into the other holidays that have a firm grasp on the month. Thus I drop into a mode each year where I extend celebrating as long as possible. With my birthday falling smack in the middle of the week this year, I kicked off this mission last weekend in Atlanta with a visit to my sister. She’s an amazing artist and jewelry designer, and it’s always a treat to see what she has been creating. Her entire home has hand-crafted pieces that are stunning, and she “does” Christmas around her house with a verve and energy that wowed but did not surprise me.

When we left off last week, I was headed off to create Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not just making dinner around here; it’s about “creating the experience.” This is different from my friends, who have dinners where the food is catered. There you are “presenting the meal.” Are you a creator or a presenter? At the last minute, I got a great idea from a publishing colleague to brine the turkey, which we did with a very simple recipe of kosher salt in water. However, after we cooked up our most moist turkey ever, I already am thumbing through cookbooks for more flavorful brining tips for next year!