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Archives - Weekly Update

Twenty-five years ago today, the first screen of Bookreporter went live when we were on AOL and known as The Book Report. On one hand, it is hard to believe that much time has passed; it feels like a moment ago. But then we look back on all we have done, and it feels like a lifetime. Instead of just one day of celebrating, we have decided to spend some time over the next few months taking a walk down memory lane. I am so looking forward to this. Let's get the party started with a quick video toast to you from me. (Confession: I am not drinking champagne, as I am not a fan of that. The substitute bubbly beverage is ginger beer!)

Last weekend I mostly read --- 740 pages in one weekend! I moved from the lounge chair by the pool, to the outdoor couch, to the indoor couch, to my bed for reading. I read and loved LIGHTNING STRIKE by William Kent Krueger; our interview with him will be up on Tuesday, the day the book releases. For those who enjoyed ORDINARY GRACE and THIS TENDER LAND, I think you are going to love this prequel to the Cork O’Connor series. And if you like it, there are 17 books in the series that follow this prequel. By the way, in our interview Kent shares why he chose to introduce us to young Cork now.

Last Sunday, I had an occasion to do book math. It was 10am, and I was reading NOT A HAPPY FAMILY by Shari Lapena. Typically one of Shari’s books is a one-sit read for me, meaning that I start reading and do not stop until I am finished. On Sunday morning, I started reading and was on page 129. I did not want to put it down. Tom’s sister and her family were coming at 3:00, along with his mother. I had four things to make for dinner, one that could be done last minute. I also had scheduled a massage.

Like a word math problem, I was trying to figure out how many pages I could read and get everything for entertaining done. I ended up reading about a dozen pages more as I was blow drying my hair, and then picking the book back up as soon as everyone left, reading well into the night. And on Monday morning, I did not get to my desk until 10:30 so I could finish it.

Last night, as we sat on the deck after dinner with the night bugs calling one another all around us, I found myself vowing to treasure the rest of the summer. There is a month until Labor Day.