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Archives - Weekly Update

The other night, I had company swimming as there was a frog in the pool. All summer my husband has been skimming him out of the pool and bringing him to the woods. And he has been hopping back. There is some debate about whose frog kick is better! I am sure he is envious of my wetsuit. The water was so cold one night this week that I wore the wetsuit gloves as well. But it was a crazy week, and hitting the pool was exactly what I needed to unwind.

Well, it got down to 49 degrees the other night, so I unearthed my wetsuit! I have a feeling that I will be wearing it to swim very soon. It’s a complete workout just to get INTO the wetsuit, which requires a lot of hopping. It's the best investment I have made! Fall arrives on Tuesday. Summer went by like whoooosh. I now am plucking leaves out of the pool as I swim laps.

Today, Greg and I drove into the city to have lunch with Tom and Austin. It's the first time that our team has been together since March 10th! We picked them up, and then drove over to the Upper East Side and had a lovely outdoor lunch. To spend more time together, we even ate dessert. You can see a photo of us above. I definitely could have used lipstick! Since I wear a mask so often, lipstick rarely gets applied. I miss it!

We’re back…after a great --- and clearly much-needed --- break. Thanks to all of you who shared notes about our 24th anniversary, as well as our Bookaccino Live event with me, Tom and Austin. They were so appreciated!

Over the last two weeks, I read…a lot. During our hiatus week, I tried to stay out of my office here at the house, and some days that worked. I bought a new pool chair that looked great in a photo; when it arrived, it did not look like the photo. See above. That said, it was fun to float with and read, though I never looked as relaxed as the person in the promo photo. I was very content to kick my way around the pool through the vacation week and a Labor Day weekend of glorious weather.