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Archives - Weekly Update

Last weekend, there was a lot of floating in the pool and reading time. It was warmer than the week I was on vacation in August! Fall reality is kicking in this weekend when I know I will be seeing steam rise off the pool, which has the solar covers on it, as the temps dip down. I may sneak in a day or two before I pull my wetsuit back on. For humor, when I hang the wetsuit to dry, I put it on a line in the garage. More than once, my husband has walked into the garage and been sure that there is an intruder in the garage. Reminders about this will go out this week.

Fall arrived today. I have noted that here in the northeast, the arrival of fall has heralded warmer weather than we saw at the start of summer. Seriously. While I wore my wetsuit one day last week, it’s been back on its hanger this week. And this weekend looks like it will be warmer than Labor Day weekend. When I see leaves falling, I want to glue them back on, so this warm respite is making me smile.

September this year has been in high gear! All the projects that were on hold or in slow motion all summer are now racing along at fast speeds. It’s like everyone woke up and called the same week. Case in point: I am writing this newsletter on Thursday night as I am heading into the city on Friday (I typically work in New Jersey on Fridays) for a publisher preview in the morning and then an author luncheon.

First, thank you to those of you who sent lovely notes about the 21st anniversary of I have included some in the Reader Mail section later in the opener of this newsletter. The staff and I are so appreciative of your very kind words. We are not resting on our laurels; we already have some big plans on the horizon for the next year!