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Archives - Weekly Update

It's raining the proverbial cats and dogs here today. Where did that expression come from anyway? The rain is pounding on the roof in a pretty regular staccato beat, and I think my typing on the keyboard is keeping rhythm with it. Actually I think I am typing faster than usual since it's coming down so hard. In some ways I like days like this since I just hunker down and work. There is no thought about "whether to swim or not to swim." We also live in a neighborhood where a lot of people take walks. I watch them out my big office window on Fridays and feel guilty that I am being sedentary and ponder if one seriously can consider a keyboard a piece of exercise equipment. Today I will be happy I am not a walker.

I guess I need to admit that the calendar turns to fall on Monday. This morning I got up, threw on my usual summer Friday attire of shorts and a t-shirt over a bathing suit (Note: if I swim in the AM I will drown since I am not awake enough, but having my bathing suit on reminds me to swim later!) and sat down at my computer. A few minutes later I reached for a sweatshirt. A few hours later I realized I was really cold, and perhaps I needed to acknowledge that the temperatures were in the 50s and jeans were a better choice of what to wear. I hope the pool heater is working and not being its persnickety self since I still want to get out and do some laps.

When your older child leaves home, you discover all kinds of things about your younger one. This week I learned two things: Cory has been hiding a talent for cooking. Okay, okay, we are not talking beef bourguignon here, but rather frozen ravioli, macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs. My husband is traveling this week, so Greg went home a couple of nights to hang out with his brother so I could stay in the office and not do the mad dash home. (Okay, he also brought home his laundry for the housekeeper to do, but he swears that was not his sole intention.) Both nights that he was in charge I called home to find out that Cory was cooking!

Happy Labor Day Week! This week means we all get to work harder because five days of work were crammed into four, since we had Monday off to celebrate Labor Day. If you think about it, it’s pretty amusing.