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Archives - Weekly Update

“Frankenstorm.” In the Tri-State area, this is the current buzz word on everyone’s lips with the pending storm. I wonder WHO comes up with these names. I want you to know that we have done our part to ensure that the storm does not arrive. We bought a generator. As I started to hear these predictions, I said to my husband, “I have one word for you: ‘Generator.’” Now I am on a campaign to fill every gas tank we have lest we are siphoning from the cars like we are in an episode of “The Walking Dead.” By the way, I watch that show and marvel at how they drive and drive and rarely are we seeing plotlines about running out of gas. Of course, when that happens, they are being chased by zombies. Something I do not need to worry about. Another question being bantered about: Will Halloween be canceled again? I think that if so, we will have to read children scary stories. Actually, I think the concept of another canceled Halloween may scare them enough!

This is the time of year when it’s dark in the morning and my body clock is really feeling the effects of the hour we lost back in mid-March, like there’s a jetlag that is just now catching up with me. Two more weekends until we get that hour back! The other morning as I was driving to work, I was admiring the color palette on the trees, which is quite spectacular. There was one tree that appears to light up in a bright red color this time of year that I just love. I was going to try to photograph it for you today, but it’s raining quite hard right now.

When we left off last week, I was in Cleveland for Bouchercon, which ended up to be a full weekend of seeing author and reader friends, as well as those from around the industry --- a real celebration of reading. Over the weekend, I heard from people who had attended this event for 30 years. As it travels from city to city each year, that is a real commitment from folks; I think this was my 8th Bouchercon.

Last Saturday’s event that our website co-sponsored with the Hachette Book Group was a smashing success. The author presentations were excellent; many of them I had not heard speak before. But what made the day even more fun was the enthusiasm in that room! I met with a number of our readers --- and brought along my friends Beverley and Rachel (pictured with me above), who thoroughly enjoyed the day. You can read more about the day and see more pictures here.