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July 28, 2006 Newsletter

July 28, 2006

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Talking Books in Hot 'Lanta

Author Talk: Daniel Silva, Author of THE MESSENGER Talks to David L. Robbins, Author of THE ASSASSINS GALLERY Beach Bag of Books Contest --- Spotlight on THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER by Kim Edwards

Our Newest Suspense/Thriller Author: Tess Gerritsen, Author of THE MEPHISTO CLUB

Our Newest One to Watch Author: Dan Burstein, Author of SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE

Our Newest Debut Suspense/Thriller Author: Gordon Dahlquist, Author of THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS

Now in Stores: TWICE KISSED by Lisa Jackson

On Sale August 22nd: THE RIGHTEOUS MEN by Sam Bourne --- Win an iPod and a Copy of the Book!!!

Now Available in Paperback: FAITHLESS by Karin Slaughter

Now in Paperback: THE PATRIOTS CLUB by Christopher Reich --- Winner of the 2006 International Thriller Writers Award for Best Novel 

This Week's Reviews and Features

Poll: Companionship in a Book
Question of the Week: If You Could Meet Any Character.....
Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading -- TWO Prizes!
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Talking Books in Hot 'Lanta

I am writing from Atlanta where I am attending the Romance Writers of America annual convention. Atlanta is hot and sticky enough to ensure that I will wear all of the clothes I brought with me as I seem to be changing three times a day. This convention is one where fashion gets as much discussion as writing and books. There is shoe chatter, jewelry chatter and most conversations do start with ---- "you look great!" before "what are you working on?"

Wednesday I attended a special segment of the program for librarians, which was interesting. Kristin Hannah's lunch speech about the influence of librarians on her life took home the message of the importance of librarians to readers. I think we all have a favorite library story of a librarian we loved or an experience in a library that changed our lives as readers. Kristin also spoke about the influence of her mom on her writing and brought the room to tears as she told this story. That evening there was a signing with 500 authors. I spent a few hours walking the room saying hello to writers who I knew and asking them about their work. It's nice to have an opportunity like that!

My sons have joined me for this trip. They are discovering how hectic my life on the road is as I am running between the convention hotel and our hotel where I am tapping away on my laptop doing email. They also have discovered the sheer pleasure of room service and I will not disclose what I paid tonight for two rather heaping dishes of ice cream for a late night snack. Let's just say I could have bought five half gallons for the same price. But hey, they have not touched the treats in the mini bar, so I am grateful. They have had some pretty serious discussions about the inflated pricing!

Thursday afternoon we went over to the Margaret Mitchell House to attend a talk/signing by Meg Cabot. For the record, they were not the only boys in the audience and they have assured me that their masculinity was not threatened attending this event. Meg was witty, smart and endlessly amusing. I heard them each repeating her jokes later in the day. She also was the keynote speaker at the convention lunch on Thursday and she treated a standing room only house to a personal and encouraging conversation that she opened by cajoling us to pick up the Queen of Babble breath sprays at our places and spritz --- a pure Meg moment --- and closed with a motivating line about how writers have discovered the meaning of life.

I am going to paraphrase her here, rather badly, I am sure, but she said that living is when everyday you do something that brings you such pleasure and joy that as you are doing it the hours pass quickly and what you accomplish each day makes you feel good about yourself and fulfilled. And that is what writing is.

One of the pleasures of this convention for me is meeting authors whose work I have read, but never connected with before. Wednesday night I met Diana Peterfreund, the author of last week's beach bag title, SECRET SOCIETY GIRL. We chattered about...her beach bag! She loved how it worked thematically with the book, which made my night. Thursday morning I had a chance to meet Emily Giffin, whose book BABY PROOF was a featured beach bag title a few weeks ago. She shared that the reaction to this book has been passionate, as many readers are shocked that a woman would be happy with a decision not to have children. She has gotten stronger reaction to this theme than she did to her book where a woman ended up in bed with her best friend's fiance! People cannot imagine a woman being happy without a child.

Our beach bag title this week is THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER by Kim Edwards. USA Today called this one of THE books of the Summer of 2006. I finished it on the flight down here and I can see where the raves are coming from. The story is fresh; the prose is well done and the twists and turns in it are not predictable. I had dinner with Dana Barrett from Coffee Buy the Book in Roswell on Wednesday night (Wendy Wax, whose new book SINGLE IN SUBURBIA is in stores now has asked her to join our group for dinner) and she said they cannot keep the book in store. Two book club groups that she knows of are reading it now. (If your group is interested in reading it, we have the guide here.) Our beach bag giveaway has some colorful planters among the prizes. I kept a set for myself and they are hanging on my deck and inviting many compliments, so be sure to enter for the chance to win these!

We have a review and advance reader comments about THE PALACE TIGER by Barbara Cleverly this week, as well as advance reader comments about Kay Hooper's SLEEPING WITH FEAR.

July's roundup of New in Paperback titles includes CAPE PERDIDO by Marcia Muller, Michael Connelly's THE LINCOLN LAWYER, CHILL FACTOR by Sandra Brown, CRUSADER'S CROSS by James Lee Burke, FAITHLESS by Karin Slaughter and Anita Diamant's THE LAST DAYS OF DOGTOWN

By the way, I did get to see The Devil Wears Prada last weekend. It's a big departure from the book, but I enjoyed it. My aforementioned sons howled through it. There were a few very funny scenes from the book that were edited down to mere seconds on the screen, which was a disappointment. The biggest difference was that there was a lot more sympathy toward Miranda in the movie than there was in the book, but it's a romp and great fun regardless of the changes.

I am off to more events and I am sure I will have more to share next week. Here's wishing you all a wonderful summer weekend. Repeat after me: relax, kick back and read.

Carol Fitzgerald (

List of titles reviewed and featured on July 28th.

List of titles reviewed and featured on July 21st.

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Author Talk: Daniel Silva, Author of THE MESSENGER

THE MESSENGER is the sixth installment in Daniel Silva's series of thrillers featuring art restorer and Israeli intelligence agent Gabriel Allon. In this interview, Silva describes the frightening current events and circumstances that served as the inspiration for this latest book, and provides some insight into what he believes is responsible for the global terrorist movement. He also discusses the amount of research and travel needed for his novels, and reveals that writing about art and art history indulges his "guilty pleasures."

THE MESSENGER by Daniel Silva (Thriller)
Reviewed by Kate Ayers
Terrorists have planned another devastating attack. Their target this time: the Vatican. Israeli agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon --- who has been widely acclaimed as one of the most fascinating characters in the thriller genre --- comes out of semi-retirement to catch the mastermind behind the plot in a daring and very risky incursion.  

-Click here to read an excerpt from THE MESSENGER.
-Click here to visit Daniel Silva's website.

Click here to read an interview with Daniel Silva and our review of THE MESSENGER. Talks to David L. Robbins, Author of THE ASSASSINS GALLERY

David L. Robbins has made a name for himself penning historical thrillers such as LIBERATION ROAD, LAST CITADEL and THE END OF WAR. His latest release, THE ASSASSINS GALLERY, depicts an attempt to murder FDR during the final days of the Second World War. In this interview with's Carol Fitzgerald and Joe Hartlaub, Robbins discusses the unique dynamic between the novel's hero and villain, and describes the extensive research he performed to make the book as accurate as possible. He also explains why he has chosen to write a sequel --- despite having said in the past that he'd never do so --- and shares a few details about what he has in store for his protagonist in this upcoming project.

THE ASSASSINS GALLERY by David L. Robbins (Historical Thriller)
Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub
Professor Mikhal Lammeck's specialty is the history and weaponry of assassins. But even Lammeck is caught off guard when the Secret Service urgently requests his help in the waning days of Word War II: A gruesome double murder and suicide in Massachusetts has set off alarm bells. It's only a hunch, but all too soon Lammeck suspects the unthinkable --- someone is trying to assassinate President Roosevelt.

Click here to read our interview with David L. Robbins and a review of THE ASSASSINS GALLERY. Beach Bag of Books Contest --- Spotlight on THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER by Kim Edwards

Every week from May 19th through August 25th a different title in the Second Annual Beach Bag of Books promotion will be featured with a review and contest prize --- a beach bag stocked with that book, plus summertime essentials that tie in to its theme. Five FABULOUS beach bags will be given away each week, as well as five copies of the book to additional winners.

Our eleventh spotlighted title is THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER by Kim Edwards, a complex and haunting story of the secrets we keep from one another and ourselves. Our Beach Bag Prize for this title features items inspired by the themes and the characters of THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER. In a green mesh garden tote, winners will find a sturdy green roll-up picnic blanket to match, six colorful hanging planters, a multi-toned rainbow candle, a playful beach towel with a raised flip-flop design and a copy of the book. We have five to give away, as well as five additional prizes of copies of THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER. To enter to win answer the question below:

What are the two names --- one for a boy and one for a girl --- that Norah has decided on for her baby?

You can find the answer by reading an excerpt here:

Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton
On a winter night in 1964, Dr. David Henry is forced by a blizzard to deliver his own twins. His son is perfectly healthy, but his daughter is born with Down's syndrome. Rationalizing it as a need to protect his wife, David makes a split second decision that will alter all their lives forever.

Click here to read all the details of our Summer Beach Bag Contest.


Our Newest Suspense/Thriller Author: Tess Gerritsen, Author of THE MEPHISTO CLUB

Tess Gerritsen, the New York Times bestselling author of VANISH, BODY DOUBLE and THE SINNER, is our newest featured Suspense/Thriller Author. A master of the genre, Gerritsen's newest page-turner --- THE MEPHISTO CLUB, which hits shelves August 29th --- will chill you to the bone.

We have 20 Advance Copies of THE MEPHISTO CLUB to share with readers who would like to read the book and comment on it. Interested? Then send your name and mailing address to by Friday, August 4th.

Evil exists. Evil walks the streets. And evil has spawned a diabolical new disciple in this white-knuckle thriller from New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen.

The Latin word is scrawled in blood at the scene of a young woman's brutal murder: I HAVE SINNED. It's a chilling Christmas greeting for Boston medical examiner Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli, who swiftly link the victim to controversial celebrity psychiatrist Joyce O'Donnell --- Jane's professional nemesis and member of a sinister cabal called the Mephisto Club.

Delving deep into the most baffling and unusual case of their careers, Maura and Jane embark on a terrifying journey to the very heart of evil, where they encounter a malevolent foe more dangerous than any they have ever faced . . . one whose work is only just beginning.

Click here to read more about Tess Gerritsen and THE MEPHISTO CLUB.


Our Newest One to Watch Author: Dan Burstein, Author of SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE

We are so excited to be featuring Dan Burstein as our newest One to Watch Author. Burstein is the creator of the Secrets series, which, in addition to SECRETS OF THE CODE, includes SECRETS OF ANGELS & DEMONS, SECRETS OF THE WIDOW'S SON, and his newest --- SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE, which hits stores August 14th.

-Click here to see our 50! Advance Copy winners.
-Click here to read an exclusive excerpt from SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE.

Continuing in the tradition of the New York Times bestselling SECRETS OF THE CODE, the latest book from the Secrets team, SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE, brings together world class experts from different faiths, backgrounds, and perspectives, to discuss the most thought-provoking new ideas and original thinking about Mary Magdalene.

All of the contributors to SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE are well-known and highly respected authors whose books have sold more than five million copies in total. Never before has such a wide range of fascinating ideas and new scholarship about Mary Magdalene been collected in one book that is so timely, popular and accessible.

Click here to read more about Dan Burstein and SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE.

Our Newest Debut Suspense/Thriller Author: Gordon Dahlquist, Author of THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS

We are very excited to be introducing you to Gordon Dahlquist, whose deeply compelling and suspenseful first novel THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS hits shelves August 1st. An accomplished playwright, Dahlquist proves himself a master storyteller with THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS.

-Click here to see our Advance Copy Winners.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS.

It begins with a simple note. Roger Bascombe wishes to inform Celeste Temple that their engagement is forthwith terminated. But, Celeste, for all her lack of worldly experience, is determined to find out why her fiance should have thrown her over so cruelly. Adopting a disguise, she follows her erstwhile lover to the forbidding Harschmort manor, where she discovers a world --- by turns dizzyingly seductive and utterly shocking --- she could never have imagined, and a conspiracy so terrifying as to be almost beyond belief.

Seething with danger, terror and romance, THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS is a mammoth work of the imagination, a deliriously readable, heartstoppingly suspenseful, and darkly erotic masterpiece of storytelling.

Click here to read more about Gordon Dahlquist and THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS.

Now in Stores: TWICE KISSED by Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller FATAL BURN, returns with TWICE KISSED, her electrifying thriller about twin sisters, long-buried secrets, and a truth more terrifying than anyone could have imagined...

Click here to read more about TWICE KISSED.

On Sale August 22nd: THE RIGHTEOUS MEN by Sam Bourne --- Win an iPod and a Copy of the Book!!!

A pimp is found dead in one of New York's roughest neighborhoods...
A far-right extremist is murdered in his remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest...
A 17 year-old computer prodigy is strangled in Mumbai, India...
The victims all have one thing in common: Each of them has performed a single act of exceptional kindness. Someone is killing good people.

-Enter to win an iPod and a copy of THE RIGHTEOUS MEN here.
-Learn more about the book here.
-Visit the official website of THE RIGHTEOUS MEN here.

Click here to learn more about THE RIGHTEOUS MEN.


Now Available in Paperback: FAITHLESS by Karin Slaughter

Brilliant plotting, relentless suspense," raved the Washington Post. "A new synonym for terror," crowned the Detroit Free Press. The critics agree: no one writes suspense like Karin Slaughter, whose thrillers featuring medical examiner Sara Linton and her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, have propelled her to the top of bestseller lists the world over. Now Slaughter fuses her unmatched grasp of forensic science and a mastery of complex relationships in a riveting tale of faith, doubt, and murder.

As FAITHLESS builds to a stunning and unforgettable climax, Karin Slaughter masterfully brings together strands of interlocking lives, family secrets, and hidden passions with one astounding truth: the identity of a killer who is more evil and dangerous than anyone could have guessed.

-Click here to read our review of FAITHLESS.
-Click here to read our interview with Karin Slaughter.
-Click here to read an excerpt from FAITHLESS.
-Click here to read Critical Praise for FAITHLESS.

Click here to read our Suspense/Thriller feature for Karin Slaughter and FAITHLESS.


Now in Paperback: THE PATRIOTS CLUB by Christopher Reich --- Winner of the 2006 International Thriller Writers Award for Best Novel 

In the blink of an eye, his world was turned upside down. Now, he must uncover one of history's most astounding secrets....just to survive.

Reich leaves us no time to think but keeps us panting all the way. A great read."
--- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Reich deftly blends Wall Street and bullet-dodging ... [in a] fast-paced
international thriller." --- USA Today

"Great action, fascinating intrigue, incredible surprises, compelling
historical connections, and powerful contemporary significance."
--- Mystery News

-Click here to read our review of THE PATRIOTS CLUB.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE PATRIOTS CLUB.
-Click here to visit

Click here to read more about THE PATRIOTS CLUB.

This Week's Reviews and Features

THE PALACE TIGER by Barbara Cleverly (Historical Mystery)
Reviewed by Shannon McKenna
Set against the exotic backdrop of 1920s India, the fourth whodunit featuring Joe Sandilands finds the Scotland Yard detective put to the test as he solves a series of royal murders in the princely state of Ranipur.

-Click here to read an excerpt from THE PALACE TIGER.

PEGASUS DESCENDING: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke (Mystery)
Reviewed by Roz Shea
Detective Dave Robicheaux is facing the most painful and dangerous case of his career. A troubled young woman who breezes into his hometown of New Iberia, Louisiana, happens to be the daughter of Robicheaux's onetime best friend --- a friend he witnessed gunned down in a bank robbery, a tragedy that forever changed Robicheaux's life.

-Click here to read an excerpt from PEGASUS DESCENDING.

ANONYMOUS LAWYER by Jeremy Blachman (Fiction)
Reviewed by Stuart Shiffman
This hilarious debut novel centers on a high-powered lawyer whose shockingly candid blog about life inside his firm threatens to destroy him. Written in the form of a blog, the book rips away the bland façade of corporate law and offers a telling glimpse inside a frightening world.

THE POWER BROKER by Stephen Frey (Thriller)
Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub
Christian Gillette, the young dynamo chairman of the famous New York private equity firm Everest Capital, mulls an offer he can't refuse while a shadowy and powerful group plots to bring him under its influence.

DEAD WRONG by J. A. Jance (Suspense)
Reviewed by Maggie Harding
Juggling a family and a career is never easy --- and it's becoming a real challenge for Sheriff Joanna Brady. Coping with the impending delivery of her second child as well as a staff shortage, the last things Joanna needs are two serious crimes.

DRAGON'S FIRE by Anne McCaffrey & Todd McCaffrey (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard
Anne McCaffrey and her son Todd return with their second collaboration, following 2003's DRAGON KIN. As Pern prepares to pass the Red Star and face the fury of Thread once more, the future of the planet is in doubt as a power play threatens to extinguish the flames of the dragons who protect the world.

THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN: Baseball Stars of the 1930s and 1940s Talk About the Game They Loved by Fay Vincent (Sports/History)
Reviewed by Ron Kaplan
Ten outstanding baseball players remember the heyday of the game in the 1930s and 1940s. They recall their favorite memories: the games that mattered most, the players they all admired, and the deep affection for the game that has always remained with them.

THE OTHER WOMAN by Diana Diamond (Fiction)
Reviewed by Amie Taylor
As the mistress of a rich and powerful man, Pam Leighton had it made, but everyone knows that there comes a time when "the other woman" becomes more of a liability than an asset --- and one who is writing a tell-all book is more than expendable.

THE FORTRESS OF GLASS by David Drake (Fantasy)
Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard
Unifying the Isles is no simple task for Prince Garric and his companions. But it's all the more challenging when he's pulled out of time and the Isles face the onslaught of a powerful new menace. This is the first in the Crown of the Isles trilogy, which will conclude the epic Lord of the Isles series.

Click here to read our reviews and features.

Poll: Companionship in a Book
USA TODAY reports that more and more Americans are lonely. If you're alone and reading a book, do you feel like you have a "companion" with you?
Not sure
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Question of the Week: If You Could Meet Any Character.....

What book character would you most like to meet and why?

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Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading -- TWO Prizes!

Tell us what books YOU are reading and loving --- or even those you don't.

This week we have two great prizes: FIVE readers each will win a copy of JUDGE & JURY by James Patterson and THE MESSENGER by Daniel Silva.

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