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December 12, 2003 Newsletter December 12, 2003
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Lining Up Some Holiday Reading...
ODD THOMAS by Dean Koontz
Suspense/Thriller Spotlight: Read the First Chapter of PARANOIA and Read About Our New Author, Reed Arvin, author of THE LAST GOODBYE
Holiday Books: We've Added Three More This Week!
Debut Author: One to Watch --- Jodi Compton, author of THE 37TH HOUR
What To Give/What To Get: We've Added Three New Categories
This Week's Book Reviews and Features
Poll: Holiday Shopping
Question of the Week
Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading -- TWO Prizes This Week!
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Lining Up Some Holiday Reading...
This week we have a special author to share with you in our Debut Author: One to Watch feature. She's Jodi Compton, who has written a book called THE 37th HOUR that will be in stores on December 30th. Joe Hartlaub, Wiley Saichek and I all read this and immediately blitz emailed each other talking about the storyline --- and the great writing. Not sure if you know, but Joe lives and works in Ohio, Wiley lives and works in Texas and I work out of our New York office. Thus when we "talk" about a book the mail and IMs are fast and furious, which is what happened as we all finished THE 37TH HOUR.

What intrigued us? First, we knew from the start that this was the beginning of a series, which is something that's always exciting. Second, we all were impressed with the way Compton handled the material weaving a very complicated plot deftly. Curious to know more? Read below. Want to be one of our 10 advance readers for this title? Send us your name and mailing address at by Friday, December 19th.

Another reminder....last week we introduced our new Suspense/Thriller author, Reed Arvin, author of THE LAST GOODBYE. For those of you who only like literary reads, but have wanted to try a thriller, this is the one you want to pick up. We're looking for 20 advance readers. Interested in being one? Send your name and mailing address to by Friday, December 19th.

No, we have not forgotten about the holidays. We have added lists of great books to buy sports lovers, children and teens, which we add to our books for booklovers list from last week.

And for those of you who enjoy holiday titles, we are adding three more to the lineup this week.

Quick reminder as you start your holiday shopping. You can support by making your Amazon holiday purchases via the links on our website. We receive a percentage of those sales, which allows us to continue to deliver the quality editorial we do each week. Many thanks to all of you who have been doing this over the past few weeks. We appreciate it! Remember that December 16th is the LAST day to order items that you want to qualify for Super Saver shipping at!

Enjoy your week. We are throwing a party tomorrow night for friends and neighbors. I am looking forward to hearing what everyone is reading!

-Carol Fitzgerald (

ODD THOMAS by Dean Koontz
ODD THOMAS by Dean Koontz (Suspense)
Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub
Odd Thomas is a short-order cook who has the ability to see and talk with the dead. At his diner he eyes a stranger who appears to be the focal point of some unnamed, unknown disaster that will strike the tiny municipality of Pico Mundo within 24 hours --- and Thomas will do everything he can to prevent it.
Read our review of ODD THOMAS and an excerpt here.
Read more about PARANOIA here. Read more about Joseph Finder here.
Suspense/Thriller Spotlight: Read the First Chapter of PARANOIA and Read About Our New Author, Reed Arvin, author of THE LAST GOODBYE
PARANOIA by Joseph Finder will be in stores on January 20, 2004

New This Week:
-Read Chapter Two of PARANOIA

In Case You Missed Last Week:
-Read Fast Facts about Finder
-Read Critical Praise about PARANOIA
-See Finder's backlist
-Read about PARANOIA
-Read about Joseph Finder
-Visit to play the Paranoia game, take a quiz to find out how paranoid you are and get details on how to win a Paranoia T-shirt by pre-ordering your copy of PARANOIA now!

THE LAST GOODBYE by Reed Arvin will be in stores on February 17, 2004.

-Read about Reed Arvin
-Enter to be one of 20 advance readers of THE LAST GOODBYE by sending your name and mailing address (street address, not email address) to by Friday, December 19th.

Read our Suspense/Thriller feature here.
Read more about THE LAST GOODBYE  here. Read more about Reed Arvin here.
Holiday Books: We've Added Three More This Week!
Looking for books to enjoy that capture the spirit of the season? We have these and many more!

A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY by Anne Perry (Mystery)
Reviewed by Roz Shea
Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould is entertaining her well-born friends at Applecross for a pleasure-filled weekend when one of her guests commits suicide and another is ostracized, held partly responsible for the shocking turn of events.

GENERAL WASHINGTON'S CHRISTMAS FAREWELL: A Mount Vernon Homecoming, 1783 by Stanley Weintraub (History)
Reviewed by Ron Kaplan
Stanley Weintraub recounts General George Washington's slow and emotional journey to his beloved Mount Vernon in 1883, as he tries to make it home in time for Christmas following the signing of a peace treaty between the United States and Great Britain.

THE CHRISTMAS BLESSING by Donna VanLiere (Fiction)
Reviewed by Carol Fitzgerald
Now a medical student in his third year, Nathan Andrews --- who first appeared as a little boy in VanLiere's THE CHRISTMAS SHOES, learns a number of important lessons about faith, blessings and sacrifice from two courageous young people who help guide him through the darkest period in his life. Note: The movie of THE CHRISTMAS SHOES will re-air on Sunday, December 21st. Check your local listings.
Read our Holiday books feature here.
Debut Author: One to Watch --- Jodi Compton, author of THE 37TH HOUR
THE 37TH HOUR is a stunning debut novel by Jodi Compton that will be in stores on December 30th. Compton's lead character, Sarah Pribek is a "missing persons" investigator in the Twin Cities who ends up living the nightmare she walks others through each day when her husband, a fellow officer, goes missing. In her travels to find him, she learns about his troubled past and secrets that help her define who he is. For those of you who always have wanted to catch an author at the start of a series, this is a book you want to read! The storyline is complex with a terrific metaphor weaving through it about being lost and found.

Read more about THE 37TH HOUR by exploring the link below --- you'll also find an excerpt and critical praise.

We have 10 advance reading copies of THE 37TH HOUR to share with readers who would like to comment about this exciting title. Send your name and mailing address to by Friday, December 19th. It will be great reading for over the holidays!
Read more about Jodi Compton and THE 37TH HOUR here.
Read more about Books for Book Lovers here. Read more about books to give teens here. Read more about books to give children here.
What To Give/What To Get: We've Added Three New Categories
Stuck on what to buy people for the holidays, or looking for things to add to your list? Take a look at the titles we've added this week:

We offer a treasure trove of books that will make the sports fans in your life feel like champions. Along with the titles we've assembled specifically for this roundup, please be sure to check out our past features focusing on the centennial of the World Series and the New York Yankees, in addition to more baseball books and some great golf reads. Recipients will think they've hit one out of the park, shot a hole-in-one and scored a touchdown with these entertaining and informative books.

For kids, we've have assembled some of our favorite books of the year for children at Of course HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX tops our list, but if you know someone who has already read it, we suggest giving that person the audiobook --- read masterfully by award-winning Broadway actor Jim Dale --- on cassette or CD. Note that this audiobook has been nominated for a Grammy award. A number of entertaining, educational and thought-provoking books also deserve special attention and make for great holiday gifts. They include MAGGIE'S DOOR, which recounts the journey of two youngsters from Ireland to America; the latest misunderstanding from Amelia Bedelia; and an amazing pop-up version of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Click on the logo to get to this feature.

Have a teen in your life who needs a present? We have a list of some of our favorite books of the year for teens. Leading the pack is what we believe to be this season's best holiday read: Kieran Scott's JINGLE BOY, a funny tale about a young man whose Christmas appears to be ruined by a series of unfortunate events. Our other selections cover a variety of genres --- science fiction, fantasy, suspense and nonfiction --- and include Christopher Paolini's enormously successful debut novel ERAGON. Click on the logo above to get to this feature.

And in case you missed last week....
What is the best present you can give to a bibliophile this holiday season? A book, of course, or multiple books. But this year is extra special because a number of books are available that talk specifically about books --- the authors who write them and the people who purchase and collect them. See our feature by clicking on BOOK LUST above. Pretty appropriate title, don't you think?
Read our What to Give A Sports Lover feature here.
This Week's Book Reviews and Features
WALKING INTO THE NIGHT by Olaf Olafsson (Fiction)
Reviewed by Bethanne Kelly Patrick
A man's carefully hidden past unexpectedly collides with his carefully crafted present in this new novel from Iceland's bestselling author Olaf Olafsson. Based on a real man, protagonist Christian Benediktsson lives out the consequences of a common fantasy --- walking away from it all.

THE BABES IN THE WOOD: A Chief Inspector Wexford Mystery by Ruth Rendell (Mystery)
Reviewed by Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum
Chief Inspector Wexford learns that two local teenagers and their babysitter have gone missing ---and as hours stretch into days, he begins to suspect that a kidnapping has taken place.

THE EMPIRE OF SHADOWS by Richard E. Crabbe (Mystery)
Reviewed by Andi Shechter
The year is 1889 and Jim Tupper, a Mohawk of the Iroquois nation, is suspected of murdering a man in New York City. Tupper flees the city and settles in the Adirondack wilderness. But soon after, more murders take place and it appears that Tupper is on a killing spree.

32AA by Michelle Cunnah (Chick Lit)
Reviewed by Sarah Rachel Egelman
As Emma Taylor approaches her thirtieth birthday, she learns that her boyfriend is dumping her and marrying someone else. She refuses however to let this crushing news get her down.

THE ORION PROTOCOL by Gary Tigerman (Science Fiction)
Reviewed by David Exum
Nearly 30 years after NASA's final voyage to the Moon in 1973, former Apollo astronauts Commander Jake Deaver and Colonel Augie Blake have kept silent about their findings --- until journalist Angela Browning receives a mysterious computer disk from an anonymous source.
Read the reviews and features here.
Go to Search here Read about upcoming books here.
Poll: Holiday Shopping
Do you read holiday books?
I am not sure what I do.
Answer the Poll here.
Question of the Week
Here's our question of the week:

What is your favorite holiday book?
Answer the Question of the Week.
Read about ODD THOMAS here. Read about THE CONSPIRACY CLUB here.
Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading -- TWO Prizes This Week!
Tell us what books YOU are reading and loving --- or even those you don't.

This week we have some great prizes: FIVE readers each will win a copy of THE CONSPIRACY CLUB by Jonathan Kellerman and ODD THOMAS by Dean Koontz
Please note that our next Word of Mouth update will be on December 19th.
Need more details about Word of Mouth? Click here.

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