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July 23, 2010 Newsletter July 23, 2010
Greetings From San Diego, Where It's Cool...Literally
Well, I finally found cool weather in, of all places, San Diego! As I write this on Friday morning (trying to get it filed before more Comic-Con craziness takes over the rest of the day), the sky is cloudy with June gloom extending into late July and it’s cool. Wild to be wearing long-sleeved shirts! There was sun for a few hours yesterday in a perfectly blue sky, and it was glorious.

I confess that I cheated last week. While I planned to hold Christopher Reich's RULES OF BETRAYAL for my flight to California, I started reading it Saturday morning --- and let’s just say there was some lovely floating in the pool on both Saturday and Sunday as I dashed around the world with Jonathan Ransom and the rest of his characters. Reich’s writing is brisk, tight and the story really moves. He lives in Southern California, so I shot him a note on Tuesday morning, and we were able to grab an iced tea that afternoon between his writing and an event and my visiting a bookstore and going to a gathering.

While I was talking about his current book, Chris was fired up talking about his next book as he had just finished a particularly good writing session. Authors always live in two worlds --- the one they have created and the one they are creating now. As we were talking, I mentioned that when I read Ransom, who is with Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan, it reminded me of a graphic novel that I read called THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders by Didier Lefèvre and Emmanuel Guibert, which was one of my 2009 Bets On picks. Chris said that he had read it also as he was working on RULES OF BETRAYAL, and he enjoyed it as much as I did. Lovely to have a book connection like that made.

Daniel Silva’s latest Gabriel Allon novel, THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR, hit the stores this week. In her review, Kate Ayers says, “Silva has an uncanny handle on world politics and how they affect the global population, not to mention an entertaining forum for getting his audience to pay attention to current affairs. There couldn’t be a much more time-appropriate plot than this one, nor one that can so touch its readers’ hearts.” Daniel’s readership has been building with each book as his fans crave reading the latest Gabriel Allon story. On Tuesday night, Erin and Eric left our office early, giving themselves plenty of time to get a good seat, but they barely squeezed into the standing-room only crowd at an event in New York!

We also have a review of Don Winslow’s latest, SAVAGES. Don has built himself a cult following over the years with his noir, cinematic crime novels that have some of the best dialogue around. Each book is different, which takes skill. I read SAVAGES a few weeks ago, and it was so different from THE DAWN PATROL that it was hard to believe they were done by the same author. In our review, Joe Hartlaub says: “The brilliance of SAVAGES and the genius of Winslow lies in the story’s fleshed-out, true-to-life characters.” SAVAGES has that and a brisk storyline that will take readers to some dark places.

Some of you may remember, or participated in, our Sneak Peek reader opportunity in the fall where we gave away copies of STILL MISSING, the debut from Chevy Stevens, in manuscript form and asked for your feedback. Those who read it were wild about it! Well, we couldn’t have been more excited to see STILL MISSING hit the New York Times extended bestseller list at No. 19 in its first week out, and we hope all its recent attention and word-of-mouth will buzz it higher. You can see our Debut Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight featuring Chevy and STILL MISSING here. Also, on our blog, Sonja, Robin and Liz --- three librarians at the Salem Public Library in Salem, Oregon --- wrote this great review and even made their own mini-reading guide. Check it out here. We have been told that our readers contributed to this success, which makes us mighty happy!

We’re delighted to announce our second Sneak Peek: An Early Look at an Upcoming Book title. It’s THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X by Keigo Higashino. I received a bound manuscript of the book a few weeks ago and tore through it. I then passed it on to my husband who may have read it even faster, which may be a first! Stephen in our office finished it in a weekend, and my son Greg read it during a couple of his train commutes from New Jersey to New York City. Suffice to say, none of us could put it down. Something about the story and the pace just keeps you flipping pages, and then you will spend the last 20 pages picking your jaw up off the ground and rethinking all the little clues throughout.

As we read, we all thought, hmmmmmm...this is the next book we want to get readers talking about early. It will be released in February 2011. So what’s it about? THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X is the story of a single mother and her daughter who commit a crime in the heat of the moment. As they wonder what to do next, their quiet math teacher neighbor offers to help them through the ordeal. But soon they begin to wonder if he really is helping them or digging them into a deeper hole as the detectives become increasingly suspicious and inquisitive in their investigation.

Never heard of the author? Well, neither had we. Keigo Higashino is one of Japan and Asia’s bestselling authors and is regarded as the Asian equivalent of Stephen King. THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X won one of Japan’s top literary prizes and was a blockbuster movie over there. For whatever reason, Keigo has never really been published outside of Asia. Now that it's translated and scheduled, there is a lot of enthusiasm building for it and we’re thrilled to share it with some of you. This is a chance to read a very cool, very different type of thriller a good six or so months before it’s released. I think the only downside is that you won’t have anyone to discuss the ending with for a while lest you spoil it for others. We're giving 50 of you the opportunity to read a special early advance edition. All you have to do is enter and answer a couple of questions for your chance to win. We will then send our winners some follow-up questions so we can share this early feedback with the publisher. Enter here by Thursday, August 5th at 11:59PM ET. Note that since this is a very special opportunity, we ask that you enter only if you will be able to finish and comment on the book by the first week in September. We would like to hear from all 50 winners.

Our fourth Beach Bag of Books contest has come to an end, and you can see if you’re one of our five grand prize winners or runners-up here. Our fifth contest is for Lisa Jackson’s RUNNING SCARED, which will be in stores Tuesday. Lisa has been a longtime favorite on, and it’s great to feature her in this fun contest. You can read more about RUNNING SCARED here. In addition to the books, five winners will receive a red-and-blue striped beach towel, Crystal Light lemonade, Banana Boat sunblock, a red-and-blue polka dot roll-up beach mat that can double as a picnic blanket, and blue floral picnic ware (including dinner plates, bowls and glasses for four), all packed in an oversized beach tote. Five runners-up will win a copy of the book. Enter here by Friday, August 6th at noon ET for your chance to win.

As I was floating and reading last weekend, I thought of something that Ridley Pearson brought up at ThrillerFest on one of the Young Adult panels. Many times children will sit and read a book in its entirety as they can blissfully avoid the calls of real life. How many parents are thrilled to hear the words from a child that they “are reading” and to "leave them alone"? Adults do not have the same luxury, and thus the experience of reading a book can be chopped up. Writing for a less than fluid reading experience like this poses a challenge. Yes, we all love page-turners, and we all have postponed dinner or ordered in, foregone sleep or just ignored life to finish a book we love. But we cannot always do that. It’s something interesting to ponder; I often think that there are books I would have enjoyed a lot more if I could have consumed them at once instead of in fits and starts.

Another comment at ThrillerFest that stayed with me came from Sandra Brown. A lot of times, people criticize thrillers as not having a high concept in them. Sandra, who is wonderfully articulate on the craft of writing, reminded folks that not everything needs to be written from a high concept angle. As she said, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, which is one of the classics of the last century, does not have a high concept, but rather succeeds because of the voice of Scout. Her view and her voice gave the book its power, not the concept.

Sandra’s example of TO KILL MOCKINGBIRD couldn’t be more timely as the book celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer and is surging up the bestseller lists without eBook sales. I was asked by USA Today earlier this week about the print version’s resurgence, which you can read here; it’s the third news brief. Also, I’ve mentioned Mary McDonagh’s Murphy SCOUT, ATTICUS & BOO: A Celebration of 50 Years of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in past emails, and we now have a review for you. You can also check out Mary’s accompanying documentary film here.

Some of you have asked if there were any photos from ThrillerFest, and I’m glad to report that we have created an online gallery from this terrific event. Sometimes the stories can only go so far, so I’m excited to share these pictures of so many great authors interacting with each other, with fans and just having fun. My son Greg photographed this event, and his are the photos we are sharing with you. By the way, I promised Jon Land his infamous bra shot would not end up in the newsletter, but I did not say anything about a photo gallery…so click here to see what I am talking about. We’ll also be sharing this album on our Facebook page, which you can join here. If you’re not on Facebook, but want to keep up with our Wall posts, you can click here.

It seems like these past few weeks we’ve had a lot of books-to-movie projects hitting both movie theaters and TVs. Last week, I mentioned that Ken Follett’s beloved THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH is finally airing as an eight-part miniseries on Starz, premiering tonight. This has been one of the most anticipated adaptations in a long time as Ken has been very protective over his medieval epic, but he’s not only approved all the production decisions, he’s been blogging throughout here. And to emphasize just how popular THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH has been, it hit No. 1 when it was released in 1989, and then again in 2007. I can’t wait to watch this when I have some free time and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Click here for more details about the series.

Today is also the release of Ramona and Beezus, the film adaptation of Beverly Cleary’s classic series that so many of us grew up with and have shared with our parents and kids. I really want to see this one, though my boys have told me I am on my own for that! If you’re ever curious about what books are hitting the screen, don’t forget our monthly Books into Movies feature on the site, which we created exactly for this purpose.

I’m also really excited for the return of “Mad Men” as the fourth season starts Sunday night on AMC. Although it’s not adapted from a book, it unfolds like a novel to me. This is a show that I heard so much about from so many people before I started watching it that I plunged into Season 3 before going back to start at the very beginning. It instantly became one of my favorites and a “can’t miss” event in our house. I am already plotting to time whatever dinner plans I have Sunday night to get back to my room in time to watch it!

As I wrap up this week’s newsletter, I have something I could use your help with. We are planning a redesign of, our site dedicated to teens. We have a survey seeking input for the site, and we’re trying to gather as much feedback as we can so we design the best possible site. If you have a teenage son or daughter who is a big reader and would like to share input, please send them here.

I am off to walk over to the convention center. For the record, I am not wearing a costume…just something in my usual turquoise! But I have my camera with me, and I plan to capture some of the more spectacular ensembles that people are sporting. The depths of imagination and creativity never fail to surprise me. Here’s to more cool weather! And here’s to a great week of reading for all of you.

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Author Talk: Daniel Silva, Author of THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR

When you’re a former assassin and a living legend among those in covert operations, it can be hard to catch a break. Gabriel Allon’s double life as an art restorer and an internationally renowned spy interface once again as he’s recruited to recover a long-lost masterpiece in THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR, Daniel Silva’s 10th installment in his bestselling Gabriel Allon series. In this interview, Silva discusses the booming yet not-so-glamorous business of art theft, his fascination with people’s inner psychology, and the very real possibility of Iranian nuclear weapons. He also names Bernie Madoff as the almost-too-perfect muse for his novel’s villain and explains why he’s been tempted to throw away his smartphone.

THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR by Daniel Silva (Thriller)
Art restorer and Israeli spy Gabriel Allon comes out of retirement to recover a stolen Rembrandt, only to discover that the painting’s value derives more from what lies beneath the canvas than what shows on its surface, for it has had a troubled and dangerous past. Reviewed by Kate Ayers.


-Click here to read a review of THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR.
-Visit Daniel Silva’s official website,

Click here to read an interview with Daniel Silva.'s Sneak Peek Feature: An Early Look at an Upcoming Book --- Our Latest Featured Title: THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X by Keigo Higashino

At, we have the opportunity to read many great books well in advance of their release dates. Now, with our Sneak Peek Feature/Contest, we are offering our readers the chance to preview select early picks --- and share feedback on them. We know that readers champion books that they love, and we want you to be part of the excitement of upcoming releases as early as possible.

Our latest Sneak Peek Feature spotlights THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, a literary thriller by Japanese bestselling author Keigo Higashino, which releases for the first time in the U.S. in February 2011. We have 50 specially formatted early reader editions to give away to readers who would like to preview the book and share their comments about it. We really want to hear what you have to say about THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, so if you will be able to read and comment on the book by the first week in September, please enter this contest. If not, we plan to have more opportunities like this in the future.

A mother. A daughter. A murder that never should have happened…but did. When two professors insert themselves into the equation, the question becomes: How far will one go for love and the other for the truth?

THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X is a literary thriller that will keep you guessing until the end and shock you when you get there.


Click here to read all the details of our Sneak Peek Feature/Contest.'s Latest Summer Beach Bag Contest: RUNNING SCARED by Lisa Jackson

Whether your "beach" is on sand, your backyard deck, or a grassy meadow in the country, the summer months mean it's time for "beach reading." is celebrating the lazy days of summer reading with our Sixth Annual Beach Bag of Books feature and contests.

During select weeks from May 28th through September 3rd, we will highlight a different book or collection of books from these featured titles with a contest prize --- a beach bag stocked with the featured book(s) and summertime essentials. Five FABULOUS beach bags will be given away each week, as well as five copies of the featured book(s) to additional winners.

We are currently spotlighting RUNNING SCARED, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson’s latest romantic suspense novel. In an oversized beach bag, winners will find a red-and-blue striped beach towel, Crystal Light lemonade, Banana Boat sunblock, a red-and-blue polka dot roll-up beach mat that can double as a picnic blanket, and blue floral picnic ware (including dinner plates, bowls and glasses for four), as well as a copy of RUNNING SCARED. We have five to give away, as well as five additional prizes of copies of the book.


Click here to read all the contest details.

Now in Stores: THE GLASS RAINBOW by James Lee Burke

THE GLASS RAINBOW: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke (Thriller)
In James Lee Burke’s eagerly awaited new novel, Detective Dave Robicheaux returns to Louisiana and becomes entangled in a mystery that connects a series of grisly murders with an ex-convict turned bestselling author, a notorious local pimp, and the man who's currently dating Robicheaux's daughter. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.


Click here to read a review of THE GLASS RAINBOW.


Now in Stores: SCOUT, ATTICUS & BOO by Mary McDonagh Murphy

SCOUT, ATTICUS & BOO: A Celebration of Fifty Years of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Mary McDonagh Murphy (Literary Criticism)
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, Mary McDonagh Murphy has written SCOUT, ATTICUS & BOO, a collection of interviews with prominent figures --- including Oprah Winfrey, Tom Brokaw, Wally Lamb and Anna Quindlen --- that reveals how Harper Lee’s classic novel has affected their lives. Reviewed by Bronwyn Miller.

Click here to read a review of SCOUT, ATTICUS & BOO.


Now in Stores: RED HOOK ROAD by Ayelet Waldman

RED HOOK ROAD by Ayelet Waldman (Fiction)
Set on the coast of Maine over the course of four summers, RED HOOK ROAD tells the story of two families, the Tetherlys and the Copakens, and of the ways in which their lives are unraveled and stitched together by misfortune, by good intentions and failure, and by love and calamity. Reviewed by Norah Piehl.

Click here to read a review of RED HOOK ROAD.

Now in Stores: SAVAGES by Don Winslow

SAVAGES by Don Winslow (Thriller)
Part-time environmentalist and philanthropist Ben and his ex-mercenary buddy Chon run a Laguna Beach–based marijuana operation, reaping significant profits from their loyal clientele. In the past when their turf was challenged, Chon took care of eliminating the threat. But now they may have come up against something that they can’t handle --- the Mexican Baja Cartel wants in, and sends them the message that a "no" is unacceptable. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.

Click here to read a review of SAVAGES.

Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: Henry Perez, Author of MOURN THE LIVING
Henry Perez, who scored a hit with his debut, KILLING RED, returns with MOURN THE LIVING, another cat-and-mouse thriller featuring intrepid journalist Alex Chapa. A methodical killer is on the loose, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Just as Chapa begins to crack the case, he realizes he's the next target.

-Click here to read a second excerpt from MOURN THE LIVING.
-Click here to read Henry Perez’s bio.
-Click here to see Henry Perez’s backlist.
-Click here to read critical praise for Henry Perez’s books.
-Visit Henry Perez’s official website,
-Click here to see our finished copy winners.

From city to city, one man walks the streets, carefully choosing his victims. Mercilessly, he cuts their throats. And with each kill, he leaves his chilling trademark, honed to razor-sharp perfection over decades of practice. But now, reporter Alex Chapa is tracking the story, following the lead of a murdered colleague --- and getting dangerously close to the most elusive serial killer in decades. When the next victim surfaces bearing the unmistakable calling card, Alex realizes no one is safe from this psychopath’s murderous rage. For the killer has set his sights on Alex and those he loves --- and only their blood will satisfy him…
Click here to read more about Henry Perez and MOURN THE LIVING.

Author Talk: Leah Stewart, Author of HUSBAND AND WIFE, and Kim Wright, Author of LOVE IN MID AIR
Two recent novels --- HUSBAND AND WIFE by Leah Stewart and LOVE IN MID AIR by Kim Wright --- each center on relationships in crisis, and explore the complexities and the hardships that arise through years of marriage. In this interview, Stewart and Wright compare their female protagonists and their struggles to keep hold of their identities after starting their families, as well as the personal and professional sacrifices made for the sake of their children. They also elaborate on the importance of secondary characters as reflections of the main characters or catalysts for their actions, discuss the critical responses they’ve received from readers, and share their thoughts on their books’ bittersweet endings.

HUSBAND AND WIFE by Leah Stewart (Fiction)
In this new book by the celebrated author of THE MYTH OF YOU AND ME, a young mother discovers that her husband's novel about infidelity might be drawn from real life. HUSBAND AND WIFE probes our deepest relationships, the promises we make and break, and the consequences they hold for our lives, revealing that it's never too late to step back and start over.

-Click here to read more about HUSBAND AND WIFE.
-Click here to browse inside HUSBAND AND WIFE.

LOVE IN MID AIR by Kim Wright (Fiction)
A chance encounter with a stranger on an airplane sends Elyse Bearden into an emotional tailspin. Suddenly Elyse is willing to risk everything: her safe but stale marriage, her seemingly perfect life in an affluent Southern suburb, and her position in the community. As she embarks on a risky affair, her longtime friend Kelly and the other women in their book club begin to question their own decisions about love, sex, marriage and freedom. Reviewed by Jesse Kornbluth.

-Click here to read a review of LOVE IN MID AIR.
-Click here to see the reading group guide for LOVE IN MID AIR.

Click here to read an interview with Leah Stewart and Kim Wright.'s 2010 Redesign Survey
We're getting ready to redesign, our site dedicated to teens. After getting some feedback from readers about the design of the site in our 2009 Reader Survey last summer, we now have some more in-depth questions for them about what they would like to see.

We estimate that it will take about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

All of the respondents who complete the survey can enter to win a random drawing to receive one of 100 free books, four $25 gift cards, or the grand prize of a $100 gift card to a bookstore of their choice.

If you know readers who may be interested in responding to this survey, may we ask you to forward this link to them? The more voices that are heard for this, the better!

The survey will close on Monday, August 16th at 11:59PM ET.

-Click here for more information about the survey.

Click here to take the Redesign Survey.'s 10th Anniversary Contest --- $10,000 in Prizes! is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

We appreciate all of you who have been loyal readers and contributors to the site. One of the best parts about watching flourish over the last decade has been the opportunity to be a part of book clubs in far-flung places. Imagine if we could celebrate with all of you in person --- what an event that would be! Since that’s not possible, we’ve come up with a way to celebrate with you: a special contest with $10,000 in prizes.


Click here to read all the contest details.

This Week's Reviews
SPIES OF THE BALKANS by Alan Furst (Historical Thriller)
Alan Furst's newest historical espionage novel broadens his distinctive Second World War spotlight to include the area of the Balkans. The year is 1940, with Hitler now moving to coerce the remaining neutral nations of Southeast Europe into accepting the Axis pact. Italy has overthrown Albania, and Mussolini is determined to test his clout as a major Axis power by sending his next invasion force into Greece. Reviewed by Melanie Smith.

THE NOBODIES ALBUM by Carolyn Parkhurst (Fiction)
In this unique tale of yearning, reinvention and family relationships, well-known author Octavia Frost's rock-star son Milo has been accused of murder. Mother and son have been estranged for years; the interspersed rewritten endings of Octavia's novels reveal the reason, even as she seeks to support and aid her child. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon.

WHAT IS LEFT THE DAUGHTER by Howard Norman (Fiction)
In his latest novel, Howard Norman (author of THE BIRD ARTIST, THE MUSEUM GUARD and THE HAUNTING OF L) returns to his favorite setting of Nova Scotia to tell a thoughtful story of one man’s quiet triumph over adversity, both self-inflicted and cruelly thrust upon him. Reviewed by Harvey Freedenberg.

-Click here to see the reading group guide for WHAT IS LEFT THE DAUGHTER.

FIRST THRILLS: High-Octane Stories from the Hottest Thriller Authors edited by Lee Child (Thriller Anthology)
New York Times bestselling author Lee Child and the International Thriller Writers, Inc. present a collection of remarkable stories in FIRST THRILLS. Showcasing many of the organization's bestselling authors as well as rising stars in the genre, here are 25 brand-new, never-before published stories packed with murder, mystery and mayhem. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.

THE RULE OF NINE: A Paul Madriani Novel by Steve Martini (Legal Thriller)
San Diego defense attorney Paul Madriani is still reeling from the trauma of a near nuclear explosion he helped avert in GUARDIAN OF LIES, and has become more interested in larger, international dangers he sees on the horizon. In THE RULE OF NINE, Madriani tracks an extremist hellbent on destroying the entire Supreme Court in one deadly stroke. Reviewed by Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum.

LOST RIGHTS: The Misadventures of a Stolen American Relic by David Howard (History)
An important piece of America's documentary history is looted by souvenir-hunting Union soldiers in the final days of the Civil War. It disappears into private hands for well over a century --- until it is suddenly revealed as one of the original copies of the Bill of Rights, dating from the Constitutional Convention of 1789. How it was rediscovered, authenticated, fought over and finally restored to its rightful owners makes a fascinating, if complicated, story. Reviewed by Robert Finn.

THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN: Sportswriting from The New Yorker edited by David Remnick (Sports)
For more than 80 years, The New Yorker has been home to some of the toughest, wisest, funniest and most moving sportswriting around. Featuring brilliant reportage and analysis, profound profiles of pros, and tributes to the amateur in all of us, THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN is a classic collection from a magazine with a deep bench. Reviewed by Ron Kaplan.
Click here to read this week's reviews.

Poll and Question of the Week: To Finish or Not to Finish...

What do you do if you start reading a book and then realize you’re not enjoying it?

I continue reading all the way to the end.

I continue reading, but if it doesn’t improve, I stop.
I stop reading immediately.
It depends on the book and my familiarity with the author’s previous work.

I am not sure what I do.

-Click here to answer our poll.


Name up to three books you initially did not like, but ended up loving after you decided to read all the way to the end.

-Click here to answer our question.

Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading --- and You Can Win THREE Books!
Tell us what books YOU are reading and loving --- or even those you don't.

This week we have three great prizes: FIVE readers each will win a copy of FLY AWAY HOME by Jennifer Weiner, THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR by Daniel Silva and STAR ISLAND by Carl Hiaasen. Tell us what you are reading and rate the titles 1-5 by noon ET on Friday, July 30th to ensure that you are in the running to win these books.

Click here for more details about Word of Mouth.

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