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Today, Ad Hudler --- author of MAN OF THE HOUSE --- recalls his attempt to teach his neighbors a lesson in environmental preservation through the poetry of Dr. Seuss.
No good can ever come from banning books, as demonstrated by today's guest blogger, Laura Pedersen --- whose new memoir, BUFFALO GAL, is featured in this week's Holiday Basket of Cheer.
Today's guest blogger is David Baldacci, bestselling author of STONE COLD, THE WHOLE TRUTH and DIVINE JUSTICE.
Not all of the best presents are given on birthdays or holidays. For graphic novel artist Bill Willingham , creator of the Fables Comics series, the best gift he ever received came at the most unlikely of times --- on a sick day.
Bestselling author Debbie Macomber --- whose latest holiday tale is A CEDAR COVE CHRISTMAS --- reveals her lifelong love affair with th
Today's guest blogger is Charlotte Bacon --- author of four novels, including SPLIT ESTATE.
Photojournalist Kevin Rivoli --- whose latest work, IN SEARCH OF NORMAN ROCKWELL'S AMERICA, recreates the beloved painter's quai
Today's guest blogger, bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub, thinks back to the Christmas she received the most perfect gift from her mother --- a copy of the timeless and beloved LITTLE WOMEN --- and the literary her
Eileen Goudge, author of DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, reminisces on her first introduction to "adult reading material," and the gift that --- decades later --- keeps on giving.
Today's guest blogger, John Addiego --- author of THE ISLANDS OF DIVINE MUSIC --- recalls an unexpected, but life-changing gift he received from his mother at a time when he probably needed it most.