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Archives - February 2010

We now have more than 2,200 fans! Thanks everybody! The Guardian poses the question "What are dust jackets good for?" And that just so happens to be our poll question on!
Carol wanted to give some extra attention to Carla Buckley's novel THE THINGS THAT KEEP US, which she read in December. Its haunting story of the avian flu epidemic and the aftermath has stuck with her two months later. Check out a review here.
Adriana Trigiani discusses her latest, BRAVA, VALENTINE, on a recent taping of the TODAY show...very funny...and the book hit stores this week!
We now have more than 2,000 fans! Thanks to everybody for joining and referring friends! Electronic Arts has adapted Dante's INFERNO for a video game, and more classics are planned... Entertainment Weekly gave THE POSTMISTRESS, one of our new favorites, an A-...