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July 7, 2016

July 7, 2016

In this newsletter, you will find books releasing the weeks of July 4th and July 11th that we think will be of interest to readers, along with Bonus News, where we call out a contest, feature or review that we want to let you know about so you have it on your radar. This week, we are calling attention to our tribute to Elie Wiesel, who passed away on Saturday, July 2nd at the age of 87 after a long illness.

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This Week's Bonus News: Remembering Elie Wiesel --- Prolific Author, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Human Rights Activist and Holocaust Survivor
We at mourn the loss of Elie Wiesel, who has died at the age of 87 following a long illness. A Holocaust survivor and human rights activist, Wiesel is the author of more than 60 books of fiction and nonfiction. He is a recipient of the United States Congressional Gold Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the French Legion of Honor’s Grand-Croix, an honorary knighthood of the British Empire and, in 1986, the Nobel Peace Prize. In a statement released by Wiesel's foundation, his widow, Marion, said, "My husband was a fighter. He fought for the memory of the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust, and he fought for Israel. He waged countless battles for innocent victims regardless of ethnicity or creed."'s Sarah Rachel Egelman reflects on Wiesel's remarkable career and legacy in a very fitting tribute.
Click here to read our tribute to Elie Wiesel.
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July 5th

ABSALOM'S DAUGHTERS by Suzanne Feldman (Historical Fiction)
Self-educated and brown-skinned, Cassie works full time in her grandmother’s laundry in rural Mississippi. Illiterate and white, Judith falls for “colored music” and dreams of life as a big city radio star. These teenaged girls are half-sisters. And when they catch wind of their wayward father’s inheritance coming down in Virginia, they hitch their hopes to a road trip together to claim what’s rightly theirs. In an old junk car, with a frying pan, a ham and a few dollars hidden in a shoe, they set off through the American Deep South of the 1950s, a bewitchingly beautiful landscape as well as one bedeviled by racial strife and violence.
Henry Holt and Co. * 9781627794534

ANOTHER ONE GOES TONIGHT: A Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond Investigation by Peter Lovesey (Mystery)
Two police officers are about to head home when they receive one last call. En route to investigate, the patrol car spins off the road, killing one of the exhausted cops and leaving the other in critical condition. Detective Peter Diamond, who is assigned to look into the case, discovers that a civilian on a motorized tricycle was involved in the crash and has been lying on the side of the road for hours. Diamond administers CPR, but the man’s fate is unclear. As he lingers on life support, Diamond must wrestle with the fact that he may have saved the life of a serial killer.
Soho Crime * 9781616957582

BOBBY KENNEDY: The Making of a Liberal Icon by Larry Tye (Biography)
History remembers Robert F. Kennedy as a racial healer, a tribune for the poor, and the last progressive knight of a bygone era of American politics. But Kennedy’s enshrinement in the liberal pantheon was actually the final stage of a journey that had its beginnings in the conservative 1950s. Larry Tye peels away layers of myth and misconception to paint a complete portrait of this singularly fascinating figure. To capture the full arc of his subject’s life, Tye draws on unpublished memoirs, unreleased government files and 58 boxes of papers that had been under lock and key for the past 40 years.
Random House * 9780812993349

THE BOY IN THE SHADOWS by Carl-Johan Vallgren (Thriller)
Joel, whose older brother was kidnapped years earlier, goes missing under suspicious circumstances. His frantic wife turns to Danny Katz --- an old friend with a troubled past --- for help. A brilliant computer programmer and recovering heroin addict, Katz is also the divorced father of two young girls. Before long, he discovers he isn't the only one trying to find Joel. The deeper Katz digs, the more upsetting the secrets he uncovers about the wealthy and powerful family at the heart of the investigation. Chillingly, the case takes a violent turn that reveals a disorienting connection to Katz's own troubled childhood.
Quercus * 9781681444406

BUSH by Jean Edward Smith (Biography)
George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, almost singlehandedly decided to invade Iraq. Jean Edward Smith demonstrates that it was not Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or Condoleezza Rice, but President Bush himself who took personal control of foreign policy. Bush drew on his deep religious conviction that important foreign-policy decisions were simply a matter of good versus evil. BUSH is a comprehensive evaluation of the Bush presidency --- including Guantanamo, Katrina, No Child Left Behind and other important topics --- that will surely surprise many readers.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476741192

CLAIMING NOAH by Amanda Ortlepp (Psychological Suspense)
Catriona Sinclair and her husband, James, have been struggling to have a baby. They succeed at last through in vitro fertilization but decide to make their "spare" frozen embryo available to another family, unwilling to risk the heartbreak of another miscarriage. Diana and Liam Simmons are overjoyed to learn that they are the recipients of the embryo donation. As Diana is finding delight in every aspect of motherhood, Catriona slips into a deep depression. Just as she begins to find her way back to normalcy, one of the babies is kidnapped. Suddenly, all of their lives begin to unravel and intertwine, and none of them will ever be the same.
Center Street * 9781455565986

DANGER WOMAN: A Botswana Mystery by Frederick Ramsay (Mystery)
Following a recent rash of deaths and dismembered body parts appearing in Botswana’s Chobe Game Park, District Superintendent Sanderson is alerted to the discovery of a ravaged human skull, believed to be the work of the Russian Bratva. Led by Oleg Lenka, these mafiosi think it will be a cinch to take over the region’s high-end tourist trade --- in particular, the casino/hotel operation that is the fiercely held, final dream of American billionaire Leo Painter. Sanderson’s friend and lover, Inspector Kgabo Modise of the Botswana Police Service, is tasked to remove them. Modise is quickly swept into a complex set of moves orchestrated to outwit not so much Lenka, but his mistress Irena Davidova, the Bratva’s own Danger Woman.
Poisoned Pen Press * 9781464205859

THE DREAM LIFE OF ASTRONAUTS: Stories by Patrick Ryan (Fiction/Short Stories)
A would-be Miss America auditions for a shady local talent scout over vodka and Sunny D; a NASA engineer begins to wonder if the woman he’s having an affair with is slowly poisoning her husband; a Boy Scout troop leader, recovering from a stroke, tries to protect one of his scouts from being bullied by his own sons; a grandmother, sentenced to driver’s ed after a traffic accident, surprises herself by falling for her instructor. THE DREAM LIFE OF ASTRONAUTS balances heartbreak with wry humor as its characters try to make sense of the paths they find themselves on.
The Dial Press * 9780385341387

THE HATCHING by Ezekiel Boone (Apocalyptic Thriller/Horror)
Deep in the jungle of Peru, where so much remains unknown, a black, skittering mass devours an American tourist whole. Thousands of miles away, an FBI agent investigates a fatal plane crash in Minneapolis and makes a gruesome discovery. Unusual seismic patterns register in a Kanpur, India earthquake lab, confounding the scientists there. During the same week, the Chinese government “accidentally” drops a nuclear bomb in an isolated region of its own country. As these incidents begin to sweep the globe, a mysterious package from South America arrives at a Washington, D.C. laboratory. The world is on the brink of an apocalyptic disaster. An ancient species, long dormant, is now very much awake.
Atria/Emily Bestler Books * 9781501125041

HEAVEN'S DITCH: God, Gold, and Murder on the Erie Canal by Jack Kelly (History)
The technological marvel of its age, the Erie Canal grew out of a sudden fit of inspiration. Proponents didn't just dream; they built a 360-mile waterway entirely by hand and largely through wilderness. As excitement crackled down its length, the canal became the scene of the most striking outburst of imagination in American history. It made New York the financial capital of America and brought the modern world crashing into the frontier. Men and women saw God face to face, gained and lost fortunes, and reveled in a period of intense spiritual creativity. HEAVEN’S DITCH illuminates the spiritual and political upheavals along this "psychic highway" from its opening in 1825 through 1844.
St. Martin's Press * 9781137280091

HERE COMES THE SUN by Nicole Dennis-Benn (Fiction)
At an opulent resort in Montego Bay, Margot hustles to send her younger sister, Thandi, to school. Taught as a girl to trade her sexuality for survival, Margot is ruthlessly determined to shield Thandi from the same fate. When plans for a new hotel threaten their village, Margot sees not only an opportunity for her own financial independence but also perhaps a chance to admit a shocking secret: her forbidden love for another woman. As they face the impending destruction of their community, each woman --- fighting to balance the burdens she shoulders with the freedom she craves --- must confront long-hidden scars.
Liveright * 9781631491764

THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE: One House, Five Families, and a Hundred Years of German History by Thomas Harding (History)
In 1993, Thomas Harding traveled to Germany with his grandmother to visit a small house by a lake on the outskirts of Berlin. It had been her “soul place,” she said --- a holiday home for her and her family, but also a refuge --- until the 1930s, when the Nazis’ rise to power forced them to leave. The trip was his grandmother’s chance to remember her childhood sanctuary as it was. But the house had changed, and when Harding returned nearly 20 years later, it was about to be demolished. Slowly he began to piece together the lives of the five families who had lived there: a wealthy landowner, a prosperous Jewish family, a renowned composer, a widow and her children, and a Stasi informant. All had made the house their home, and all but one had been forced out.
Picador * 9781250065063

HOW TO SET A FIRE AND WHY by Jesse Ball (Fiction)
Lucia’s father is dead, her mother is in a mental hospital, and she’s living in a garage-turned-bedroom with her aunt. And now she’s been kicked out of school --- again. Lucia spends her days riding the bus to visit her mother and following the only rule that makes any sense to her: Don’t do things you aren’t proud of. But when she discovers that her new school has a secret Arson Club, she’s willing to do anything to be a part of it, and her life is suddenly lit up. As Lucia’s fascination with the Arson Club grows, her story becomes one of misguided friendship and, ultimately, destruction.
Pantheon * 9781101870570

I AM NO ONE by Patrick Flanery (Psychological Suspense)
After a decade living in England, Jeremy O'Keefe returns to New York, where he has been hired as a professor of German history at New York University. Though comfortable in his new life and happy to be near his daughter once again, Jeremy continues to feel the quiet pangs of loneliness. But his life soon begins taking strange turns: boxes containing records of his online activity are delivered to his apartment, a young man seems to be following him, and his elderly mother receives anonymous phone calls slandering her son. Why would anyone want to watch him so closely, and why would they alert him to the fact that he was being watched?
Tim Duggan Books * 9781101905852

ITHACA: A Novel of Homer's Odyssey by Patrick Dillon (Historical Fiction)
Telemachus’ father, Odysseus, went off to war before he was born --- and never came back. At 16, Telemachus finds himself abandoned, his father’s house overrun with men pursuing his beautiful mother, Penelope, and devouring the family’s wealth. He determines to leave Ithaca, his island home, and find the truth. What really happened to his father? Was Odysseus killed on his journey home from the war? Or might he, one day, return to take his revenge? Telemachus' journey takes him across the landscape of bronze-age Greece in the aftermath of the great Trojan war.
Pegasus * 9781681771557

JONATHAN UNLEASHED by Meg Rosoff (Romantic Comedy)
Jonathan Trefoil’s boss is unhinged, his relationship baffling, and his apartment just the wrong side of legal. His girlfriend wants to marry someone just like him --- only richer and with a different sense of humor. He doesn’t remember life being this confusing, back before everyone expected him to act like a grown-up. When his brother asks him to look after his dogs, Jonathan's world view begins to shift. Could a border collie and a cocker spaniel hold the key to life, the universe and everything? Their sly maneuvering on daily walks and visits to the alluring vet suggest that human emotional intelligence may not be top dog after all.
Viking * 9781101980903

JULIAN FELLOWES'S BELGRAVIA by Julian Fellowes (Historical Fiction)
JULIAN FELLOWES’S BELGRAVIA is the story of a secret --- a secret that unravels behind the porticoed doors of London's grandest postcode. Set in the 1840s when the upper echelons of society began to rub shoulders with the emerging industrial nouveau riche, BELGRAVIA is peopled by a rich cast of characters. But the story begins on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. At the Duchess of Richmond's now-legendary ball, one family's life will change forever.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455541164

KICK: The True Story of JFK's Sister and the Heir to Chatsworth by Paula Byrne (Biography)
Encouraged to be “winners” from a young age, Rose and Joe Kennedy’s children were the embodiment of ambitious, wholesome Americanism. Yet even within this ebullient group of overachievers, the fourth Kennedy child, the irrepressible Kathleen, stood out. Lively, charismatic, extremely clever, and blessed with graceful athleticism and a sunny disposition, the alluring socialite fondly known as Kick was a firecracker who effortlessly made friends and stole hearts. Paula Byrne recounts this remarkable young woman’s life in detail as never before.
Harper * 9780062296276

A KILLING IN AMISH COUNTRY: Sex, Betrayal, and a Cold-blooded Murder by Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris (True Crime)
At just 30 years old, Barbara Weaver had everything she'd ever wanted. But while she was happy to live as the Amish have for centuries, her husband, Eli, was tempted by technology. Online he called himself "Amish Stud" and found no shortage of "English" women looking for love and sex. Barb Raber was raised Amish, but is now a Conservative Mennonite. When Eli starts asking people to kill his wife for him, Barb offers to help. One night, just after Eli had hitched a ride with a group of men to go fishing in the hours before dawn, Barb Raber entered the Weaver house and shot Barbara Weaver in the chest at close range.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250067234

LISTEN TO ME by Hannah Pittard (Psychological Thriller)
Mark and Maggie's annual drive east to visit family has gotten off to a rocky start. By the time they're on the road, it's late, a storm is brewing, and they are no longer speaking to one another. Adding to the stress, Maggie --- recently mugged at gunpoint --- is lately not herself, and Mark is at a loss about what to make of the stranger he calls his wife. When they are forced to stop for the night at a remote inn, completely without power, Maggie's paranoia reaches an all-time and terrifying high. But when Mark finds himself threatened in a dark parking lot, it’s Maggie who takes control.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544714441

THE LONG, HOT SUMMER by Kathleen MacMahon (Fiction)
Determined to be different from other people, the MacEntees have carved out a place for themselves in Irish life by the sheer force of their personalities. There's Deirdre, the aged matriarch and former star of the stage. Her estranged writer husband, Manus, now lives with a younger man. Their daughter, Alma, is an unapologetically ambitious television presenter, while Acushla plays the part of the perfect political wife. And there's Macdara, the fragile and gentle soul of the family. But when a series of misfortunes befall the family over the course of one long, hot summer, even the MacEntees will struggle to make sense of who they are.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455511341

MAGIC by Danielle Steel (Fiction)
The White Dinner is a love poem to friendship, joy, elegance and the monuments of Paris. And each year it is an unforgettable summer night, especially for Jean-Philippe Dumas, a longtime participant, and the three couples he’s carefully selected to attend this exclusive and cherished event. Interweaving the stories of seven individuals, lives will be forever changed on the eve of one such White Dinner --- a night that will lead to new friendships, new love and, of course, magical possibilities.
Delacorte Press * 9780345531100

NIGHT OF THE ANIMALS by Bill Broun (Futuristic Fiction)
Over the course of a single night in 2052, a homeless man named Cuthbert Handley sets out on an astonishing quest: to release the animals of the London Zoo. When he was a young boy, Cuthbert’s grandmother had told him he inherited a magical ability to communicate with the animal world --- a gift she called the Wonderments. Ever since his older brother’s death in childhood, Cuthbert has heard voices. These maddening whispers must be the Wonderments, he believes, and recently they have promised to reunite him with his lost brother and bring about the coming of a Lord of Animals…if he fulfills this curious request.
Ecco * 9780062400796

NO GOOD TO CRY: A Rick Van Lam Mystery by Andrew Lanh (Mystery)
PI Rick Van Lam’s Vietnam-vet mentor and partner, Jimmy, and Jimmy’s old army pal, Ralph, are attacked as they walk down a city sidewalk. Ralph is killed, and Jimmy is struck by a car. While the battered Jimmy is under the care of Rick’s landlord and friend, Gracie, Rick finds himself in a quandary: He’s asked to clear the name of the two attackers named by the police. One is a boy named Simon Tran, known as Saigon; the other is Simon’s buddy, Frankie Croix. Working with Hank Nguyen, a young colleague who is now a state-cop-in-training, Rick tracks Simon to a Vietnamese gang in Little Saigon. How can he not strive to save Simon and Frankie, who refuse to be saved?
Poisoned Pen Press * 9781464206399

OUR SISTER REPUBLICS: The United States in an Age of American Revolution by Caitlin Fitz
In the early 19th century, the United States turned its idealistic gaze southward, imagining a legacy of revolution and republicanism it hoped would dominate the American hemisphere. Even as Latin Americans were gradually ending slavery, U.S. observers remained energized by the belief that their founding ideals were triumphing over European tyranny among their “sister republics.” But as slavery became a violently divisive issue at home, goodwill toward antislavery revolutionaries waned. By the nation’s 50th anniversary, republican efforts abroad had become a scaffold upon which many in the United States erected an ideology of white U.S. exceptionalism that would haunt the geopolitical landscape for generations.

Liveright * 9780871407351

THE RETURN: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between by Hisham Matar (Memoir)
When Hisham Matar was a 19-year-old university student in England, his father was kidnapped. One of the Qaddafi regime’s most prominent opponents in exile, he was held in a secret prison in Libya. Hisham would never see him again. But he never gave up hope that his father might still be alive. Twenty-two years later, after the fall of Qaddafi, the prison cells are empty and there is no sign of Jaballa Matar. Hisham returns with his mother and wife to the homeland he never thought he’d go back to again. THE RETURN is the story of what he found there.
Random House * 9780812994827

SOMEONE ALWAYS KNOWS: A Sharon McCone Mystery by Marcia Muller (Mystery)
Finally settled into their new home and fully established in their new shared offices, private investigator Sharon McCone and her business partner husband Hy are starting to feel comfortable. That calm is shattered thanks to the reappearance of Hy's former colleague, Gage Renshaw, a shady troublemaker who they had presumed dead. Meanwhile, Sharon has a new client with a desire to rid a derelict house he has just bought from intruders, drug users and thugs. However, the abandoned house holds its share of secrets, and soon Sharon is searching for the individual who is obsessed with destroying her life.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455527953

STORM OVER LEYTE: The Phillipine Invasion and the Destruction of the Japanese Navy by John Prados
As Allied ships prepared for the invasion of the Philippine island of Leyte, every available warship, submarine and airplane was placed on alert while Japanese admiral Kurita Takeo stalked Admiral William F. Halsey’s unwitting American armada. It was the beginning of the epic Battle of Leyte Gulf, the greatest naval battle in history. In STORM OVER LEYTE, acclaimed historian John Prados gives readers an unprecedented look at both sides of this titanic naval clash, demonstrating that, despite the Americans’ overwhelming superiority in firepower and supplies, the Japanese achieved their goal, inflicting grave damage on U.S. forces.
NAL * 9780451473615

TAG, YOU'RE DEAD by J. C. Lane (Thriller)
Six young people play a dangerous Game of Tag in public that offers a macabre twist to the childhood version: if you get Tagged, you get Dead. Three "Its" have their reasons for buying a place in the Game. Surgically enhanced Brandy is obsessed with destroying a naturally beautiful girl. Untalented Robert covets his target's position as superstar of the basketball team. Brainiac Charles craves a battle against an intellectual equal. Hand-picked innocents play as “Runners,” under threat to their loved ones should they refuse to participate: lovely, small-town Laura; celebrated athlete Tyrese; and Amanda, gamer extraordinaire. Alone and hunted by their adversary, each feels a single hope: to survive.
Poisoned Pen Press * 9781464206313

THE TRAP written by Melanie Raabe, translated by Imogen Taylor (Thriller)
For 11 years, bestselling author Linda Conrads has mystified fans by never setting foot outside her home. Haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister and the face of the man she saw fleeing the scene, Linda's hermit existence helps her cope with debilitating anxiety. But the sanctity of her oasis is shattered when she sees her sister's murderer on television. Hobbled by years of isolation, Linda resolves to use the plot of her next novel to lay an irresistible trap for the man. As the plan is set in motion and the past comes rushing back, Linda's memories --- and her very sanity --- are called into question.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455592920

UNDERGROUND AIRLINES by Ben H. Winters (Speculative Thriller)
A gifted young black man calling himself Victor has struck a bargain with federal law enforcement, working as a bounty hunter for the US Marshall Service. In this version of America, slavery continues in four states called "the Hard Four." On the trail of a runaway known as Jackdaw, Victor works to infiltrate the local cell of an abolitionist movement called the Underground Airlines. He believes himself to be a good man doing bad work, unwilling to give up the freedom he has worked so hard to earn. But in pursuing Jackdaw, Victor discovers secrets at the core of the country's arrangement with the Hard Four, secrets the government will preserve at any cost.
Mulholland Books * 9780316261241

WHEN TIGERS RULED THE SKY: The Flying Tigers: American Outlaw Pilots Over China in World War II by Bill Yenne
In 1940, Pearl Harbor had not yet happened, and America was not yet at war with Japan. But China had been trying to stave off Japanese aggression for three years --- and was desperate for aircraft and trained combat pilots. General Chiang Kai-shek sent military aviation advisor Claire Chennault to Washington, where President Roosevelt was sympathetic, but knew he could not intervene overtly. Instead, he quietly helped Chennault put together a group of American volunteer pilots. This was how the 1st American Volunteer Group --- more commonly known as the Flying Tigers --- was born.
Berkley * 9780425274194
On Sale the Week of July 4th in Paperback

July 5th

ABOVE THE WATERFALL by Ron Rash (Fiction)
Les, a long-time sheriff just three weeks from retirement, contends with the ravages of crystal meth and his own duplicity in his small Appalachian town. Becky, a park ranger with a harrowing past, finds solace amid the lyrical beauty of this patch of North Carolina. When an irascible elderly local is accused of poisoning a trout stream, Les and Becky are plunged into deep and dangerous waters, forced to navigate currents of disillusionment and betrayal that will force them to question themselves, test their tentative bond --- and threaten to carry them over the edge.
Ecco * 9780062349323

AFTER ALICE by Gregory Maguire (Fantasy)
Ada, a friend of Alice’s mentioned briefly in ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, is off to visit her friend, but arrives a moment too late --- and tumbles down the rabbit hole herself. Ada brings to Wonderland her own imperfect apprehension of cause and effect as she embarks on an odyssey to find Alice and see her safely home from this surreal world below the world. If Eurydice can ever be returned to the arms of Orpheus, or Lazarus can be raised from the tomb, perhaps Alice can be returned to life.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780060859749

AND WEST IS WEST by Ron Childress (Fiction)
Jessica, a young Air Force drone pilot in Nevada, is tasked with launching a missile against a suspected terrorist halfway across the world. Ethan, a young Wall Street quant, is involved in a more bloodless connection to war when he develops an algorithm that enables his company’s clients to profit by exploiting the international financial instability caused by exactly this kind of antiterrorist strike. These two are only minor players, but their actions have global implications that tear lives apart --- including their own.
Algonquin Books * 9781616206109

A BANQUET OF CONSEQUENCES: A Lynley Novel by Elizabeth George (Mystery)
As Inspector Thomas Lynley investigates the London angle of an ever more darkly disturbing case, his partner, Barbara Havers, is looking behind the peaceful façade of country life to discover a twisted world of desire and deceit. The suicide of William Goldacre is devastating to those left behind who will have to deal with its unintended consequences. Could there be a link between the young man’s leap from a Dorset cliff and a horrific poisoning in Cambridge?
Penguin Books * 9780451467850

CARRYING ALBERT HOME: The Somewhat True Story of a Man, His Wife, and Her Alligator by Homer Hickam (Historical Fiction)
When Homer Hickam (the father of the author) asked for Elsie Lavender’s hand, Elsie instead chose a dancing actor named Buddy Ebsen. But ultimately her dreams of a life with him were crushed, and she married Homer. She was reminded of her carefree days with Buddy every day because of his unusual wedding gift: an alligator named Albert she raised in the bathroom. When Albert scared Homer by grabbing his pants, he gave Elsie an ultimatum: “Me or that alligator!” After giving it some thought, Elsie concluded there was only one thing to do: Carry Albert home.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062325907

THE CINDER SPIRES: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher (Steampunk Fantasy/Adventure)
Since time immemorial, the Spires have sheltered humanity, towering for miles over the mist-shrouded surface of the world. Captain Grimm commands the merchant ship Predator. Fiercely loyal to Spire Albion, he has taken their side in the cold war with Spire Aurora, disrupting the enemy’s shipping lines by attacking their cargo vessels. But when the Predator is severely damaged in combat, Grimm is offered a proposition from the Spirearch of Albion --- to join a team of agents on a vital mission in exchange for fully restoring Predator to its fighting glory.
Roc * 9780451466815

CROOKED HEART by Lissa Evans (Historical Fiction)
When 10-year-old Noel Bostock is evacuated from London to escape the Nazi bombardment, he lands in a suburb northwest of the city with Vera Sedge --- a 36-year-old widow drowning in debts and dependents. Noel is mourning his godmother Mattie, a former suffragette. He has little in common with other children and even less with the impulsive Vee, who hurtles from one self-made crisis to the next. The war has provided unprecedented opportunities for making money, but what Vee needs --- and what she’s never had --- is a cool head and the ability to make a plan.
Harper Perennial * 9780062364845

ENCHANTED AUGUST by Brenda Bowen (Fiction)
Lottie Wilkinson, Rose Arbuthnot, Caroline Dester and Beverly Fisher each decide to take a break from their current lives to spend time at Hopewell Cottage, an old, pretty cottage on a small island. When they arrive, they are transformed by the salt air, the breathtaking views, and the long, lazy days. Gradually, the ladies begin to open up: to one another and to the possibilities of lives quite different from the ones they’ve been leading. Change can’t be that hard, can it?
Penguin Books * 9780143108078

THE FISHERMEN by Chigozie Obioma (Fiction)
Told by nine-year-old Benjamin, the youngest of four brothers, THE FISHERMEN is the Cain and Abel-esque story of a childhood in Nigeria. When their father has to travel to a distant city for work, the brothers take advantage of his absence to skip school and go fishing. At the forbidden nearby river, they meet a madman who persuades the oldest of the boys that he is destined to be killed by one of his siblings. What happens next is an almost mythic event whose impact --- both tragic and redemptive --- will transcend the lives and imaginations of the book's characters and readers.
Back Bay Books * 9780316338356

THE GIRL WHO SLEPT WITH GOD by Val Brelinski (Fiction)
THE GIRL WHO SLEPT WITH GOD introduces readers to three sisters: young Frances, gregarious and strong-willed Jory, and moral-minded Grace. Their father, Oren, is a respected member of the community and science professor at the local college. Yet their mother’s depression and Grace’s religious fervor threaten the seemingly perfect family, whose world is upended when Grace returns from a missionary trip to Mexico and discovers she’s pregnant with --- she believes --- the child of God.
Penguin Books * 9780143109433

THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU by A.J. Rich (Psychological Thriller)
Morgan Prager, who is completing her thesis on victim psychology, is newly engaged to Bennett, a seductive but possessive and secretive man. She returns from class one day to find Bennett mauled to death and her dogs covered in blood. When Morgan tries to locate Bennett’s parents to tell them about their son’s hideous death, she discovers he was not the man he said he was. Suddenly Morgan’s research into Bennett takes on the urgency of survival: to stay alive, she must find out who is killing the women to whom Bennett was closest.
Scribner * 9781476774596

HOST by Robin Cook (Medical Thriller)
When her otherwise healthy boyfriend, Carl, enters the hospital for routine surgery, Lynn’s neatly ordered life is thrown into total chaos. Carl fails to return to consciousness after the procedure, and an MRI confirms brain death. Devastated by Carl’s condition, Lynn searches for answers. Convinced there’s more to the story than what the authorities are willing to reveal, Lynn uses all her resources at Mason-Dixon to hunt down evidence of medical error or malpractice. What she uncovers, however, is far more disturbing.
G.P. Putnam’s Sons * 9780425279687

THE JAPANESE LOVER by Isabel Allende (Historical Fiction)
In 1939, as Poland falls under the shadow of the Nazis, young Alma Belasco’s parents send her away to live in safety with an aunt and uncle in their opulent mansion in San Francisco. There, as the rest of the world goes to war, she encounters Ichimei Fukuda, the quiet and gentle son of the family’s Japanese gardener. Unnoticed by those around them, a tender love affair begins to blossom. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the two are cruelly pulled apart as Ichimei and his family are declared enemies and forcibly relocated to internment camps run by the United States government.
Atria Books * 9781501116995

THE LAST SEPTEMBER by Nina de Gramont (Psychological Thriller)
Brett had been in love with Charlie from the day she laid eyes on him in college. When Charlie is found murdered, Brett is devastated. But if she is honest with herself, their marriage had been hanging by a thread for quite some time. Though all clues point to Charlie’s brother Eli, who’s been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years, any number of people might have been driven to slit the throat of Charlie Moss --- a handsome, charismatic man who unwittingly damaged almost every life he touched. Brett is determined to understand how such a tragedy could have happened --- and if she was somehow complicit.
Algonquin Books * 9781616206093

LAST WORDS by Michael Koryta (Thriller)
Still mourning the death of his wife, private investigator Mark Novak accepts a case that may be his undoing. On the same day his wife died, the body of a teenage girl was pulled from the extensive and perilous cave system beneath Southern Indiana. Now the man who rescued the girl, who was believed to be her killer, begs Novak to uncover what really happened. Garrison is much like any place in America, proud and fortified against outsiders. For Mark to delve beneath the town's surface, he must match wits with the man who knows the caverns better than anyone. A man who seems to have lost his mind. A man who seems to know Mark Novak all too well.
Back Bay Books * 9780316122689

THE MEMORY PAINTER by Gwendolyn Womack (Thriller)
Bryan Pierce is an internationally famous artist; each one of his canvases is inspired by an unusually vivid dream. When Bryan awakes, he possesses extraordinary new skills. All his life, he has wondered if his dreams are recollections. Linz Jacobs is a neurogeneticist who is confronted with an exact rendering of a recurring nightmare at one of Bryan's shows. She tracks down the elusive artist, and their meeting triggers Bryan's most powerful dream yet: visions of a team of scientists who, on the verge of discovering a cure for Alzheimer's, died in a lab explosion decades ago.
Picador * 9781250095770

NEMESIS: An FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter (Thriller)
In New York, Special Agent Lacey Sherlock foils a terrorist attack at JFK Airport, but stopping the grenade-carrying crazy was only the beginning. Another plot unfolds nearly simultaneously with a bomb at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Meanwhile, Savich --- with the help of Agent Griffin Hammersmith --- has his hands full trying to track an elusive murderer who is able to control those under his thrall. When an attempt on Savich’s life collides with Sherlock’s terrorist case, they must race against the clock, as more lives are in danger with every passing minute.
Jove * 9780515155686

A PARIS AFFAIR by Tatiana de Rosnay (Romance/Short Stories)
What takes place in Paris when husbands and wives tangle with infidelity? In this compulsively readable collection, Tatiana de Rosnay paints a portrait of forbidden loves in many shades --- sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt, always with a dry wit and unflinching authenticity. A PARIS AFFAIR will take you on a vacation overseas, into the hidden lives of husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, where illicit desire wars with duty, and where a French take on romance will surprise you every time.
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250093875

SILVER LININGS: A Rose Harbor Novel by Debbie Macomber (Romance)
Jo Marie Rose and her handyman, Mark Taylor, are good friends --- and are becoming something more --- yet he still won’t reveal anything about his past. When Mark tells her that he’s moving out of town, Jo Marie is baffled. As she discovers the secret behind his decision to leave, she welcomes two visitors also seeking their own answers. Best friends Kellie Crenshaw and Katie Gilroy have returned to Cedar Cove for their 10-year high school reunion, looking to face down old hurts and find a sense of closure.
Ballantine Books * 9780553391824

A SONG OF SHADOWS: A Charlie Parker Thriller by John Connolly (Thriller)
Still recovering from his life-threatening wounds, private detective Charlie Parker has retreated to the small Maine town of Boreas to regain his strength. There he befriends a widow named Ruth Winter and her young daughter, Amanda. But Ruth has her secrets. Old atrocities are about to be unearthed, and old sinners will kill to hide their sins. Now Parker is about to risk his life to defend a woman he barely knows, one who fears him almost as much as she fears those who are coming for her.
Atria/Emily Bestler Books * 9781501118302

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Maine Stories by Ann Beattie (Fiction/Short Stories)
Many of these stories are set in Maine, but THE STATE WE'RE IN is about more than geographical location. Some characters have arrived in Maine by accident, others are trying to escape. Ann Beattie's collection is woven around Jocelyn, a wry, disaffected teenager living with her aunt and uncle while attending summer school. As in life, the narratives of other characters interrupt Jocelyn’s --- sometimes challenging, sometimes embellishing her view.
Scribner * 9781501111372

VENDETTA: Bobby Kennedy Versus Jimmy Hoffa by James Neff (History/Politics)
From 1957 to 1964, Robert Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa channeled nearly all of their considerable powers into destroying each other. Kennedy's battle with Hoffa burst into the public consciousness with the 1957 Senate Rackets Committee hearings and intensified when his brother named him attorney general in 1961. RFK put together a "Get Hoffa" squad within the Justice Department, devoted to destroying one man. But Hoffa, with nearly unlimited Teamster funds, was not about to roll over.
Back Bay Books * 9780316067423

THE WAR AT HOME: A Wife's Search for Peace (and Other Missions Impossible): A Memoir by Rachel Starnes (Memoir)
Paperback Original
When she fell in love with her brother’s best friend, Rachel Starnes had no idea she was about to repeat a painful family pattern --- marrying a man who leaves regularly and for long stretches to work a dangerous job far from home. Through constant relocations, separations and the crippling doubts of early parenthood, Starnes weaves together strands from her past with the relentless pace of Navy life in a time of war. She evokes the challenges she faces in trying to find and claim a sense of home while struggling to chart a new path and avoid passing on the same legacy to her two young sons.
Penguin Books * 9780143108665

A WINDOW OPENS by Elisabeth Egan (Fiction)
Alice Pearse is a mostly happily married mother of three, an attentive daughter, an ambivalent dog-owner, a part-time editor, a loyal neighbor and a Zen commuter. When her husband makes a radical career change, Alice is ready to lean in --- and she knows exactly how lucky she is to land a job at Scroll, a hip young start-up that promises to be the future of reading. She is proud of her new “balancing act” until her dad gets sick, her marriage flounders, her babysitter gets fed up, her kids start to grow up, and her work takes an unexpected turn.
Simon & Schuster * 9781501105456
On Sale the Week of July 11th in Hardcover

July 12th

ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN by Wendy Walker (Psychological Thriller)
In the small, affluent town of Fairview, Connecticut, everything seems picture perfect. Until one night when young Jenny Kramer is attacked at a local party. In the hours immediately after, she is given a controversial drug to medically erase her memory of the violent assault. But in the weeks and months that follow, as she heals from her physical wounds, and with no factual recall of the attack, Jenny struggles with her raging emotional memory. As they seek help for their daughter, the fault lines within Tom and Charlotte's marriage and their close-knit community emerge from the shadows where they have been hidden for years.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250097910

AMONG THE WICKED: A Kate Burkholder Novel by Linda Castillo (Mystery/Thriller)
Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called upon by the sheriff's department in rural, upstate New York to assist on a developing situation that involves a reclusive Amish settlement and the death of a young girl. Unable to penetrate the wall of silence between the Amish and "English" communities, the sheriff asks Kate to travel to New York, pose as an Amish woman and infiltrate the community. In the coming days, she will unearth a world built on secrets, a series of shocking crimes, and herself, alone...trapped in a fight for her life.
Minotaur Books * 9781250061577

by Shane Kuhn
Haunted by the memory of his sister’s death on 9/11, Kennedy --- a private airport security contractor --- takes his job and the protection of the American people very seriously. So when he’s kidnapped and recruited into a CIA ghost operation known as Red Carpet, he jumps at the opportunity to become a civilian asset working with a team of some of the CIA's best counterterrorism analysts and spec ops soldiers as they race against the clock to stop the greatest terrorist threat the United States will ever face.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476796215

BABY DOLL by Hollie Overton (Psychological Thriller)
Escape was just the beginning. Held captive for eight years, Lily has grown from a teenager to an adult in a small basement prison. Her daughter, Sky, has been a captive her whole life. But one day their captor leaves the deadbolt unlocked. This is what happens next: to Lily, to her twin sister, to her mother, to her daughter --- and to her captor.
Redhook * 9780316268714

by Daniel Silva (Thriller/Adventure)
Art restorer, spy and assassin Gabriel Allon is poised to become the chief of Israel’s secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation. ISIS has detonated a massive bomb in the Marais district of Paris, and a desperate French government wants Gabriel to eliminate the man responsible before he can strike again.
Harper * 9780062320223

CHAMPION OF THE WORLD by Chad Dundas (Historical Fiction)
Disgraced former lightweight champion Pepper Van Dean has spent the past two years on the carnival circuit performing the dangerous “hangman’s drop” and taking on all comers in nightly challenge bouts. But when he and his cardsharp wife, Moira, are marooned in the wilds of Oregon, Pepper accepts an offer to return to the world of wrestling as a trainer for Garfield Taft, a down-and-out African American heavyweight contender in search of a comeback and a shot at the world title. At the training camp in rural Montana, Pepper and Moira soon realize that nothing is what it seems.
G. P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399176081

CHANCE DEVELOPMENTS: Stories by Alexander McCall Smith (Fiction/Short Stories)
Inspired by vintage photographs, the five lyrical stories in CHANCE DEVELOPMENTS capture the surprising intersections of love and friendship that alter life's journeys. Charming and poignant, they are a testament to the power of human connection, and brim with a grace and humor that could come only from the pen of Alexander McCall Smith.
Pantheon * 9781101871256

CLEAR TO LIFT by Anne A. Wilson (Fiction/Adventure)
Navy helicopter pilot Lt. Alison Malone has been assigned to a search and rescue team based at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, near the rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada, and far from her former elite H-60 squadron. Alison's defenses start to slip when she meets mountain guide Will Cavanaugh during a particularly dicey mission. Will introduces her to a wild, beautiful world of adventure that she has never known before. Stranded on a mountain during a sudden dangerous blizzard, Alison questions every truth she thought she knew about herself. When Will braves the storm to save her life, she must confront the fact that she has been living a lie. But is it too late to change course?
Forge Books * 9780765378514

by Lili Wright (Thriller)
When 30-year-old Anna Ramsey learns that a meth-addicted looter has dug up what might be the funerary mask of Montezuma, she books the next flight to Oaxaca. Determined to redeem her father, a discredited art collector, and to one-up her unfaithful fiancé, a museum curator, Anna hurls herself headlong into Mexico’s underground art world. But others are chasing the treasure as well, and she soon realizes that everyone is masked --- some literally, others metaphorically.
A Marian Wood Book/Putnam * 9780399175176

DAUGHTERS OF THE BRIDE by Susan Mallery (Romance)
As the awkward one, Courtney Watson may not be as together as her sisters, but she excels at one thing: keeping secrets, including her white-hot affair with a sexy music producer. Planning Mom's wedding exposes her startling hidden life, changing her family's view of her forever. When Sienna's boyfriend proposes in front of her mom and sisters, he takes her by surprise. Should she say "I do" even if she's not sure she does? Rachel thought love would last forever…right up until her divorce. As Mom's wedding day draws near and her ex begs for a second chance, she's forced to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths about why her marriage failed and decide if she'll let pride stand in the way of her own happily-ever-after.
HQN Books * 9780373789719

THE DEVOURERS by Indra Das (Dark Fantasy)
College professor Alok encounters a mysterious stranger with a bizarre confession and an extraordinary story. Tantalized by the man’s unfinished tale, Alok will do anything to hear its completion. So he agrees, at the stranger’s behest, to transcribe a collection of battered notebooks, weathered parchments and once-living skins. From these documents spills the chronicle of a race of people at once more than human yet kin to beasts, ruled by instincts and desires blood-deep and ages-old. With every passing chapter of beauty and brutality, Alok’s interest in the stranger grows and evolves into something darker and more urgent.
Del Rey * 9781101967515

DR. KNOX by Peter Spiegelman (Thriller)
Adam Knox runs a clinic near Los Angeles’s Skid Row, making ends meet by making house calls on those too famous or too criminal to seek other medical care. When a young boy is abandoned at his clinic, Knox is determined to find the boy’s family and save him from the not-so-tender mercies of the child welfare bureaucracy. But Knox’s search for the volatile woman who may or may not be the boy’s mother leads him and his friend, a former Special Forces operator, into a labyrinth of human traffickers, Russian mobsters and corporate security thugs; and squarely into the sights of a powerful, secretive and utterly ruthless family that threatens to destroy Dr. Knox and everything --- and everyone --- he holds dear.
Knopf * 9780307961273

EVERYTHING I DON'T REMEMBER by Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Mystery)
A young man named Samuel dies in a horrible car crash. Was it an accident, or was it suicide? To answer that question, an unnamed writer with an agenda of his own sets out to map Samuel’s last day alive. Through conversations with friends, relatives and neighbors, a portrait of Samuel emerges: the loving grandchild, the reluctant bureaucrat, the loyal friend, the contrived poseur. The young man who did everything for his girlfriend, Laide, and shared everything with his best friend, Vandad. Until he lost touch with them both.
Atria Books * 9781501138027

THE GRAVEYARD OF THE HESPERIDES: A Flavia Albia Novel by Lindsey Davis
(Historical Mystery)
In first-century Rome, Flavia Albia, the daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, has taken up her father's former profession as an informer. Her beloved, the plebeian Manlius Faustus, has recently moved in and decided that they should get married in a big, showy ceremony as part of beginning a proper domestic life together. Also, his contracting firm has been renovating a rundown dive bar called The Garden of the Hesperides, only to uncover human remains buried in the backyard. In the choice between planning a wedding and looking into a crime from long ago, Albia would much rather investigate a possible murder. Or murders, as more and more remains are uncovered, revealing that something truly horrible has been going on at the Hesperides.
Minotaur Books * 9781250078902

THE HEAVENLY TABLE by Donald Ray Pollock (Historical Thriller)
It is 1917, in that sliver of border land that divides Georgia from Alabama. Dispossessed farmer Pearl Jewett ekes out a hardscrabble existence with his three young sons: Cane, Cob and Chimney. Several hundred miles away in southern Ohio, a farmer by the name of Ellsworth Fiddler lives with his son, Eddie, and his wife, Eula. After Ellsworth is swindled out of his family's entire fortune, his life is put on a surprising, unforgettable and violent trajectory that will directly lead him to cross paths with the Jewetts. No good can come of it. Or can it?
Doubleday * 9780385541299

I'VE GOT SAND IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella (Humor/Essays)
Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella are back with another collection of warm and witty stories that will strike a chord with every woman. This six-book series is among the best reviewed humor books published today and has been compared to the late greats Erma Bombeck and Nora Ephron. This seventh volume will not disappoint as it hits the humorous and poignant note that fans have come to expect from the beloved mother-daughter duo.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250059956

THE INNOCENTS: A Quinn Colson Novel by Ace Atkins (Thriller)
When a former high school cheerleader is found walking a back road completely engulfed in flames, the entire state of Mississippi focuses on Tibbehah county, wanting answers. The light soon shines on several people: the girl’s father, a worthless drunk; a pair of teenage thugs with grand ambitions to control north Mississippi; and a red-headed truck stop madam who has her own problems. As Quinn Colson and acting Sheriff Lillie Virgil uncover old secrets and new lies, the entire town turns against them, and they learn that the most dangerous enemies may be the ones you trust most.
G. P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399173950

THE KINGDOM written by Fuminori Nakamura, translated by Kalau Almony (Thriller)
Yurika is a freelancer in the Tokyo underworld. She poses as a prostitute, carefully targeting potential johns, selecting powerful and high-profile men. When she is alone with them, she drugs them and takes incriminating photos to sell for blackmail purposes. She operates alone and lives a private, solitary life, doing her best to lock away painful memories. But when a figure from Yurika’s past resurfaces, she realizes there is someone out there who knows all her secrets. There are whispers of a crime lord named Kizaki, and Yurika finds herself trapped in a game of cat and mouse.
Soho Crime * 9781616955922

THE LAST ONE by Alexandra Oliva (Psychological Thriller)
Twelve contestants on a reality TV show are sent into the woods to face challenges that will test the limits of their endurance. While they are out there, something terrible happens. But how widespread is the destruction, and has it occurred naturally or is it man-made? When one of the contestants stumbles across the devastation, she can imagine only that it is part of the game. But as her emotional and physical reserves dwindle, she grasps that the real world might have been altered in terrifying ways --- and her ability to parse the charade will be either her triumph or her undoing.
Ballantine Books * 9781101965085

THE LIGHT OF PARIS by Eleanor Brown (Fiction)
Madeleine is trapped in an unhappy marriage and a life she never wanted. When she finds a diary detailing her grandmother Margie’s bold, romantic trip to Jazz Age Paris, she meets the grandmother she never knew. Despite her unhappiness, when Madeleine’s marriage is threatened, she stays with her critical, disapproving mother. In that unlikely place, shaken by the revelation of a long-hidden family secret and inspired by her grandmother’s bravery, Madeleine creates her own Parisian summer. Margie and Madeleine’s stories intertwine to explore the joys and risks of living life on our own terms, defying the rules that hold us back from our dreams, and becoming the people we are meant to be.
G. P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399158919

LOST ALONG THE WAY by Erin Duffy (Fiction)
All through childhood and adolescence, Jane, Cara and Meg swore that their friendship would stand the test of time. But once they hit their 20s, life got more complicated and the BFFs began to grow distant. When Jane eloped with her slick, wealthy new boyfriend and didn’t invite her oldest friends to the ceremony, the small cracks and fissures in their once rock-solid relationship became a chasm that tore them apart. Ten years later, when her husband is arrested and publicly shamed for defrauding his clients, Jane comes crawling back to her childhood friends seeking forgiveness. But Cara and Meg have troubles of their own.
William Morrow * 9780062405890

MISS JANE by Brad Watson (Historical Fiction)
Inspired by the true story of his own great-aunt, Brad Watson explores the life of Miss Jane Chisolm, born in rural, early-20th-century Mississippi with a genital birth defect that would stand in the way of the central “uses” for a woman in that time and place --- namely, sex and marriage. From the country doctor who adopts Jane to the hard tactile labor of farm life, from the highly erotic world of nature around her to the boy who loved but was forced to leave her, the world of Miss Jane Chisolm is anything but barren. Free to satisfy only herself, she mesmerizes those around her, exerting an unearthly fascination that lives beyond her still.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393241730

A MOST CURIOUS MURDER: A Little Library Mystery by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli (Mystery)
Jenny Weston moves home to Bear Falls, Michigan to nurse her bruised ego back to health after a bitter divorce. But the idyllic vision of her charming hometown crumbles when her mother’s little library is destroyed. The next door neighbor, Zoe Zola, suspects local curmudgeon Adam Cane. But when he’s suddenly found dead in Zoe’s fairy garden, all roads lead back to her. Jenny, however, believes Zoe innocent, so the two women team up to find the true culprit, investigating the richest family in Bear Falls, interrogating a few odd townspeople, and delving into old, hidden transgressions --- until another body turns up.
Crooked Lane Books * 9781629536064

NINE WOMEN, ONE DRESS by Jane L. Rosen (Romantic Comedy)
Natalie is a Bloomingdale's salesgirl mooning over her lawyer ex-boyfriend, who is engaged to someone else after just two months. Felicia has been quietly in love with her boss for 17 years and has one night to finally make the feeling mutual. Andie is a private detective who specializes in gathering evidence on cheating husbands --- a skill she unfortunately learned from her own life --- and lands a case that may restore her faith in true love. For these three women, as well as half a dozen others, everything is about to change, thanks to the dress of the season: the perfect little black number everyone wants to get their hands on.
Doubleday * 9780385541404

After succeeding in her quest to help her unconventional mother find a new "man at the helm," 15-year-old Lizzie Vogel simply wants to be a normal teenager. Just when it looks as if things have settled down, her mother goes and has another baby. On top of that, Lizzie's best friend has deserted her for the punk craze, which Lizzie finds too exhausting to commit to herself. But Lizzie soon gets more commitment than she bargained for when she takes a job as a junior nurse at Paradise Lodge, a ramshackle refuge for the elderly that has seen better days. When Paradise Lodge faces a crisis in the form of a rival nursing home, Lizzie must find a way to save her job before she loses the only place she's ever felt she belongs.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316309318

POND by Claire-Louise Bennett (Fiction)
Claire-Louise Bennett’s debut captures the interior reality of its unnamed protagonist, a young woman living a singular and mostly solitary existence on the outskirts of a small coastal village. Sidestepping the usual conventions of narrative, the novel focuses on the details of a young woman’s daily experience --- rendered sometimes in story-length, story-like stretches of narrative, sometimes in fragments no longer than a page, but always suffused with the hypersaturated, almost synesthetic intensity of the physical world that we remember from childhood.
Riverhead Books * 9780399575891

THE REAL PETER PAN: J. M. Barrie and the Boy Who Inspired Him by Piers Dudgeon
After meeting the Llewelyn Davies family in London's Kensington Garden, J.M. Barrie struck up an intense friendship with the children and their parents. The innocence of Michael, the fourth of five brothers, went on to influence the creation of Barrie's most famous character, Peter Pan. Barrie was so close to the family that he became trustee and guardian to the boys following the deaths of their parents. Although the relationship between the boys and Barrie was enduring, it was punctuated by the fiercest of tragedies. Throughout the heart-rending saga of Barrie's involvement with the Llewelyn Davies brothers, it is the figure of Michael --- the most original and inspirational of their number, and yet also the one whose fate is most pitiable --- that stands out.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250087799

THE SINGLES GAME by Lauren Weisberger (Fiction)
When America’s sweetheart, Charlotte “Charlie” Silver, makes a pact with the devil --- the infamously brutal tennis coach Todd Feltner --- she finds herself catapulted into a world of celebrity stylists, private parties, charity matches aboard mega-yachts, and secret dates with Hollywood royalty. Under Todd’s new ruthless regime, Charlie the good girl is out. Todd wants “Warrior Princess” Charlie all the way. Celebrity mags and gossip blogs go wild for Charlie as she jets around the globe chasing Grand Slam titles and Page Six headlines. But as the Warrior Princess’s star rises on and off the court, it comes at a cost.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476778211

SIRACUSA by Delia Ephron (Fiction)
New Yorkers Michael, a famous writer, and Lizzie, a journalist, travel to Italy with their friends from Maine --- Finn; his wife, Taylor; and their daughter, Snow. “From the beginning,” says Taylor, “it was a conspiracy for Lizzie and Finn to be together.” Told Rashomon-style in alternating points of view, the characters expose and stumble upon lies and infidelities past and present. Snow, 10 years old and precociously drawn into a far more adult drama, becomes the catalyst for catastrophe as the novel explores collusion and betrayal in marriage.
Blue Rider Press * 9780399165214

by Taylor Larsen (Fiction)
When Michael sees his wife Nancy chatting with a stranger at a party, his intuition tells him that he’s watching her with the man she should have married. He quickly begins a campaign to replace himself within his own family with this other man --- who, to him, is worthier, better and kinder --- all so that Nancy and their two children can live the lives they deserve. While Michael pursues this man’s friendship, their daughter Ryan goes through a period of sexual awakening and rebellion, and the quiet, weak Nancy becomes increasingly befuddled and frustrated by the behaviors of her husband and daughter.
Gallery Books * 9781501124754

TONG WARS: The Untold Story of Vice, Money, and Murder in New York's Chinatown by Scott D. Seligman
(True Crime/History)
TONG WARS is historical true crime set against the perfect landscape: Tammany-era New York City. Representatives of rival tongs (secret societies) corner the various markets of sin using admirably creative strategies. The city government was already corrupt from top to bottom, so once one tong began taxing the gambling dens and paying off the authorities, a rival, jealously eyeing its lucrative franchise, co-opted a local reformist group to help eliminate it. Pretty soon Chinese were slaughtering one another in the streets, inaugurating a succession of wars that raged for the next 30 years.

Viking * 9780399562273

TRYING TO FLOAT: Coming of Age in the Chelsea Hotel by Nicolaia Rips (Memoir)
New York’s Chelsea Hotel may no longer be home to its most famous denizens, but the eccentric spirit of the Chelsea is alive and well. Meet the family Rips: father Michael, a lawyer turned writer with a penchant for fine tailoring; mother Sheila, a former model and renowned artist who matches her welding outfits with couture; and daughter Nicolaia, a precocious high school junior at work on a record of her peculiar 17 years. Nicolaia is a perpetual outsider who has struggled to find her place in public schools populated by cliquish girls and loudmouthed boys. But at the Chelsea, Nicolaia need not look far to find her tribe.
Scribner * 9781501132988

VITA BREVIS: A Gaius Ruso Mystery
by Ruth Downie (Historical Mystery)
Ruso and Tilla's excitement at arriving in Rome with their new baby daughter is soon dulled by their discovery that the grand facades of polished marble mask an underworld of corrupt landlords and vermin-infested tenements. Ruso thinks he has been offered a reputable medical practice only to find that his predecessor has fled, leaving a dead man in a barrel on the doorstep and the warning, “Be careful who you trust.” Distracted by the body and his efforts to help a friend win the hand of a rich young heiress, Ruso makes a grave mistake, causing him to question both his competence and his integrity.
Bloomsbury USA * 9781620409589

WEAR AND TEAR: The Threads of My Life by Tracy Tynan
Tracy Peacock Tynan grew up in London in the 1950s and '60s, privy to her parents’ glamorous parties and famous friends. When Tracy started writing about her life, she found that clothing was the focus of many of her stories. She recalls her father’s dandy attire and her mother’s Pucci dresses, as well as her parents’ rancorous marriage and divorce, her father’s prodigious talents and celebrity lifestyle, and her mother’s lifelong struggle with addiction. Relationships, marriage, children, stepchildren, blended families, her parent’s decline and deaths, and her work as a costume designer are all recounted with the special joy that can only come from finding the perfect outfit.

Scribner * 9781501123689

YOU'LL GROW OUT OF IT by Jessi Klein (Humor/Essays)
In YOU'LL GROW OUT OF IT, comedian Jessi Klein offers a relentlessly funny yet poignant take on a variety of topics she has experienced along her strange journey to womanhood and beyond. These include her "transformation from Pippi Longstocking-esque tomboy to are-you-a-lesbian-or-what tom man," attempting to find watchable porn, and identifying the difference between being called "ma'am" and "miss."
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455531189
On Sale the Week of July 11th in Paperback

July 12th

ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD by Caroline Angell (Fiction)
Paperback Original
Charlotte, a gifted and superbly trained young musician, has been blindsided by a shocking betrayal in her promising career when she takes a babysitting job with the McLeans, a glamorous Upper East Side Manhattan family. When an unthinkable tragedy leaves the McLeans bereft, Charlotte is not the only one who realizes that she's the key to holding little George and Matty's world together. Suddenly, in addition to life's usual puzzles, such as sorting out which suitor is her best match, she finds herself with an impossible choice between her lifelong dreams and the torn-apart family she's come to love.
Holt Paperbacks * 9781627794015

THE BANGKOK ASSET: A Royal Thai Detective Novel by John Burdett (Hard-boiled Mystery)
Royal Thai Police Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep is called to investigate a crime scene in Bangkok, which quickly reveals itself to be anything but typical. The victim has been beheaded in a bizarre manner, and a message was left in blood. Then Sonchai is summoned to a river in the middle of the night to observe a spectacle that violates everything he holds dear as a Thai, as a Buddhist, and as a human being. Sonchai’s search for answers takes him deep into the Cambodian jungle, where he faces a conspiracy that may implicate the American CIA and the Chinese military --- and discovers exactly how far a government will go to protect its worst secrets.
Vintage Crime/Black Lizard * 9780307474308

A CURIOUS BEGINNING: A Veronica Speedwell Mystery by Deanna Raybourn (Historical Mystery)
After burying her spinster aunt, orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inquiry and intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. But fate has other plans when she thwarts her own attempted abduction with the help of an enigmatic German baron, who offers her sanctuary in the care of his friend Stoker, a reclusive and bad-tempered natural historian. But before the baron can reveal what he knows of the plot against her, he is found murdered --- leaving Veronica and Stoker on the run from an elusive assailant as wary partners in search of the villainous truth.
Berkley * 9780451476029

DARK ROAD HOME by Anna Carlisle (Psychological Thriller/Mystery)
Paperback Original
Gin Sullivan is living in Chicago and working as a medical examiner when she is informed that a body has been found in the woods outside her small hometown. It could be her sister, who went missing almost 20 years ago. To find an answer to the question of what happened to her sister that fateful summer, Gin makes the difficult decision to use her talents as a medical examiner to help the police investigation. But as Gin gets deeper into the case, she uncovers a shocking truth that could change everything --- if it doesn’t destroy what’s left of her and her family first.
Crooked Lane Books * 9781629536361

DAUGHTER OF THE HOUSE by Rosie Thomas (Historical Fiction)
Nancy Wix, daughter of the stage impresarios Eliza and Devil, must find a way to keep London’s Palmyra theatre afloat, and to entertain audiences who have lost husbands and sons in the first World War. Nancy is a born performer, but she is set apart --- even from her beloved brothers --- by her psychic gifts. As another war begins to threaten the world, Nancy is forced into a final, fateful confrontation with her demons, and must marshal both her ingenuity and her mysterious talents to fight for the survival of friendship, independence and family.
The Overlook Press * 9781468313079

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins (Psychological Thriller)
Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Their life --- as she sees it --- is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost. And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything has changed.
Riverhead Books * 9781594634024

GREEN HELL: A Jack Taylor Novel by Ken Bruen (Mystery/Thriller)
Ex-cop Jack Taylor has hit rock bottom again. One of his best friends is dead, the other has stopped speaking to him; he has given up battling his addiction to alcohol and pills; and his firing from the Irish national police, the Guards, is ancient history. But Jack isn’t about to embark on a self-improvement plan. Instead, he has taken up a vigilante case against a respected professor of literature at the University of Galway who has a violent habit his friends in high places are only too happy to ignore.
Mysterious Press * 9780802125071

HOUSEBROKEN: Admissions of an Untidy Life by Laurie Notaro (Humor/Essays)
Paperback Original
Laurie Notaro isn’t exactly a domestic goddess --- unless that means she fully embraces her genetic hoarding predisposition, sneaks peeks at her husband’s daily journal, or has made a list of the people she wants on her Apocalypse Survival team (her husband is not on it). She chronicles her chronic misfortune in the domestic arts, including cooking, cleaning, and putting on Spanx while sweaty (which should technically qualify as an Olympic sport). HOUSEBROKEN is a rollicking new collection of essays showcasing Notaro’s irreverent wit and inability to feel shame.
Ballantine Books * 9781101886083

HOW TO BE A GROWN-UP by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus (Fiction)
When Rory McGovern’s husband, Blake, loses his dream job, he announces that he feels like “taking a break” from being a husband and father. Without him, her only hope is to accept a full-time position working for two twenty-somethings. These girls think they know it all and have been given the millions from venture capitalists to back up their delusion: that the future of digital media is a high-end “lifestyle” site --- for kids! Can Rory learn to decipher her bosses’ lingo, texts that read like license plates, and arbitrary mandates? And is there any hope of saving her marriage?
Washington Square Press * 9781451643473

THE LITTLE OLD LADY WHO BROKE ALL THE RULES by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg (Fiction/Humor)
Paperback Original
Martha Andersson may be 79 and live in a retirement home, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to stop enjoying life. So when the new management of Diamond House starts cutting corners to save money, Martha and her four closest friends won’t stand for it. Fed up with early bedtimes and overcooked veggies, this group of feisty seniors sets about to regain their independence, improve their lot and stand up for seniors everywhere. Their solution? White collar crime. What begins as a relatively straightforward robbery of a nearby luxury hotel quickly escalates into an unsolvable heist at the National Museum.
Harper Paperbacks * 9780062447975

THE MOUNTAIN STORY by Lori Lansens (Fiction)
Nola has decided to hike up a mountain to commemorate her wedding anniversary, the first since her beloved husband passed. Blonde, rail-thin Bridget is training for a triathalon. Vonn is working out her teenage rebellion at 8,000 feet, driven by family obligation and the urge to escape her mistakes. Still reeling from the tragic accident that robbed him of his best friend, Wolf Truly has come to the cliffs on his 18th birthday to end his life. When a series of missteps strands them together in the wilderness, these four broken souls soon realize that their only defense against the brutality of nature is one another.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476786605

A MURDER OF CROWS by Terrence McCauley (Thriller)
Paperback Original
For years, every intelligence agency in the world has been chasing the elusive terrorist known only as The Moroccan. But when James Hicks and his clandestine group known as the University thwart a bio-terror attack against New York City and capture The Moroccan, they find themselves in the crosshairs of their own intelligence community. When The Moroccan ultimately surrenders information that leads to the most wanted terrorist in the world, Hicks and his team find themselves in a strange new world where allies become enemies, enemies become allies, and the fate of the University --- perhaps even the Western world --- may hang in the balance.
Polis Books * 9781943818013

OPEN GRAVE by Kjell Eriksson (Mystery)
Professor Bertram von Ohler has been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. This news causes problems in his otherwise quiet upper-class neighborhood in Uppsala, Sweden, as not everybody is happy with the choice of winner. Mysterious incidents start to occur. “Boyish pranks” say the police, but what follows is certainly not innocent amusement. Detective Inspector Ann Lindell becomes involved in the case and immediately is transported back into her own past.
Minotaur Books * 9781250091086

THE OTHER DAUGHTER by Lauren Willig (Historical Fiction)
Raised in a poor yet genteel household, Rachel Woodley is working in France as a governess when she receives news that her mother has died suddenly. Grief-stricken, she returns to the small town in England where she was raised to clear out the cottage...and finds a cutting from a London society magazine, with a photograph of her supposedly deceased father dated all of three months before. He is an earl, and is standing with another daughter --- his legitimate daughter. Everything Rachel thought she knew about herself and her past --- even her very name --- is a lie.
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250056429

TWO YEARS EIGHT MONTHS AND TWENTY-EIGHT NIGHTS by Salman Rushdie (Fiction/Magical Realism)
Once upon a time, in a world just like ours, there came “the time of the strangenesses.” A simple gardener began to levitate, and a powerful djinn raised an army composed entirely of her semi-magical great-great-great-grandchildren. A baby was born with the ability to see corruption in the faces of others. The ghosts of two philosophers, long dead, began arguing once more. And a battle for the kingdom of Fairyland was waged throughout our world for 1,001 nights --- or, to be more precise, for two years, eight months and 28 nights.
Random House Trade Paperbacks * 9780812988208

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