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March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

Here you will find books releasing the weeks of February 29th and March 7th that we think will be of interest to readers, along with Bonus News, where we call out a contest, feature or review that we want to let you know about so you have it on your radar. This week, we are calling attention to March's Sounding Off on Audio contest on This month's prizes are the audio versions of both A MOTHER'S RECKONING: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy, written and read by Sue Klebold, and Chris Pavone's THE TRAVELERS, read by Paul Michael.

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This Week's Bonus News: March's "Sounding Off on Audio" Contest on
Tell us about the audiobooks you’ve finished listening to with your comments and a rating of 1 to 5 stars for both the performance and the content. During the contest period from March 1st to April 1st at noon ET, two lucky readers each will be randomly chosen to win the audio versions of A MOTHER'S RECKONING: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy, written and read by Sue Klebold, and Chris Pavone's THE TRAVELERS, read by Paul Michael.

To make sure other readers will be able to find the audiobook, please include the full title and correct author names (your entry must include these to be eligible to win). For complete rules and guidelines, click here.

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On Sale the Week of February 29th in Hardcover

February 29th

CONSTANCE FENIMORE WOOLSON: Portrait of a Lady Novelist by Anne Boyd Rioux
Constance Fenimore Woolson, who contributed to Henry James’ conception of his heroine Isabelle Archer in THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY, was one of the most accomplished American writers of the 19th century. Yet today the best-known (and most misunderstood) facts of her life are her relationship with James and her probable suicide in Venice. This first full-length biography of Woolson provides a fuller picture that reaffirms her literary stature. Uncovering new sources, Anne Boyd Rioux evokes Woolson’s dramatic life.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393245097

March 1st

by Judith Flanders (Mystery)
Book editor Samantha Clair learns that the partner of her art-dealer friend, Aidan Merriam, has just been found dead in their gallery, slumped over his desk with a gun in his hand. The police investigation is being led by Inspector Jake Field, who just happens to be Sam's new boyfriend. And Aidan, who just happens to be Sam's ex-boyfriend, wants Sam's help. Finding herself drawn into another investigation, Sam does the only sensible thing and calls her mother. Before long, she finds her loyalties stretched to the limit as she herself is threatened.
Minotaur Books * 9781250056467

by Andromeda Romano-Lax
(Historical Fiction)
In 1920, when she graduated from Vassar College, Rosalie Rayner was ready to make her mark on the world. She won a coveted research position at Johns Hopkins assisting the charismatic celebrity psychologist John B. Watson. Together, Watson and Rayner conducted controversial experiments on hundreds of babies to prove behaviorist principles. They also embarked on a scandalous affair that cost them both their jobs --- and recast the sparkling young Rosalie Rayner, scientist and thinker, as Mrs. John Watson, wife and conflicted, maligned mother, just another “woman behind a great man.”
Soho Press * 9781616956530

CHARLOTTE BRONTE: A Fiery Heart by Claire Harman (Biography)
Charlotte Brontë famously lived her entire life in an isolated parsonage on a remote English moor with a demanding father and siblings whose astonishing childhood creativity was a closely held secret. The genius of Claire Harman’s biography is that it transcends these melancholy facts to reveal a woman for whom duty and piety gave way to quiet rebellion and fierce ambition. Drawing on letters unavailable to previous biographers, Harman depicts Charlotte’s inner life with absorbing, almost novelistic intensity.
Knopf * 9780307962089

by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis (Mystery/Thriller)
In an attempt to save their marriage, Nina Borg and her husband traveled to a beach resort in the Philippines for a dream vacation. Only now, six months later, does Nina begin to understand the devastating repercussions of that trip --- repercussions that have followed her home across the globe to Denmark. On an icy winter day, she is attacked outside the grocery store. The last thing she hears before losing consciousness is her assailant asking her forgiveness. Only later does she understand that this isn’t for what he’s just done, but for what he plans to do.
Soho Crime * 9781616955281

DOUBLE SWITCH by T. T. Monday (Mystery/Thriller)
Johnny Adcock is an aging major-league relief pitcher who moonlights as a private investigator. Tiff Tate, the enigmatic, career-making PR/stylist behind the most highly marketable looks in baseball, needs Adcock’s special brand of expertise. Her new client is Yonel Ruiz, the rookie phenom who courageously fled his native Cuba. Now that Ruiz has signed a record-setting contract, the Venezuelan cartel that smuggled him out is squeezing him for a bigger slice of the action, and they’ve unleashed a ruthless assassin to collect. Adcock is immediately swept up in a high-pressure game full of surprising twists, double crosses and deadly gambits that will leave him fighting for his life.
Doubleday * 9780385539951

A FEW OF THE GIRLS: Stories by Maeve Binchy (Fiction/Short Stories)
From Maeve Binchy’s earliest writings to the most recent, her work is filled with wisdom and common sense and also a sharp, often witty voice that is insightful and reaches out to her readers around the world and of all ages. A FEW OF THE GIRLS is a collection of the very best of her short story writing, stories that were written over the decades --- some published in magazines, others for friends as gifts, many for charity benefits. The stories are all filled with the signature warmth and humor that have always been an essential part of Maeve’s appeal.
Knopf * 9781101947418

FOR A LITTLE WHILE by Rick Bass (Fiction/Short Stories)
The pages of FOR A LITTLE WHILE reveal men and women living with passion and tenderness at the outer limits of the senses, each attempting to triumph against fate. Rick Bass provides searing insights into the complexity of family and romantic entanglements. The intricate stories collected here --- brimming with magic and wonder, filled with hard-won empathy, marbled throughout with astonishing imagery --- have the power both to devastate and to uplift.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316381154

THE GANGSTER: An Isaac Bell Adventure by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott (Historical Thriller/Adventure)
It is 1906, and in New York City, the Italian crime group known as the Black Hand is on a spree: kidnapping, extortion, arson. Detective Isaac Bell of the Van Dorn Agency is hired to form a special “Black Hand Squad,” but the gangsters appear to be everywhere --- so much so that Bell begins to wonder if there are imitators, criminals using the name for the terror effect. And then the murders begin, each one of a man more powerful than the last. As Bell discovers, to his dismay, the ultimate target may be the most powerful man of all.
G.P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399175954

GONE AGAIN: A Jack Swyteck Novel by James Grippando (Legal Thriller)
Jack Swyteck is called to action when teenager Sashi Burgette vanishes on her way to school. The night after Sashi’s disappearance, ex-con Dylan Kyle was stopped for drunk driving and a piece of her clothing was found in his truck. A police videotape of his drunken explanation under interrogation sealed his fate at trial. Now, just days from Kyle’s execution, Sashi’s mother visits Jack and delivers shocking news: “Sashi called me.” Unconvinced that the case is closed, Jack jumps into the investigation. But the deeper he digs, the more he discovers that nothing is what it appears to be.
Harper * 9780062368706

I MET SOMEONE by Bruce Wagner (Fiction)
I MET SOMEONE is the story of Oscar Award-winning actress Dusty Wilding, her wife Allegra, a long-lost daughter, and the unspeakable secret hidden beneath the glamour of their lavish, carefully calibrated, celebrity life. After Allegra suffers a miscarriage, Dusty embarks on a search for the daughter she lost at age 16 and uncovers the answer to a question that has haunted her for decades. Author Bruce Wagner moves between the perspectives of his characters, revealing their individual trauma and the uncanny connections to each other's past lives.
Blue Rider Press * 9780399159367

IMBECILES: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck by Adam Cohen (History)
Adam Cohen tells the story of one of the darkest moments in the American legal tradition: the Supreme Court’s decision to champion eugenic sterilization for the greater good of the country. In 1927, when the nation was caught up in eugenic fervor, the justices allowed Virginia to sterilize Carrie Buck, a perfectly normal young woman, for being an “imbecile.” Exposing this tremendous injustice --- which led to the sterilization of 70,000 Americans --- IMBECILES overturns cherished myths and reappraises heroic figures in its relentless pursuit of the truth.
Penguin Press * 9781594204180

THE IMMORTAL IRISHMAN: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero by Timothy Egan (History)
The Irish-American story, with all its twists and triumphs, is told through the improbable life of one man. A dashing young orator during the Great Famine of the 1840s, in which a million of his Irish countrymen died, Thomas Francis Meagher led a failed uprising against British rule, for which he was banished to a Tasmanian prison colony. He escaped and six months later was heralded in the streets of New York. Meagher’s rebirth in America included his leading the newly formed Irish Brigade from New York in many of the fiercest battles of the Civil War.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544272880

THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC by Mark Tompkins (Historical Fantasy)
Aisling, a goddess in human form, was born to rule both domains and --- with her twin, Anya --- unite the Celts with the powerful faeries of the Middle Kingdom. But within medieval Ireland, interests are divided and greater forces are mustering. Both England and Rome have a stake in driving magic from the Emerald Isle. Jordan, the Vatican commander, is tasked with vanquishing the remnants of otherworldly creatures from a disenchanted Europe. However, he finds himself torn between duty and his desire to understand the magic that has been forbidden.
Viking * 9780525429531

THE LEGENDS CLUB: Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano, and an Epic College Basketball Rivalry by John Feinstein (Sports)
On March 18, 1980, the immensely powerful Duke basketball program announced the hiring of its new coach --- the man who would resurrect the team, restore glory to Duke and defeat the legendary Dean Smith, who coached down the road at UNC Chapel Hill and had turned UNC into a powerhouse. The table was set nine days later, when on March 27, Jim Valvano was hired by North Carolina State to be their new head coach. In the skillful hands of John Feinstein, this extraordinary rivalry --- and the men behind it --- come to life in a unique, intimate way.
Doubleday * 9780385539418

LIVING FORWARD: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy (Self-Help/Personal Growth)
If you're like most people, you want to lead a life of meaning and significance, joy and satisfaction. But all the drama and demands we face seem to get in the way of our dreams. We know we were meant for more, but it seems like the days are slipping by and we can't do anything about it. In this step-by-step guide, New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt and executive coach Daniel Harkavy share simple but proven principles to help you stop drifting, design a Life Plan with the end in mind, and chart a path that will take you there. And you can work the process in just one day.
Baker Books * 9780801018824

THE LONELY CITY: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone by Olivia Laing (Memoir/Cultural Criticism)
When Olivia Laing moved to New York City in her mid-30s, she found herself inhabiting loneliness on a daily basis. Increasingly fascinated by this most shameful of experiences, she began to explore the lonely city by way of art. Moving fluidly between works and lives --- from Edward Hopper's Nighthawks to Andy Warhol's Time Capsules, from Henry Darger's hoarding to David Wojnarowicz's AIDS activism --- Laing conducts an electric, dazzling investigation into what it means to be alone.
Picador * 9781250039576

THE MADWOMAN UPSTAIRS by Catherine Lowell (Fiction)
Since her father’s untimely death, Samantha Whipple is the presumed heir to a long-rumored trove of diaries, paintings, letters and early novel drafts passed down from the Brontë family. When she enrolls at Oxford University, long-lost objects from the past begin rematerializing in her life. Her father’s distinctive copy of JANE EYRE, which should have perished in the fire that claimed his life, mysteriously appears on her bed. Annotated in her father’s handwriting, the book is the first of many clues in an elaborate scavenger hunt derived from the world’s greatest literature.
Touchstone * 9781501124211

MRS. HOUDINI by Victoria Kelly (Historical Fiction)
Before escape artist Harry Houdini died, he vowed he would find a way to speak to his beloved wife, Bess, from beyond the grave using a coded message known only to the two of them. When a widowed Bess begins seeing this code in seemingly impossible places, it becomes clear that Harry has an urgent message to convey. Unlocking the puzzle will set Bess on a course back through the pair’s extraordinary romance. When the mystery finally leads Bess to the doorstep of a mysterious young photographer, she realizes that her husband’s magic may have been more than just illusion.
Atria Books * 9781501110900

A MURDER OVER A GIRL: Justice, Gender, Junior High by Ken Corbett (True Crime/Gender Studies)
On February 12, 2008, 14-year-old Brandon McInerney shot and killed his classmate, Larry King, who recently had begun calling himself "Leticia" and wearing makeup and jewelry to school. Unsettled by media coverage that sidestepped the issues of gender identity and of race integral to the case, psychologist Ken Corbett traveled to LA to attend the trial. As visions of victim and perpetrator were woven and unwoven in the theater of the courtroom, a haunting picture emerged not only of the two young teenagers, but also of spectators altered by an atrocity and of a community that had unwittingly gestated a murder.
Henry Holt and Co. * 9780805099201

THE PASSENGER by Lisa Lutz (Psychological Thriller)
Forty-eight hours after leaving her husband’s body at the base of the stairs, Tanya Dubois cashes in her credit cards, dyes her hair brown, demands a new name from a shadowy voice over the phone and flees town. She meets Blue, a female bartender who offers her a place to stay. With dwindling choices, Tanya (now Amelia) accepts. It’s almost impossible to live off the grid today, but Amelia (now Debra) and Blue have the courage, ingenuity and desperation to try. Hopscotching from city to city, Debra especially is chased by a very dark secret. Can she outrun her past?
Simon & Schuster * 9781451686630

SAVING ALEX: When I Was Fifteen I Told My Mormon Parents I Was Gay, and That's When My Nightmare Began by Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks
When Alex Cooper was 15 years old, life was pretty ordinary in her sleepy suburban town and nice Mormon family. But something was gnawing at her that made her feel different. These feelings exploded when she met Yvette, a girl who made her feel alive in a new way, and with whom she would quickly fall in love. She was driven from her home in Southern California to Utah, where, against her will, her parents handed her over to fellow Mormons who promised to save Alex from her homosexuality in an unlicensed “residential treatment program." SAVING ALEX is a courageous memoir that tells Alex’s story in the hopes that it will bring awareness and justice to this important issue.
HarperOne * 9780062374608

SCARPIA by Piers Paul Read (Historical Fiction)
It is the late 18th century, and Sicilian nobleman Vitello Scarpia finds himself penniless and in disgrace on the streets of Rome. He enrolls in the papal army and is soon taken up by a countess eager to have a handsome young officer at her side. She introduces Scarpia into Roman society, and he is both enthralled and agitated by its mix of religiosity, sophistication, decadence and intrigue. Then, on a mission to Venice, he meets the gifted singer Floria Tosca. And as the armies of revolutionary France advance into Italy, and war and revolution engulf the whole peninsula, these two lives become entwined.
Bloomsbury USA * 9781632863249

TIME OF FOG AND FIRE: A Molly Murphy Mystery by Rhys Bowen (Historical Mystery)
The new police commissioner wants Molly Murphy Sullivan's husband, Daniel, off the police force altogether. So when Daniel is offered an assignment from John Wilkie, head of the secret service, he’s eager to accept. Molly can’t draw any details of the assignment out of him, even where he’ll be working. But then she receives a strange and cryptic letter from him, leading her to conclude that he wants her to join him in San Francisco. Embarking on a cross-country journey with her young son, Molly can’t fathom what’s in store for her, but she knows it could be dangerous --- in fact, it might put all of their lives at risk.
Minotaur Books * 9781250052049

WORK LIKE ANY OTHER by Virginia Reeves (Historical Fiction)
Roscoe T Martin is a prideful electrician in the 1920s. When his wife, Marie, inherits her father’s failing farm, Roscoe is forced to give up his livelihood. He begins to siphon energy from the state, restoring his happiness and well-being --- for a short while. After an accident causes a young man to be electrocuted, Roscoe is arrested and left to face a 20-year sentence in Kilby Prison. Climbing from the ranks of dairy hand to librarian to “dog boy,” he must overcome his past sins and figure out who he is once again.
Scribner * 9781501112492
On Sale the Week of February 29th in Paperback

March 1st

AMONG THIEVES by John Clarkson (Thriller)
They thought they could cover up what an out-of-control trader at a Manhattan brokerage firm did to Olivia Sanchez. She worked hard and played by the rules, but so what? Blackball her from the industry and be done with her. Who’s going to stop them? Nobody, until Olivia turns to her cousin Manny, an ex-con and ex-gang leader whose first reaction is to take care of the arrogant bastard who hurt his cousin --- permanently.
St. Martin's Paperbacks * 9781250081162

THE ASSASSIN: An Isaac Bell Adventure by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott (Historical Thriller/Adventure)
Van Dorn private detective Isaac Bell is investigating John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly, when a sniper begins murdering opponents of Standard Oil, and it doesn’t stop there. The murders --- shootings, poisonings, staged accidents --- have just begun as Bell tracks his phantom-like criminal adversary across the U.S., to Russia’s war-torn Baku oil fields on the Caspian Sea, and back to America for a final, desperate confrontation. And this one will be the most explosive of all.
G.P. Putnam’s Sons * 9780425280171

BROKEN PROMISE: Book One of the Promise Falls Trilogy by Linwood Barclay (Thriller)
After his wife’s death and the collapse of his newspaper, David Harwood has no choice but to uproot his nine-year-old son and move back into his childhood home in Promise Falls, New York. David believes his life is in free fall, and he can’t find a way to stop his descent. Then he comes across a family secret of epic proportions that will affect not only his family, but the entire town.
Signet * 9780451472687

ENDANGERED: A Joe Pickett Novel by C. J. Box (Mystery/Thriller)
Joe Pickett had good reason to dislike Dallas Cates, even if he was a rodeo champion, and now he has even more --- Joe’s 18-year-old ward, April, has run off with him. And then comes even worse news: The body of a girl has been found in a ditch along the highway --- it is April, and the doctors aren’t sure if she’ll recover. Cates denies having anything to do with it, but Joe knows in his gut who’s responsible. What he doesn’t know is the kind of danger he’s about to encounter.
G.P. Putnam’s Sons * 9780425280157

EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES by Lisa Scottoline (Thriller)
Seventeen-year-old Max has a terminally ill grandmother and is having trouble handling it. That, plus his OCD and violent thoughts about a girl he likes, makes him a high risk patient. He can't turn off the mental rituals he needs to perform every 15 minutes that keep him calm. When the girl is found murdered, Max is nowhere to be found, and Dr. Eric Parrish goes looking for him. Next, a member of Eric’s own staff turns on him in a trumped-up charge of sexual harassment. Is this chaos all random? Or is someone systematically trying to destroy Eric's life?
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250010124

THE FOLD by Peter Clines (Science Fiction/Supernatural Thriller)
Far out in the California desert, a team of DARPA scientists has invented a device they affectionately call the Albuquerque Door. Using a cryptic computer equation and magnetic fields to “fold” dimensions, it shrinks distances so that a traveler can travel hundreds of feet with a single step. The invention promises to make mankind’s dreams of teleportation a reality. Yet evidence is mounting that this miraculous machine isn’t quite what it seems --- and that its creators are harboring a dangerous secret.
Broadway Books * 9780553447477

FREEDOM’S CHILD by Jax Miller (Thriller)
Freedom Oliver was arrested for killing her husband, a cop, 20 years ago. She is now in witness protection, regretting ever making a deal with the Feds and missing her children with a heartache so strong it makes her ill. When she learns that her daughter possibly has been kidnapped, she ventures out on her own, and her troubled past comes roaring back at her: her husband’s vengeful, sadistic family; her brief, terrifying stint in prison; and the family she chose to adopt her kids who are keeping dangerous secrets.
Broadway Books * 9780553446876

THE HARDER THEY COME by T. C. Boyle (Psychological Suspense)
On a vacation cruise to Central America with his wife, 70-year-old Sten Stensen unflinchingly kills a gun-wielding robber menacing a busload of senior tourists. The reluctant hero is relieved to return home to Fort Bragg, California, after the ordeal --- only to find that his delusional son, Adam, has spiraled out of control. As Adam's mental state fractures, he becomes increasingly schizophrenic, which leads him to shoot two people. On the run, he takes to the woods, spurring the biggest manhunt in California history.
Ecco * 9780062349385

THE HUNGER OF THE WOLF by Stephen Marche (Fiction)
The body in the snow belonged to Ben Wylie, the heir to America’s second-wealthiest business dynasty. Jamie Cabot, the son of the Wylie family’s housekeepers, must figure out how and why Ben died. He knows the answer lies in the tortured history of the Wylie family, who over three generations built up their massive holdings into several billion dollars’ worth of real estate, oil and information systems, despite a terrible family secret they must keep from the world.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476730820

JUMP CUT: An Ellie Foreman Mystery by Libby Fischer Hellmann (Thriller)
Paperback Original
Hired to produce a candy-floss profile of Chicago-based aviation giant Delcroft, Ellie Foreman is dismayed when company VP Charlotte Hollander trashes the production and cancels the project. Ellie believes Hollander was spooked by shots of a specific man in the video footage. But when Ellie arranges to meet the man to find out why, he is killed by a subway train before they can talk. In the confusion, she finds a seemingly abandoned pack of cigarettes with a flash drive inside that belonged to the now-dead man. Ellie gets the drive's contents decrypted, but before long discovers she's under surveillance.
Poisoned Pen Press * 9781464205194

THE LAST FLIGHT OF POXL WEST by Daniel Torday (Fiction)
Poxl West is the epitome of manhood and something of an idol to his teenage nephew, Eli Goldstein, who reveres him as a brave, singular, Jewish war hero. Poxl fills Eli’s head with electric accounts of his derring-do, adventures and romances, as he collects the best episodes from his storied life into a memoir. But as he delves deeper into Poxl’s history, Eli begins to see that the life of the fearless superman he’s adored has been much darker than he let on.
Picador * 9781250081605

LEAVING BERLIN by Joseph Kanon (Historical Thriller)
Almost four years after the end of World War II, the city of Berlin is still in ruins, a physical wasteland and a political symbol about to rupture. Alex Meier, a young Jewish writer, fled the Nazis for America before the war. But the politics of his youth have now put him in the crosshairs of the McCarthy witch-hunts. Faced with deportation and the loss of his family, he makes a desperate bargain with the fledgling CIA: he will earn his way back to America by acting as their agent in his native Berlin. However, almost from the start, things go fatally wrong.
Washington Square Press * 9781476704654

THE LIAR by Nora Roberts (Romantic Suspense)
Shelby Foxworth lost her husband. Then she lost her illusions. The man who took her from Tennessee to an exclusive Philadelphia suburb left her in crippling debt. He was an adulterer and a liar, and when Shelby tracks down his safe-deposit box, she finds multiple IDs. She takes her three-year-old daughter and heads south to seek comfort in her hometown, where she meets someone new: Griff Lott, a successful contractor. But her husband had secrets she has yet to discover.
Jove * 9781101989753

THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY followed its unassuming hero on an incredible journey as he traveled the length of England on foot --- a journey spurred by a simple letter from his old friend, Queenie Hennessy, writing from a hospice to say goodbye. Setting pen to paper, Queenie makes a journey of her own, a journey that is even bigger than Harold’s. One word after another, she promises to confess long-buried truths, including the devastating secret she has kept from Harold for all these years.
Random House Trade Paperbacks * 9780812989816

PIRATE HUNTERS: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship by Robert Kurson (History/Adventure)
Finding and identifying a pirate ship is the hardest thing to do under the sea. But two men --- John Chatterton and John Mattera --- are willing to risk everything to find the Golden Fleece, the ship of the infamous pirate Joseph Bannister. Soon, however, they realize that cutting-edge technology and a willingness to lose everything aren’t enough to track down Bannister’s ship. They must travel the globe in search of historic documents and accounts of the great pirate’s exploits, face down dangerous rivals, and battle the tides of nations, governments and experts.
Random House Trade Paperbacks * 9780812973693

THE SELLOUT by Paul Beatty (Fiction)
Raised by a single father, a controversial sociologist, the narrator of THE SELLOUT spent his childhood as the subject in racially charged psychological studies. He is led to believe that his father’s pioneering work will result in a memoir that will solve his family’s financial woes. But when his father is killed in a police shoot-out, he realizes there never was a memoir. The narrator also sets out to right another wrong: Dickens literally has been removed from the map to save California from further embarrassment.
Picador * 9781250083258

TRAUMA by Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer (Thriller)
After quitting her residency following two operations gone terribly wrong, Dr. Carrie Bryant learns about an experimental program exploring the use of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) that could forever cure the emotional and memory trauma of PTSD. Her first surgery appears to be a success until her patient mysteriously vanishes. When a second patient also goes missing, Carrie employs the investigative skills of reporter David Hoffman, and together they descend into a labyrinth of murder and corruption.
St. Martin's Paperbacks * 9781250030887

THE TURNER HOUSE by Angela Flournoy (Fiction)
THE TURNER HOUSE is a domestic drama of African-American parents and the 13 children they brought up in Detroit. Angela Flournoy’s debut novel focuses on three of the adult children: Cha-Cha, the oldest, who has been plagued by visions of haints (apparitions); Lelah, the youngest, who has a gambling problem; and Troy, a cop who resorts to underhanded tactics to try to sell the family home, which is worth far less than its mortgage.
Mariner Books * 9780544705166

THE TUTOR by Andrea Chapin (Historical Fiction)
At a time of much unrest in the year 1590, a new schoolmaster arrives from Stratford, William Shakespeare, who swiftly disrupts what fragile peace there is left at Lufanwal Hall. Katharine de L’Isle, Sir Edward’s niece, is at first appalled by the boldness of this new tutor. But when she learns he is a poet, things between them begin to shift. Soon Katharine finds herself drawn into Shakespeare’s verse, and his life, in ways that will change her forever.
Riverhead Books * 9781101983379

UPROOTED by Naomi Novik (Fantasy/Romance)
Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power. Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for 10 years. Agnieszka is afraid that the Dragon will take Kasia, her dearest friend in the world. But when the Dragon comes, it is not Kasia he will choose.
Del Rey * 9780804179058

THE WELL by Catherine Chanter (Psychological Thriller)
Ruth Ardingly has just been released from prison to serve out a sentence of house arrest for arson and suspected murder at her farm, The Well. Beyond its borders, some people whisper she is a witch; others a messiah. For as soon as Ruth returns to The Well, rain begins to fall on the farm. And it has not rained anywhere else in the country in over three years. Ruth must piece together the tragedy that shattered her marriage, her family and her dream. She believes her grandson’s death was no accident, and that the murderer is among the people she trusted most.
Washington Square Press * 9781476772776
On Sale the Week of March 7th in Hardcover

March 7th

THE MEDICI: Power, Money, and Ambition in the Italian Renaissance by Paul Strathern (History)
Against the background of an age that saw the rebirth of ancient and classical learning, Paul Strathern explores the intensely dramatic rise and fall of the Medici family in Florence, as well as the Italian Renaissance, which they did so much to sponsor and encourage. Strathern also follows the lives of many of the great Renaissance artists and scientists with whom the Medici had dealings, along with the fortunes of those members of the Medici family who achieved success away from Florence.
Pegasus * 9781605989662

March 8th

ALL THINGS CEASE TO APPEAR by Elizabeth Brundage (Psychological Thriller/Mystery)
Late one winter afternoon in upstate New York, George Clare comes home to find his wife murdered and their three-year-old daughter alone in her room. And he is the immediate suspect --- the question of his guilt echoing in a story shot through with secrets both personal and professional. While his parents rescue him from suspicion, a persistent cop is stymied at every turn in proving Clare a heartless murderer. The pall of death is ongoing and relentless; behind one crime are others, and more than 20 years will pass before a hard kind of justice is finally served.
Knopf * 9781101875599

AT WAR ON THE GOTHIC LINE: Fighting in Italy, 1944-45 by Christian Jennings (History)
In the autumn of 1944, as Patton’s army paraded through Paris, another Allied force was gathering in southern Italy. Spearheaded by over 100,000 American troops, this vast, international army was faced with a grim task --- break The Gothic Line, a series of interconnected German fortifications that stretched across the mountains of northern Italy. These Allied soldiers fought uphill against entrenched enemies in some of the final and most brutal battles of the Second World War. Veteran war correspondent and historian Christian Jennings provides an unprecedented look inside this unsung but highly significant campaign.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250065179

THE CIVIL WARS OF JULIA WARD HOWE: A Biography by Elaine Showalter (Biography)
Julia Ward was an heiress and aspiring poet when she married Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, an internationally acclaimed pioneer in the education of the blind. Authorship of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" made her celebrated and revered. But Howe was also continuing to fight a civil war at home; she became a pacifist, suffragist and world traveler. She came into her own as a tireless campaigner for women’s rights and social reform. Esteemed author Elaine Showalter tells the story of Howe’s determined self-creation and brings to life the society she inhabited and the obstacles she overcame.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451645903

CLAWBACK: An Ali Reynolds Novel by J.A. Jance (Mystery/Thriller)
When Ali Reynolds’ parents lose their life savings to a Ponzi scheme, her father goes to confront his longtime friend and financial advisor, only to stumble into the scene of a bloody double homicide. With her father suddenly a prime suspect, Ali and her husband work to clear her father’s name, while at the same time seeking justice for her parents as well as the scheme’s other suddenly impoverished victims, one of whom is a stone cold killer.
Touchstone * 9781501110726

CRAZY BLOOD by T. Jefferson Parker (Psychological Suspense)
The Carson dynasty rules the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. But when Wylie Welborn returns after a stint in Afghanistan, it reopens a dark moment in Carson family history: the murder of Wylie's father by his jealous and very pregnant wife, Cynthia. Her son Sky, born while his mother was in prison, and Wylie are half-brothers. They inherit not only superb athletic skills but an enmity that threatens to play out in a lethal drama on one of the fastest and most perilous ski slopes in the world.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250064097

FAR FROM TRUE: A Promise Falls Novel by Linwood Barclay (Thriller)
After the screen of a run-down drive-in movie theater collapses and kills four people, the daughter of one of the victims asks private investigator Cal Weaver to look into a recent break-in at her father’s house. Cal discovers a hidden basement room where it’s clear that salacious activities have taken place --- as well as evidence of missing DVDs. Meanwhile, Detective Barry Duckworth is still trying to solve two murders --- one of which is three years old --- that he believes are connected, since each featured a similar distinctive wound. As the lies begin to unravel, Cal is headed straight into the heart of a dark secret as his search uncovers more startling truths about Promise Falls.
NAL * 9780451472700

GOODBYE TO THE DEAD by Brian Freeman (Psychological Thriller)
Detective Jonathan Stride is haunted by his first wife Cindy’s death, even as he maintains a relationship with fellow detective Serena Dial. When Serena witnesses a brutal murder outside a bar, she stumbles onto a case that goes back to the last year of Cindy's life. At the time, Stride and Cindy were on opposing sides of an investigation that ended up sending Cindy’s friend, Janine, to prison for shooting her husband. During the current investigation, Serena finds a gun used in the murder of a woman connected to an organized crime syndicate --- a gun that turns out to be the same one used to kill Janine’s husband. Two unrelated cases years apart suddenly have a mysterious connection, and Stride must not only investigate, but also confront his past.
Quercus * 9781623659110

HARD COLD WINTER: A Van Shaw Novel by Glen Erik Hamilton (Thriller)
When an old crony of Van Shaw’s late grandfather calls in a favor, the recently discharged Ranger embarks on a dangerous journey to the Olympic Mountains, in search of a missing girl tied to Van’s own criminal past. What he finds instead is a brutal murder scene, including a victim from one of Seattle’s most influential families. But the dead bodies are only the start of Van’s troubles. A fellow Ranger from Afghanistan turns up at Van’s doorstep, seeking support from his former sergeant even as Van wrestles with his own reemerging symptoms of PTSD. The murder investigation leads to heavy pressure, with a billionaire businessman on one side and vicious gangsters on the other, each willing to play dirty to get what they want.
William Morrow * 9780062344588

HIGH DIVE by Jonathan Lee (Fiction)
In September 1984, a bomb was planted at the Grand Hotel in the seaside town of Brighton, England, set to explode in 24 days when the British prime minister and her entire cabinet would be staying there. HIGH DIVE not only takes us inside this audacious assassination attempt --- a decisive act of violence on the world stage --- but also imagines its way into a group of unforgettable characters, nimbly weaving together fact and fiction, comedy and tragedy.
Knopf * 9781101874592

INNOCENTS AND OTHERS by Dana Spiotta (Fiction)
INNOCENTS AND OTHERS is about two best friends who grow up in LA in the ’80s and become filmmakers. Meadow and Carrie have everything in common --- except their views on sex, power, movie-making and morality. Their lives collide with Jelly, a loner whose most intimate experience is on the phone. Jelly is older, erotic and mysterious. She cold calls powerful men and seduces them not through sex but through listening. She invites them to reveal themselves, and they do.
Scribner * 9781501122729

LOVE, LOSS, AND WHAT WE ATE: A Memoir by Padma Lakshmi (Memoir)
Long before Padma Lakshmi ever stepped onto a television set, she learned that how we eat is an extension of how we love, how we comfort, how we forge a sense of home --- and how we taste the world as we navigate our way through it. LOVE, LOSS, AND WHAT WE ATE is Lakshmi’s account of her journey from her grandmother’s kitchen in South India to the judges’ table of “Top Chef” and beyond. It chronicles the fierce devotion of the remarkable people who shaped her along the way.
Ecco * 9780062202611

MIKE HAMMER: MURDER NEVER KNOCKS by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins (Hard-boiled Mystery)
A failed attempt on his life by a contract killer gets Mike Hammer riled up. But it also lands him an unlikely job: security detail for a Hollywood producer having a party to honor his beautiful fianceĢe, a rising Broadway star. But it’s no walk in the park, as Hammer finds violence following him and his beautiful P.I. partner Velda into the swankiest of crime scenes. In the meantime, Hammer is trying to figure out who put the hitman on him. Is there a connection with the death of a newsstand operator who took a bullet meant for him? A shadowy figure looking for the kill of his life?
Titan Books * 9781783291342

OFF THE GRID: A Joe Pickett Novel by C. J. Box (Mystery/Thriller)
Nate Romanowski is off the grid, recuperating from wounds and trying to deal with past crimes, when he is suddenly surrounded by a small team of elite professional special operators. They’re not there to threaten him, but to make a deal. They need help destroying a domestic terror cell in Wyoming’s Red Desert, and in return they’ll make Nate’s criminal record disappear. But they are not what they seem, as Nate’s friend Joe Pickett discovers. They have a much different plan in mind, and it just may be something that takes them all down --- including Nate and Joe.
G.P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399176609

PEACEKEEPING by Mischa Berlinski (Fiction)
When Terry White, a former deputy sheriff and a failed politician, goes broke in the 2007–2008 financial crisis, he takes a job working for the UN, helping to train the Haitian police. He is sent to the remote town of Jérémie, where he is swept up in their complex politics when he befriends an earnest, reforming American-educated judge. Soon he convinces the judge to oppose the corrupt but charismatic Sénateur Maxim Bayard in an upcoming election. But when Terry falls in love with the judge’s wife, the electoral drama threatens to become a disaster.
Sarah Crichton Books * 9780374230449

THE SELLING OF THE BABE: The Deal That Changed Baseball and Created a Legend
by Glenn Stout (Sports/History)
The sale of Babe Ruth by the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees in 1919 is one of the pivotal moments in baseball history, changing the fortunes of two of baseball's most storied franchises. More than a simple transaction, the sale resulted in a deal that created the Yankee dynasty, turned Boston into an also-ran, sold the American people on the modern home run era after the Black Sox scandal, and led the public to fall in love with Ruth. Award-winning baseball historian Glenn Stout reveals brand-new information about Babe and the unique political situation surrounding his sale.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250064318

SISI: Empress on Her Own by Allison Pataki (Historical Fiction)
Married to Emperor Franz Joseph, Elisabeth --- fondly known as Sisi --- captures the hearts of her people as their “fairy queen,” but beneath that dazzling persona lives a far more complex figure. Sisi grows restless, feeling stifled by strict protocols and a turbulent marriage. A free-spirited wanderer, she finds solace at her estate outside Budapest. There she rides her beloved horses and enjoys visits from the striking Hungarian statesman Count Andrássy. But tragic news brings Sisi out of her fragile seclusion, forcing her to return to her capital and a world of gossip, envy and sorrow where a dangerous fate lurks in the shadows.
The Dial Press * 9780812989052

It is springtime, and two outcasts --- a man ignored, even shunned by his village, and the one-eyed dog he takes into his quiet, tightly shuttered life --- find each other, by accident or fate, and forge an unlikely connection. As their friendship grows, their small, seaside town suddenly takes note of them, falsely perceiving menace where there is only mishap; the unlikely duo must take to the road.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544716193

THE STEEL KISS: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel by Jeffery Deaver (Thriller)
Amelia Sachs is chasing a killer through a department store in Brooklyn when an escalator malfunctions. The stairs give way, with one man horribly mangled by the gears. Sachs is forced to let her quarry escape as she jumps in to try to help save the victim. She and famed forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme soon learn, however, that the incident may not have been an accident at all, but the first in a series of intentional attacks. They find themselves up against one of their most formidable opponents ever: a brilliant killer who turns common products into murder weapons.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455536344

TAKEDOWN: A Small-Town Cop's Battle Against the Hells Angels and the Nation's Biggest Drug Gang by Jeff Buck, with Jon Land and Lindsay Preston (True Crime)
Twenty years working undercover in the netherworld of drugs has left Jeff Buck burned out and grateful to assume the quiet job of police chief in the small town of Reminderville, Ohio. That is, until a simple domestic assault case turns out to have links to the murder of a drug runner in upstate New York and a syndicate smuggling billions of dollars in drugs across the US-Canada border. As Buck reluctantly plunges back into his old world of death and deceit, he uncovers a complex chain linking the Hells Angels to the Russian Mafia in a plot to use Native American tribal land to smuggle their deadly wares into the United States.
Forge Books * 9780765338099

THE TRAVELERS by Chris Pavone (Thriller)
Meet Will Rhodes: travel writer, recently married, barely solvent, his idealism rapidly giving way to disillusionment and the worry that he’s living the wrong life. Then one night, on assignment for the award-winning Travelers magazine in the wine region of Argentina, a beautiful woman makes him an offer he can’t refuse. As he’s drawn further into a tangled web of international intrigue, it becomes clear that nothing about Will Rhodes was ever ordinary, that the network of deception ensnaring him is part of an immense and deadly conspiracy with terrifying global implications --- and that the people closest to him may pose the greatest threat of all.
Crown * 9780385348485

THE TWO-FAMILY HOUSE by Lynda Cohen Loigman (Historical Fiction)
Brooklyn, 1947: In the midst of a blizzard, in a two-family brownstone, two babies are born minutes apart to two women. They are sisters by marriage with an impenetrable bond forged before and during that dramatic night. But as the years progress, small cracks start to appear, and their once-deep friendship begins to unravel. No one knows why, and no one can stop it. One misguided choice; one moment of tragedy. Heartbreak wars with happiness and almost --- but not quite --- wins.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250076922

THE WATERS OF ETERNAL YOUTH: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery by Donna Leon (Mystery)
Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl fell into a canal late at night. Unable to swim, she went under and started to drown, only surviving thanks to a nearby man, an alcoholic, who heard her splashes and pulled her out, though not before she suffered irreparable brain damage that left her in a state of permanent childhood. The drunk man claimed he saw her thrown into the canal by another man, but the following day he couldn’t remember a thing. Now, at a fundraising dinner for a Venetian charity, a wealthy and aristocratic patroness --- the girl’s grandmother --- asks Brunetti if he will investigate.
Atlantic Monthly Press * 9780802124807

WE LOVE YOU, CHARLIE FREEMAN by Kaitlyn Greenidge (Fiction)
The Freeman family has been invited to the Toneybee Institute to participate in a research experiment. They will live in an apartment on campus with Charlie, a young chimp abandoned by his mother. The Freemans were selected for the experiment because they know sign language; they are supposed to teach it to Charlie and welcome him as a member of their family. Isolated in their new, nearly all-white community not just by their race but by their strange living situation, the Freemans come undone. And when daughter Charlotte discovers the truth about the Institute’s history of questionable studies, the secrets of the past begin to invade the present.
Algonquin Books * 9781616204679

WHAT IS NOT YOURS IS NOT YOURS: Stories by Helen Oyeyemi (Fiction/Short Stories)
WHAT IS NOT YOURS IS NOT YOURS is built around the idea of keys, literal and metaphorical. The key to a house, the key to a heart, the key to a secret --- Helen Oyeyemi’s keys not only unlock elements of her characters’ lives, they promise further labyrinths on the other side. In “Books and Roses” one special key opens a library, a garden and clues to at least two lovers’ fates. In “Is Your Blood as Red as This?” an unlikely key opens the heart of a student at a puppeteering school. And in “If a Book Is Locked There’s Probably a Good Reason for That Don't You Think,” a key keeps a mystical diary locked (for good reason).
Riverhead Books * 9781594634635
On Sale the Week of March 7th in Paperback

March 7th

NIGHT AT THE FIESTAS: Stories by Kirstin Valdez Quade (Fiction/Short Stories)
Kirstin Valdez Quade's stories plunge us into the fierce, troubled hearts of characters defined by the desire to escape the past or else to plumb its depths. The deadbeat father of a pregnant teenager tries to transform his life by playing the role of Jesus in a bloody penitential Passion. A young man discovers that his estranged father and a boa constrictor have been squatting in his grandmother’s empty house. One girl attempts to uncover the mystery of her cousin's violent past, while another young woman finds herself at an impasse when she is asked to hear her priest's confession.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393352214

March 8th

AMERICAN GHOST: A Family's Haunted Past in the Desert Southwest by Hannah Nordhaus (History)
The dark-eyed woman in the long black gown was first seen in the 1970s, standing near a fireplace. La Posada had been a grand Santa Fe home before it was converted to a hotel. Julia Schuster Staab, the wife of the home’s original owner, died nearly a century before the hauntings were first reported. In AMERICAN GHOST, Hannah Nordhaus traces the life, death and unsettled afterlife of her great-great-grandmother --- from her childhood in Germany to her years in the American West with her Jewish merchant husband.
Harper Perennial * 9780062249203

THE BIG SEVEN by Jim Harrison (Mystery)
Detective Sunderson's new neighbors are creating even more havoc than the Great Leader did. A family of outlaws, armed to the teeth, the Ameses have local law enforcement too intimidated to take them on. Then Sunderson’s cleaning lady is murdered, and black sheep brother Lemuel Ames seeks Sunderson’s advice on a crime novel he’s writing that may not be fiction. Sunderson must struggle with the evil within himself and the far greater, more expansive evil of his neighbor.
Grove Press * 9780802124661

BOOK OF NUMBERS by Joshua Cohen (Fiction)
The enigmatic billionaire founder of Tetration hires failed novelist Josh Cohen to ghostwrite his memoirs. The mogul, known as Principal, brings Josh behind the digital veil, tracing the rise of Tetration, which started in the earliest days of the Internet by revolutionizing the search engine before venturing into smartphones, computers and the surveillance of American citizens. Principal takes Josh on a mind-bending world tour, initiating him into the secret pretext of the autobiography project and the life-or-death stakes that surround its publication.
Random House Trade Paperbacks * 9780812986655

CROW FAIR: Stories by Thomas McGuane (Fiction/Short Stories)
The ties of family make for uncomfortable binds in Thomas McGuane’s first short story collection in nine years. A devoted son is horrified to discover his mother’s antics before she slipped into dementia. A father’s outdoor skills are no match for an ominous change in the weather. But complications arise equally in the absence of blood, as when lifelong friends on a fishing trip finally confront their deep dislike for each other. Or when a gifted traveling cattle breeder succumbs to the lure of a stranger’s offer of easy money.
Vintage * 9780345805911

THE DISCREET HERO written by Mario Vargas Llosa, translated by Edith Grossman (Fiction)
Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa’s latest novel, THE DISCREET HERO, follows two fascinating characters whose lives are destined to intersect: neat, endearing Felícito Yanaqué, a small businessman in Piura, Peru, who finds himself the victim of blackmail; and Ismael Carrera, a successful owner of an insurance company in Lima, who cooks up a plan to avenge himself against the two lazy sons who want him dead.
Picador * 9781250081629

FALLING IN LOVE: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery by Donna Leon (Mystery)
Invited by Commissario Guido Brunetti to dine at his in-laws’ palazzo, opera star Flavia Petrelli confesses her alarm at the excessive displays of adoration from an anonymous fan. When a talented young Venetian singer who has caught Flavia’s attention is savagely attacked, Brunetti begins to think that Flavia’s fears are justified in ways neither of them imagined. He must enter into the psyche of an obsessive fan before Flavia, or anyone else, comes to harm.
Grove Press * 9780802124876

THE FOLDED CLOCK: A Diary by Heidi Julavits (Essays)
When Heidi Julavits found her old diaries in a storage bin, she hoped to discover the early evidence of the person (and writer) she’d since become. Instead, "The actual diaries revealed me to possess the mind of a paranoid tax auditor." Thus was born a desire to try again, to chronicle her daily life as a forty-something woman, wife, mother and writer. The result is THE FOLDED CLOCK, in which the diary form becomes a meditation on time and self, youth and aging, betrayal and loyalty, friendship and romance, art and ambition.
Anchor * 9780804171441

THE HOUSE OF WOLFE: A Border Noir by James Carlos Blake (Noir Thriller)
A 10-member wedding party is kidnapped in front of the groom’s family mansion in Mexico City. The perpetrator is a small-time gangster who wants nothing more than to make his crew part of a major cartel and hopes that this crime will be his big break. Jessica Juliet Wolfe is a bridesmaid and close friend of the bride who hails from a family of notorious outlaws that has branches on both sides of the border. When the Wolfes learn of Jessie’s abduction, they fear that the kidnappers will kill the captives after receiving the ransom --- unless they rescue Jessie first.
Mysterious Press * 9780802124746

THE JAZZ PALACE by Mary Morris (Historical Fiction)
In the midst of boomtown Chicago, two Jewish families have suffered terrible blows. The Lehrmans, who run a small hat factory, lost their beloved son Harold in a blizzard. The Chimbrovas, who run a saloon, lost three of their boys on the SS Eastland when it sank in 1915. Each family holds out hope that one of their remaining children will rise to carry on the family business. But Benny Lehrman has no interest in making hats. His true passion is piano --- especially jazz.
Anchor * 9781101872864

THE LOST BOYS SYMPHONY by Mark Ferguson (Fiction)
After Henry's girlfriend, Val, leaves him and transfers to another school, his grief begins to manifest itself in bizarre and horrifying ways. After weeks of sleepless nights and sick delusions, Henry decides to run away and find Val. Once on the George Washington Bridge, however, a powerful hallucination knocks him out cold. When he awakens, he finds out that he has been kidnapped by two strangers who claim to be future versions of himself.
Back Bay Books * 9780316324038

MURDER ON THE CHAMP DE MARS: An Aimée Leduc Investigation by Cara Black (Mystery)
Aimée Leduc has her work cut out for her --- running her detective agency and fighting off sleep deprivation as she tries to be a good single mother to her new bébé. The last thing she has time for now is to take on a personal investigation for a poor manouche (Gypsy) boy. But he insists his dying mother has an important secret she needs to tell Aimée concerning Aimée’s father’s unsolved murder a decade ago. How can she say no? The dying woman’s secret is even more dangerous than her son realized.
Soho Crime * 9781616956240

A NECESSARY END by Holly Brown (Psychological Thriller)
Thirty-nine-year-old Adrienne is desperate to be a mother. And this time, nothing is going to get in her way. At 19, Leah bears a remarkable resemblance to the young woman Adrienne once was. Which is why Adrienne knows the baby Leah is carrying is meant to be hers. But Leah has ideas of her own. All she wants is to live in Adrienne’s house for a year after the baby is born and get a fresh start. It seems like a small price for Adrienne to pay to get their baby. And with Adrienne’s husband, Gabe, suddenly on board, what could possibly go wrong?
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062356383

THE NIGHT SISTER by Jennifer McMahon (Psychological Suspense)
Once the thriving attraction of rural Vermont, the Tower Motel now stands in disrepair, alive only in the memories of Amy, Piper, and Piper's kid sister, Margot. The three played there as girls until the day their games uncovered something dark and twisted in the motel's past, something that ruined their friendship forever. Now adults, Piper and Margot have tried to forget what they found that fateful summer, but their lives are upended when Piper receives a panicked midnight call from Margot, with news of a horrific crime for which Amy stands accused.
Anchor * 9780804169974

ORDINARY LIGHT: A Memoir by Tracy K. Smith (Memoir)
The youngest of five children, Tracy K. Smith was raised with limitless affection and a firm belief in God by a stay-at-home mother and an engineer father. But just as Tracy is about to leave home for college, her mother is diagnosed with cancer, a condition she accepts as part of God’s plan. ORDINARY LIGHT is the story of a young woman struggling to fashion her own understanding of belief, loss, history, and what it means to be black in America.
Vintage * 9780345804075

THE RESIDENCE: Inside the Private World of the White House by Kate Andersen Brower (Social History)
America’s First Families are unknowable in many ways. No one has insight into their true character like the people who serve their meals and make their beds every day. Full of stories and details by turns dramatic, humorous and heartwarming, THE RESIDENCE reveals daily life in the White House as it is really lived through the voices of the maids, butlers, cooks, florists, doormen, engineers and others who tend to the needs of the President and First Family.
Harper Paperbacks * 9780062305206

RUN YOU DOWN by Julia Dahl (Mystery)
Aviva Kagan was a just a teenager when she left her Hasidic Jewish life in Brooklyn for a fling with a college boy from Florida --- and then disappeared. Twenty-three years later, the child she walked away from is a tabloid reporter named Rebekah Roberts. And Rebekah isn't sure she wants her mother back in her life. But when a man from the ultra-Orthodox enclave of Roseville, NY, contacts Rebekah about his young wife's mysterious death, she is drawn back into Aviva's world.
Minotaur Books * 9781250043429

SHOPAHOLIC TO THE RESCUE by Sophie Kinsella (Fiction)
Becky’s father has vanished from Los Angeles on a mysterious quest with her best friend’s husband. Becky’s mum is hysterical; her best friend, Suze, is desperate. Worse, Becky must tolerate an enemy along for the ride, who she’s convinced is up to no good. Determined to get to the bottom of why her dad has disappeared, help Suze, contain Alicia, and reunite her fractured family, Becky knows she must marshal all her trademark ingenuity. But just when her family needs her more than ever, can Becky pull it off?
Dial Press Trade Paperback * 9780812987706

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