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September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of September 14th and September 21st that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of September 14th in Hardcover

September 14th

THE SCRIBE by Matthew Guinn (Historical Mystery)
After leaving Atlanta in disgrace three years before, detective Thomas Canby is called back to the city on the eve of Atlanta's 1881 International Cotton Exposition to partner with Atlanta's first African American police officer, Cyrus Underwood. The case they're assigned is chilling: a serial murderer who seems to be violently targeting Atlanta's wealthiest black entrepreneurs. The killer's method is both strange and unusually gruesome. On each victim's mutilated body is inscribed a letter of the alphabet, beginning with "M."
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393239294

September 15th

THE ART OF MEMOIR by Mary Karr (Literary Criticism)
Mary Karr’s THE LIARS’ CLUB was credited with sparking the current memoir explosion. For 30 years, Karr has also taught the form, winning graduate teaching prizes for her highly selective seminar at Syracuse, where she mentored such future hit authors as Cheryl Strayed, Keith Gessen and Koren Zailckas. In THE ART OF MEMOIR, she synthesizes her expertise as professor and therapy patient, writer and spiritual seeker, recovered alcoholic and “black belt sinner,” providing a unique window into the mechanics and art of the form.
Harper * 9780062223067

THE BLUE GUITAR by John Banville (Fiction)
Equally self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating, Oliver Otway Orme is a painter of some renown and a petty thief. But as he pushes 50, he has stopped painting, and his last act of thievery has been discovered. The fact that the purloined possession was the wife of the man who, perhaps, was his best friend has compelled him to run away and sequester himself in the house where he was born. There, Olly reveals the very essence of a man who, in some way, has always been waiting to be rescued from himself.
Knopf * 9780385354264

CORRIDORS OF THE NIGHT: A William Monk Novel by Anne Perry (Historical Mystery)
The monomaniacal Rand brothers are ruthless in their pursuit of a cure for what was then known as the fatal “white-blood disease.” In London’s Royal Naval Hospital annex, nurse Hester Monk is tending one of the brothers’ dying patients when she stumbles upon three terrified young children and learns that they’ve been secretly purchased and imprisoned by the Rands for experimental purposes. Before Hester can reveal the truth, she too becomes a prisoner; the brothers are too close to a miracle cure to allow their experiments to be exposed.
Ballantine Books * 9780553391381

DEVOTED IN DEATH by J. D. Robb (Thriller)
Ella-Loo and her boyfriend, Darryl, hit the road now that Darryl’s sentence has been served. When their car breaks down, they make plans to take someone else’s. Then things get messy, and they wind up killing someone --- an experience that stokes a fierce, wild desire in Ella-Loo. A desire for Darryl. And a desire to kill again. With her husband, Roarke, at her side, Lieutenant Eve Dallas has every intention of hunting these two down and giving them what they truly deserve.
G.P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399170881

DISHING THE DIRT: An Agatha Raisin Mystery by M. C. Beaton (Mystery)
When therapist Jill Davent moved to the village of Carsely, Agatha Raisin was not a fan. Not only was she romancing Agatha's ex-husband, she dug up details of Agatha's not-too-glamorous origins. Jill also counsels a woman who Agatha firmly believes assisted her son in some grisly murders. Not one to keep her feelings to herself, Agatha tells anyone who would listen that Jill is a charlatan and better off dead. So when Jill is found strangled to death in her office, Agatha becomes the prime suspect.
Minotaur Books * 9781250057426

As the child of a German movie producer father who lives in Italy and a beautiful, artistically talented mother who resides in New York, Liliane’s life is divided between those two very different worlds. A shy and observant only child with a vivid imagination, Liliane uncovers the stories of family members as diverse as Moses Mendelssohn, Mary Queen of Scots and an early Mexican adventurer, and pieces together their vivid histories, through both World Wars and across continents.
Atlantic Monthly Press * 9780802124029

THE DROWNING by Camilla Läckberg (Mystery/Thriller)
Christian Thydell’s dream has come true. His debut novel, The Mermaid, has been published to rave reviews. So why is he as distant and unhappy as ever? When crime writer Erica Falk, who helped Christian discover and develop his talents, learns he has been receiving anonymous threats, she investigates not just the messages but also the young author’s mysterious past. Then, one of Christian’s closet friends, Magnus, goes missing. Erica’s husband, Detective Patrik Hedström, has his worst suspicions confirmed as the mind games aimed at Christian become a disturbing reality.
Pegasus * 9781605988566

THE END GAME: A Brit in the FBI Novel by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison (Thriller)
FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner, Mike Caine, are deep into an investigation of COE --- Celebrants of the Earth --- a violent group known for widespread bombings of power grids and oil refineries across the country. COE has been infiltrated by a deep-cover counterterrorism agent named Vanessa Grace. A bomb-making expert, Vanessa must leave COE and join forces with Nicholas and Mike to stop the organization’s devious plan to assassinate the President.
G.P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399173806

FATES AND FURIES by Lauren Groff (Fiction)
Every story has two sides. Every relationship has two perspectives. And sometimes, it turns out, the key to a great marriage is not its truths but its secrets. At the core of FATES AND FURIES, Lauren Groff presents the story of one such marriage over the course of 24 years. At age 22, Lotto and Mathilde are tall, glamorous, madly in love and destined for greatness. A decade later, their marriage is still the envy of their friends, but with an electric thrill we understand that things are even more complicated and remarkable than they have seemed.
Riverhead Books * 9781594634475

FINALE: A Novel of the Reagan Years by Thomas Mallon (Historical Fiction)
FINALE captures the crusading ideologies, blunders and glamour of the still-hotly-debated Ronald Reagan years, taking readers to the political gridiron of Washington, the wealthiest enclaves of Southern California, and the volcanic landscape of Iceland, where the president engages in two almost apocalyptic days of negotiation with Mikhail Gorbachev. At the center of it all --- but forever out of reach --- is Reagan himself, whose genial remoteness confounds his subordinates, his children and the citizens who elected him.
Pantheon * 9780307907929

THE GIRL WHO WROTE LONELINESS by Kyung-Sook Shin (Historical Fiction)
Homesick and alone, a teenaged girl has just arrived in Seoul to work in a factory. Her family, still in the countryside, is too impoverished to keep sending her to school. So she works long days on a stereo-assembly line, struggling through night school every evening in order to achieve her dream of becoming a writer. THE GIRL WHO WROTE LONELINESS is set against the backdrop of Korea’s industrial sweatshops of the 1970s, and takes on the extreme exploitation, oppression and urbanization that helped catapult Korea’s economy out of the ashes of war.
Pegasus * 9781605988634

HOUSE OF THIEVES by Charles Belfoure (Historical Fiction)
In 1886 New York, a respectable architect shouldn't have any connection to the notorious gang of thieves and killers that rules the underbelly of the city. When John Cross' son racks up an unfathomable gambling debt to Kent's Gents, Cross must pay it back himself. All he has to do is use his inside knowledge of high society mansions and museums to craft a robbery even the smartest detectives won't solve. But Cross' entire life has become a balancing act, and it will only take one mistake for it all to come crashing down --- and for his family to go down too.
Sourcebooks Landmark * 9781492617891

INJUSTICE by Lee Goodman (Legal Thriller)
Someone close to Nick Davis is murdered. Investigators see it as either a case of mistaken identity or the work of a jealous fiancé. As a federal prosecutor, Nick tries shepherding the case to a swift conclusion, but it keeps slipping away. Meanwhile, Nick’s relationship with his wife, Tina, hangs by the thinnest of threads. She is also a lawyer, working to vindicate a young man convicted of killing a child eight years previously. When old DNA evidence is uncovered in the murder case, its analysis hurls Nick’s universe into upheaval.
Atria/Emily Bestler Books * 9781476728032

THE KILLING KIND by Chris Holm (Thriller)
Once a covert operative for a false-flag unit of the US military, Michael Hendricks was presumed dead after a mission in Afghanistan went sideways. He left behind his old life --- and beloved fiancée --- and set out on a path of redemption...or perhaps one of willful self-destruction. Now Hendricks makes his living as a hitman entrepreneur of sorts --- he only hits other hitmen. Not a bad way for a guy with his skill-set to make a living, but a great way to make himself a target.
Mulholland Books * 9780316259538

THE LAST SEASON: A Father, a Son, and a Lifetime of College Football by Stuart Stevens (Memoir)
Stuart Stevens built a successful career as a writer and political consultant. But in the fall of 2012, the presidential campaign he’d worked on suffered a painful defeat. Grappling with a profound sense of loss and mortality, he began asking himself some tough questions, not least about his relationship with his father. He made a resolution: to invite his father to attend a season of Ole Miss football games together. This allows them to take stock of their lives as father and son, and as individuals, reminding themselves of their unique, complicated, precious bond.
Knopf * 9780385353021

THE LAST SEPTEMBER by Nina de Gramont (Psychological Thriller)
Brett had been in love with Charlie from the day she laid eyes on him in college. When Charlie is found murdered, Brett is devastated. But, if she is honest with herself, their marriage had been hanging by a thread for quite some time. Though all clues point to Charlie’s brother Eli, who’s been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years, any number of people might have been driven to slit the throat of Charlie Moss --- a handsome, charismatic man who unwittingly damaged almost every life he touched.
Algonquin Books * 9781616201333

MINUTE ZERO by Todd Moss (Thriller)
Fresh off the harrowing events of THE GOLDEN HOUR, State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker is suddenly thrown into a quickly developing emergency in Zimbabwe, where a longtime strongman is being challenged for the presidency. Rumors are flying furiously: armed gangs, military crackdowns, shady outside money pouring in, and, most disturbing for the United States, reports of highly enriched uranium leaking into the market. And that’s all before Ryker even lands in the country. It gets much worse after that.
G.P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399168680

THE MISTAKE I MADE by Paula Daly (Psychological Thriller)
After the dissolution of her marriage, Roz’s business has gone under, debts are racking up, the rent is late (again), and she's struggling to provide for her nine-year-old son. At her sister’s birthday party, Roz meets Scott Elias, who makes her an offer to spend the night with him --- for money. With that kind of cash, she could clear her debts and get her life back on track. But as the situation spirals out of her control, Roz is forced to do things she never thought herself capable of. Can she ever set things right again?
Grove Press * 9780802124098

ONCE IN A GREAT CITY: A Detroit Story by David Maraniss (History)
It’s 1963, and Detroit is on top of the world. The auto industry was selling more cars than ever before and inventing the Mustang. Motown was capturing the world with its amazing artists. The progressive labor movement was rooted in Detroit with the UAW. Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech there two months before he made it famous in the Washington march. ONCE IN A GREAT CITY shows that the shadows of collapse were evident even then.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476748382

PATRIOT: An Alex Hawke Novel by Ted Bell (Thriller/Adventure)
In corrupt Russia, an erratic Vladimir Putin is determined to forge his country into a formidable superpower once again. He intends to redraw the map of Europe and will go to impossible extremes to realize his fantasies. Kremlin scientists have developed a radical new weapon that could forever alter modern warfare. NATO, locked in a tense standoff over Ukraine, Poland and Estonia, knows Putin will not hesitate to use it. But there is one man who can bring the world back from the brink: Britain’s foremost intelligence asset, Lord Alexander Hawke.
William Morrow * 9780062279415

QUICKSAND by Steve Toltz (Fiction)
Liam is a struggling writer and a failing cop. Aldo, his best friend and muse, is a haplessly criminal entrepreneur with an uncanny knack for disaster. As Aldo’s luck worsens, Liam is inspired to base his next book on his best friend’s exponential misfortunes and hopeless quest to win back his one great love: his ex-wife, Stella. What begins as an attempt to make sense of Aldo’s mishaps spirals into a profound story of faith and friendship.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476797823

THE SCAM: A Fox and O'Hare Novel by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg (Mystery/Thriller)
Evan Trace is running a money-laundering operation through his casino in Macau. Some of his best customers are mobsters, dictators and global terrorists. Nicolas Fox and Kate O’Hare will have to go deep undercover as high-stakes gamblers, wagering millions of dollars --- and their lives --- in an attempt to topple Trace’s empire. Their only backup: a self-absorbed actor, a Somali pirate, and Kate’s father, an ex-soldier who believes a rocket launcher is the best way to solve every problem. What could possibly go wrong?
Bantam * 9780345543165

SCRAPPER by Matt Bell (Fiction)
Detroit has descended into ruin. Kelly scavenges for scrap metal from the hundred thousand abandoned buildings in a part of the city known as “the zone,” an increasingly wild landscape where one day he finds something far more valuable than the copper he’s come to steal: a kidnapped boy, crying out for rescue. Briefly celebrated as a hero, Kelly secretly avenges the boy’s unsolved kidnapping, a task that will take him deeper into the zone and into a confrontation with his own past and long-buried traumas.
Soho Press * 9781616955212

SO YOU DON'T GET LOST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD written by Patrick Modiano, translated by Euan Cameron (Mystery/Psychological Suspense)
In the stillness of his Paris apartment, Jean Daragane has built a life of total solitude. Then a surprising phone call shatters the silence of an unusually hot September, and the threatening voice on the other end of the line leaves Daragane wary but irresistibly curious. Almost at once, he finds himself entangled with a shady gambler and a beautiful, fragile young woman, who draw him into the mystery of a decades-old murder. The investigation will force Daragane to confront the memory of a trauma he had all but buried.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544635067

SPEAK THE DEAD by Grant McKenzie (Supernatural Thriller/Mystery)
Twenty-five years after her mother was murdered and her father mysteriously disappeared, Sally has found a modicum of peace as a mortician’s beautician, able to take solace from the voices of the dead that trailed her for years wherever she went. Yet a grisly murder reawakens her “gift,” forcing her to turn to Jersey Castle --- homicide detective by day, punk rock drummer by night. But what Sally doesn’t know is that someone has been hunting for her all this time.
Polis Books * 9781940610542

SWEET CARESS by William Boyd (Historical Fiction)
When Amory Clay was born, her disappointed father gave her an androgynous name and announced the birth of a son. But this daughter was not one to let others define her; Amory became a woman who accepted no limits to what that could mean, and, from the time she picked up her first camera, one who would record her own version of events. Moving freely between London and New York, between photojournalism and fashion photography, and between the men who love her on complicated terms, Amory establishes her reputation as a risk taker and a passionate life traveler.
Bloomsbury USA * 9781632863324

UNDERMAJORDOMO MINOR by Patrick deWitt (Mystery/Adventure)
Lucien (Lucy) Minor is the resident odd duck in the bucolic hamlet of Bury. Friendless and loveless, young and aimless, Lucy is a compulsive liar, a sickly weakling in a town famous for producing brutish giants. Then Lucy accepts employment assisting the Majordomo of the remote, foreboding Castle Von Aux. While tending to his new post as Undermajordomo, Lucy soon discovers that the place harbors many dark secrets, not least of which is the whereabouts of the castle’s master, Baron Von Aux.
Ecco * 9780062281203

WHERE THE BODIES WERE BURIED: Whitey Bulger and the World That Made Him by T. J. English (True Crime)
For 16 years, Whitey Bulger eluded the long reach of the law. But finally, in 2011, he was arrested in southern California and returned to Boston, where he was tried and convicted of racketeering and murder. T. J. English covered the trial at close range, interviewing Bulger’s associates as well as lawyers, former federal agents, and even members of the jury in the backyards and barrooms of Whitey’s world. In WHERE THE BODIES WERE BURIED, English offers a startlingly revisionist account of Bulger’s story.
William Morrow * 9780062290984

YES, MY ACCENT IS REAL: And Some Other Things I Haven't Told You by Kunal Nayyar (Humor/Essays)
In this revealing collection of essays written in his irreverent, hilarious and self-deprecating voice, Kunal Nayyar (Raj from “The Big Bang Theory”) traces his journey from a little boy in New Delhi who mistakes an awkward first kiss for a sacred commitment, gets nosebleeds chugging Coca-Cola to impress other students, and excels in the sport of badminton, to the confident, successful actor on the set of TV’s most-watched sitcom since “Friends.”
Atria Books * 9781476761824
On Sale the Week of September 14th in Paperback

September 14th

THE HUMAN AGE: The World Shaped By Us by Diane Ackerman (Social Science)
In THE HUMAN AGE, Diane Ackerman confronts the unprecedented reality that one prodigiously intelligent and meddlesome creature, Homo sapiens, is now the dominant force shaping the future of planet Earth. She takes us on an exhilarating journey through our new reality, introducing us to many of the people and ideas now creating --- perhaps saving --- our future and that of our fellow creatures.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393351644

September 15th

BALLROOM by Alice Simpson (Fiction)
Nearly 40 and still single, Sarah Dreyfus is desperate for love and sure she’ll find it with debonair Gabriel Katz. Tired of the bachelor life, Joseph believes that his yearning for a wife and family will be fulfilled --- if only he can get Sarah to notice him. Besotted with beautiful young Maria Rodriguez, elderly dance instructor Harry Korn knows they can find happiness together. Maria has a dream of her own, a passion her broken-hearted father refuses to accept or understand.
Harper Paperbacks * 9780062323040

BEFORE THE FIRST SHOTS ARE FIRED: How America Can Win or Lose Off the Battlefield by General Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz (Current Affairs)
Drawing on his vast experience --- from combat in Vietnam to peacekeeping in Somalia, to war games in Washington, DC and negotiations with former rebels in the Philippines --- retired four-star General Tony Zinni argues that the US has a lot of work to do to make the process of going to war (or not) more clear-eyed and ultimately successful.
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250075055

BLOOD ON THE WATER: A William Monk Novel by Anne Perry (Historical Mystery)
William Monk is witness to the terrible bombing of an afternoon pleasure boat on the river that leaves 200 people dead. An Egyptian man is quickly caught, tried and sentenced to death --- and then just as swiftly murdered in prison. When evidence surfaces that proves the dead man innocent, the case is handed to Monk, who now must rely on his own memory of the event to help piece together what really happened.
Ballantine Books * 9780345548450

A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER by Alex Marshall (Fantasy/Adventure)
Twenty years ago, feared general Cobalt Zosia led her five villainous captains and mercenary army into battle, wrestling monsters and toppling an empire. Now the peace she carved for herself after retiring has been shattered by the unprovoked slaughter of her village. Seeking bloody vengeance, Zosia heads for battle once more, but to find justice she must confront grudge-bearing enemies, once-loyal allies, and an unknown army that marches under a familiar banner.
Orbit * 9780316379410

THE DEMON’S BROOD: A History of the Plantagenet Dynasty by Desmond Seward (History)
The Plantagenets reigned over England longer than any other family --- from Henry II to Richard III. Four kings were murdered, two came close to deposition, and another was killed in a battle by rebels. Shakespeare wrote plays about six of them, further entrenching them in the national myth. Based on major contemporary sources and recent research, acclaimed historian Desmond Seward provides, in one volume, the first readable overview of the whole extraordinary dynasty.
Pegasus * 9781605988696

EMBATTLED REBEL: Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Civil War by James M. McPherson (History)
Many Americans in Jefferson Davis’ own time and in later generations considered him an incompetent leader, if not a traitor. Not so, argues James M. McPherson. In EMBATTLED REBEL, McPherson shows us that Davis might have been on the wrong side of history, but it is too easy to diminish him because of his cause’s failure. In order to understand the Civil War and its outcome, it is essential to give Davis his due as a military leader and as the president of an aspiring Confederate nation.
Penguin Books * 9780143127758

FAMILY FURNISHINGS: Selected Stories, 1995-2014 by Alice Munro (Fiction/Short Stories)
FAMILY FURNISHINGS brings us 24 of Alice Munro’s most accomplished, most powerfully affecting stories, many of them set in the territory she has so brilliantly made her own: the small towns and flatlands of southwestern Ontario. These stories illuminate the quotidian yet extraordinary particularity in the lives of men and women, parents and children, friends and lovers as they discover sex, fall in love, part, quarrel, suffer defeat, set off into the unknown or find a way to be in the world.
Vintage * 9781101872352

HER FINAL BREATH by Robert Dugoni (Mystery/Thriller)
Paperback Original
A serial killer known as the Cowboy is killing young women in cheap motels in North Seattle. Even after a stalker leaves a menacing message for Tracy Crosswhite, suggesting the killer or a copycat could be targeting her personally, the homicide detective is charged with bringing the murderer to justice. With clues scarce and more victims dying, Tracy realizes that the key to solving the murders may lie in a decade-old homicide investigation that others, including her captain, Johnny Nolasco, would prefer to keep buried.
Thomas & Mercer * 9781503945029

HIGH AS THE HORSES’ BRIDLES by Scott Cheshire (Fiction)
It’s 1980 at a crowded amphitheater in Queens, and 12-year-old Josiah is about to step to the stage while thousands of believers wait to hear him. Suddenly, Josiah’s words come rushing out, his whole body fills to the brim with the certainty of a strange apocalyptic vision. But is it true prophecy, or just a young believer’s imagination running wild? Decades later, when Josiah (now Josie) is grown and has long since left the church, he returns to Queens to care for his father who, day by day, is losing his grip on reality.
Picador * 9781250074683

MEMORY MAN by David Baldacci (Thriller)
Amos Decker returned from a stakeout one evening and entered a nightmare --- his wife, young daughter and brother-in-law had been murdered. His family destroyed, their killer's identity as mysterious as the motive behind the crime, and unable to forget a single detail from that horrible night, Decker finds his world collapsing around him. But over a year later, a man turns himself in to the police and confesses to the murders. Decker must endure the memories he would much rather forget --- and may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455559817

MONDAY, MONDAY by Elizabeth Crook (Historical Fiction)
On an oppressively hot Monday in August of 1966, a student and former marine named Charles Whitman hauled a footlocker of guns to the top of the University of Texas tower and began firing on pedestrians below. Before it was over, 16 people had been killed and 32 wounded. It was the first mass shooting of civilians on a campus in American history. Elizabeth Crook's latest novel, MONDAY, MONDAY, follows three students caught up in the massacre.
Picador * 9781250069221

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris (Autobiography/Humor)
In this revolutionary, Joycean experiment in light celebrity narrative, Neil Patrick Harris lets you, the reader, live his life. And at each critical juncture of your life, you will choose how to proceed. You will decide whether to try out for “Doogie Howser, M.D.” and whether to spend years struggling with your sexuality. Choose correctly and you’ll find fame, fortune and true love. Choose incorrectly and you’ll find misery, heartbreak and a hideous death by piranhas.
Three Rivers Press * 9780385347013

NOT FADE AWAY: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander, with Sascha Alper (Memoir)
Rebecca Alexander is a psychotherapist, a spin instructor, a volunteer and an athlete. She is also almost completely blind, with significantly deteriorated hearing. In NOT FADE AWAY, Rebecca charts her journey from a teenager who tried to hide her disabilities to a woman who is able to face the world exactly as she is. Even though Rebecca inhabits a gradually darkening world, she refuses to let that stop her from living life with joy and enthusiasm.
Avery * 9781592409419

ON IMMUNITY: An Inoculation by Eula Biss (Social Science)
Upon becoming a new mother, Eula Biss addresses a chronic condition of fear --- fear of the government, the medical establishment, and what is in your child's air, food, mattress, medicine and vaccines. She finds that you cannot immunize your child, or yourself, from the world. In ON IMMUNITY, Biss investigates the metaphors and myths surrounding our conception of immunity and its implications for the individual and the social body.
Graywolf Press * 9781555977207

RICKEY & ROBINSON: The True, Untold Story of the Integration of Baseball by Roger Kahn (Sports/History)
Legendary sportswriter Roger Kahn at last reveals the true, unsanitized account of the integration of baseball, a story that for decades has relied on inaccurate, second-hand reports. This story contains exclusive reporting and personal reminiscences that no other writer can produce, including revelatory material he’d buried in his notebooks in the '40s and '50s, back when sportswriters were still known to "protect" players and baseball executives.
Rodale Books * 9781623366018

ROOMS by Lauren Oliver (Supernatural Mystery)
Wealthy Richard Walker has just died, leaving behind his country house full of rooms packed with the detritus of a lifetime. His estranged family has arrived for their inheritance, but they are not alone. Alice and Sandra, long-dead former residents, linger within the house. The living and dead are each haunted by painful truths. When a new ghost appears, and Richard’s troubled son, Trenton, communicates with her, the spirit and human worlds collide.
Ecco * 9780062223203

SEE HOW SMALL by Scott Blackwood (Fiction)
Two strangers walk into an ice cream shop shortly before closing time. They bind up the three teenage girls who are working the counter, set fire to the shop and disappear. SEE HOW SMALL tells the stories of the survivors who must endure in the wake of atrocity. Justice remains elusive in their world, human connection tenuous. Hovering above the aftermath of their deaths are the three girls, who try to connect with and prod to life those they left behind.
Back Bay Books * 9780316373944

A SUDDEN LIGHT by Garth Stein (Supernatural Mystery)
In the summer of 1990, 14-year-old Trevor Riddell gets his first glimpse of Riddell House. The legendary mansion is built of giant, whole trees, and Trevor’s father --- in a trial separation with his wife --- wants to sell it. Trevor soon discovers the ghost burdened by the final wishes of the Riddell patriarch, Elijah: that the mansion is returned to untamed forestland as penance for the trees harvested by the Riddell Timber Company. Trevor’s willingness to face the past holds the key to his family’s future.
Simon & Schuster * 9781439187043

’TIL THE WELL RUNS DRY by Lauren Francis-Sharma (Historical Fiction)
Young Marcia Garcia, a gifted and smart-mouthed 16-year-old seamstress, lives alone, raising two small boys and guarding a family secret. When she meets Farouk Karam, an ambitious young policeman, the risks and rewards in Marcia’s life amplify forever. The novel follows Marcia and Farouk from their amusing and passionate courtship through personal and historical events that threaten Marcia’s secret, entangle the couple and their children in a scandal, and endanger the future for all of them.
Picador * 9781250074676

THE WHITE VAN by Patrick Hoffman (Thriller)
At a dive bar in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, drug-hustling Emily Rosario is looking for an escape from her desperate lifestyle. When she is approached by a Russian businessman, she thinks she might have found her exit. A week later --- drugged, disoriented and wanted for robbery --- she finds herself on the run for her life. When cop Leo Elias hears about an unsolved bank robbery, he takes the case into his own hands, hoping to find Emily and the money before anyone else does.
Grove Press * 9780802124203
On Sale the Week of September 21st in Hardcover

September 21st

THE CONQUERING TIDE: War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944 by Ian W. Toll (History)
THE CONQUERING TIDE encompasses the heart of the Pacific War --- the period between mid-1942 and mid-1944 --- when parallel Allied counteroffensives north and south of the equator washed over Japan's far-flung island empire like a "conquering tide," concluding with Japan's irreversible strategic defeat in the Marianas. It was the largest, bloodiest, most costly, most technically innovative and logistically complicated amphibious war in history, and it fostered bitter interservice rivalries, leaving wounds that even victory could not heal.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393080643

September 22nd

1944: FDR and the Year That Changed History by Jay Winik (History)
1944 witnessed a series of titanic events: FDR at the pinnacle of his wartime leadership as well as his reelection, the planning of Operation Overlord with Churchill and Stalin, the unprecedented D-Day invasion, the liberation of Paris and the horrific Battle of the Bulge, and the tumultuous conferences that finally shaped the coming peace. But on the way, millions of more lives were still at stake as President Roosevelt was exposed to mounting evidence of the most grotesque crime in history: the Final Solution.
Simon & Schuster * 9781439114087

AFTER THE PARADE by Lori Ostlund (Fiction)
After 20 years under the Pygmalion-like direction of his older partner Walter, Aaron Englund at last decides it is time to stop letting life happen to him and to take control of his own fate. But soon after establishing himself in San Francisco, Aaron sees that real freedom will not come until he has made peace with his memories of Morton, Minnesota: a cramped town whose 400 souls form a constellation of Aaron’s childhood heartbreaks and hopes.
Scribner * 9781476790107

BIG MAGIC: Creative Living Beyond Fear
by Elizabeth Gilbert (Self-Help/Motivational)
Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration and empowerment from Elizabeth Gilbert’s books for years. Now this beloved author digs deep into her own generative process to share her wisdom and unique perspective about creativity. With profound empathy and radiant generosity, she offers potent insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration. Balancing between soulful spirituality and cheerful pragmatism, Gilbert encourages us to uncover the “strange jewels” that are hidden within each of us.
Riverhead Books * 9781594634710

BRADY VS. MANNING: The Untold Story of the Rivalry That Transformed the NFL by Gary Myers (Sports)
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are perhaps the two greatest quarterbacks of all time. But what do they actually think of each other? What are they like behind closed doors and in the locker room, and how does that influence their careers? Veteran NFL correspondent Gary Myers tackles this subject from every angle and with unprecedented access and insight, drawing on a huge number of never-before-heard interviews with Brady and Manning, their coaches, their families, and those who have played with them and against them.
Crown Archetype * 9780804139373

COME RAIN OR COME SHINE: A Mitford Novel by Jan Karon (Fiction)
Over the course of 10 Mitford novels, readers have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, first seen in AT HOME IN MITFORD as a barefoot, freckle-faced boy in filthy overalls. Now, Father Tim Kavanagh’s adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened his own animal clinic. Since money will be tight for a while, maybe he and Lace Harper, his once and future soul mate, should keep their wedding simple. In COME RAIN OR COME SHINE, Jan Karon delivers the wedding that millions of Mitford fans have waited for.
G. P. Putnam's Sons * 9780399167454

FURIOUSLY HAPPY: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson (Memoir/Humor)
In FURIOUSLY HAPPY, Jenny Lawson explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. A hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? That sounds like a terrible idea. But terrible ideas are what Jenny does best. This is a book about embracing everything that makes us who we are --- the beautiful and the flawed --- and then using it to find joy in fantastic and outrageous ways.
Flatiron Books * 9781250077004

When young journalist Thomas Cleary is sent to dig up quotes for the obituary of a legendary film producer, the man's eccentric daughter offers him entrée into the exclusive upper echelons of Hollywood society. Then he meets Matilda Duplaine, a beautiful and mysterious young woman, and the two begin a secret love affair. But what starts as an enchanted romance soon unravels a web of secrets and lies that could destroy their lives --- and the lives of everyone around them --- forever.
Mira * 9780778317531

by Lawrence Block (Hard-boiled Mystery)
Cashed out from the NYPD after 24 years, Doak Miller operates as a private eye in steamy small-town Florida, doing jobs for the local police. Like posing as a hit man and wearing a wire to incriminate a local wife who’s looking to get rid of her husband. But when he sees the wife, when he looks into her deep blue eyes, he falls --- and falls hard. Soon he’s working with her, against his employer, plotting a devious plan that could get her free from her husband and put millions in her bank account. But can they do it without landing in jail?
Hard Case Crime * 9781783297504

HAD I KNOWN: A Memoir of Survival by Joan Lunden (Memoir)
When former “Good Morning America” host Joan Lunden was diagnosed with breast cancer, she set out to learn everything about it to help her survive. With seven children counting on her, giving up was not an option. After announcing her diagnosis on “GMA,” people all over the country rallied around Joan as she went into Warrior mode. HAD I KNOWN is a chronicle of Joan’s experience and the plan she formulated and followed to battle with her disease and treatment. As Joan reveals, while her journey was not easy, it profoundly changed her in unexpected ways.
Harper * 9780062404084

THE KILLING LESSONS by Saul Black (Thriller)
When the two strangers turn up at Rowena Cooper's isolated farmhouse, she knows instantly that it's the end of everything. For the two haunted and driven men, it's just another stop on a long and bloody journey. For San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart, their trail of victims has brought her from obsession to the edge of physical and psychological destruction. But the murders at the Cooper farmhouse didn't quite go according to plan. There was a survivor, Rowena's 10-year-old daughter, who now holds the key to the killings.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250057341

KILLING REAGAN: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard (History/Politics)
Just two months into his presidency, Ronald Reagan lay near death after a gunman's bullet came within inches of his heart. His recovery was nothing short of remarkable --- or so it seemed. But Reagan was grievously injured, forcing him to encounter a challenge that few men ever face. Could he silently overcome his traumatic experience while at the same time carrying out the duties of the most powerful man in the world?
Henry Holt & Company * 9781627792417

THE NIXON TAPES: 1973 by Douglas Brinkley and Luke Nichter (History/Politics)
When THE NIXON TAPES: 1971–1972 was published in August 2014, it captivated media attention for its many revelations. Douglas Brinkley and Luke Nichter’s heroic efforts to transcribe and annotate the highlights of more than 3,700 hours of recorded conversations provided an unprecedented and fascinating window into the inner workings of a momentous presidency. Now, with a concluding volume to cover the final year of the Nixon taping system, Brinkley and Nichter tell the rest of the story --- once again with revelations on every page.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544610538

RFK Jr.: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Dark Side of the Dream by Jerry Oppenheimer (Biography)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. inherited his assassinated father's piercing blue eyes and Brahmin style, earning a reputation as the nation's foremost environmental activist and lawyer, battling corporate polluters. But in this first-ever biography of him, Jerry Oppenheimer places Bobby Jr., leader of the third generation of America's royal family, under a journalistic microscope. Like his slain father, the iconic senator and presidential hopeful, he was destined for political greatness. Why it never happened is revealed here.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250032959

THE SHIFT: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients' Lives by Theresa Brown (Memoir)
A moving story unfolds in real time as practicing nurse and New York Times columnist Theresa Brown reveals the individual struggles as well as the larger truths about medicine in this country. She lets us experience all the life that happens in just one day in a busy teaching hospital’s oncology ward. In the span of 12 hours, lives can be lost, life-altering treatment decisions made, and dreams fulfilled or irrevocably stolen. Every day, Theresa Brown holds these lives in her hands. On this day there are four.
Algonquin Books * 9781616203207

THE SLAUGHTER MAN by Tony Parsons (Thriller)
On New Year's Day, a wealthy family is found slaughtered inside their exclusive gated community, their youngest child stolen away. The murder weapon leads homicide detective Max Wolfe to a dusty corner of Scotland Yard's Black Museum devoted to a mass murderer who, 30 years ago, was known as The Slaughter Man. But The Slaughter Man has done his time and is now old and dying. Is he really back in the killing game? And was the slaughter of a happy family a mindless killing spree, or a grotesque homage by a copycat killer, or a contract hit designed to frame a dying man?
Minotaur Books * 9781250052704

THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND by Stuart Neville (Mystery/Thriller)
Ciaran Devine, who made Belfast headlines seven years ago as the “schoolboy killer,” is about to walk free. At the age of 12, he confessed to the brutal murder of his foster father; his testimony mitigated the sentence of his older brother, Thomas, who was also found at the crime scene, covered in blood. But DCI Serena Flanagan, the only officer who could convince a frightened Ciaran to speak, has silently harbored doubts about his confession all this time. She will soon discover that even closed cases can unleash terror on the streets of Belfast.
Soho Crime * 9781616956363

UNDER THE UDALA TREES by Chinelo Okparanta (Fiction)
Ijeoma comes of age as her nation does; born before independence, she is 11 when civil war breaks out in the young republic of Nigeria. Sent away to safety, she meets another displaced child, and they fall in love. They are from different ethnic communities. They are also both girls. When their love is discovered, Ijeoma learns that she will have to hide this part of herself. But there is a cost to living inside a lie.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544003446

THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption by Kermit Alexander, Alex Gerould and Jeff Snipes (Memoir)
On the morning of August 31, 1984, in the South Central section of Los Angeles, three armed men broke into a house, brutally murdering two women and two young boys. The victims were Ebora Alexander, Dietra Alexander, Damani Garner and Damon Bonner --- the mother, sister and nephews of retired All-Pro cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers Kermit Alexander. In his own words, Kermit finally shares the full story of what happened to his loved ones and the aftermath of that tragic day.
Atria Books * 9781476765761
On Sale the Week of September 21st in Paperback

September 21st

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh by John Lahr (Biography)
TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH gives intimate access to the mind of one of the most brilliant dramatists of his century, whose plays reshaped the American theater and the nation's sense of itself. This astute, deeply researched biography sheds a light on Tennessee Williams' warring family, his guilt, his creative triumphs and failures, his sexuality and numerous affairs, his misreported death, even the shenanigans surrounding his estate.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393351651

September 22nd

BROOKS: The Biography of Brooks Robinson by Doug Wilson (Sports/Biography)
Doug Wilson returns to baseball’s Golden Age to detail the birth of a new franchise through the man who came to symbolize it as one of baseball’s most beloved players. Through numerous interviews with people from every part of the legendary player's life, Wilson reveals never-before-reported information to illuminate Brooks Robinson's remarkable skill and warm personality.
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250074607

THE BULLY OF ORDER by Brian Hart (Historical Fiction)
Set in a logging town on the lawless Pacific coast of Washington State at the turn of the 20th century, THE BULLY OF ORDER is a novel of fate and redemption in which the lives of an ill-fated family are at the mercy of violent social and historical forces that tear them apart.
Harper Perennial * 9780062297754

THE DAY OF ATONEMENT by David Liss (Historical Fiction)
Lisbon, 1755: A distinguished-looking gentleman emerges from the bowels of a ship freshly arrived from London, and sets into the city with a singular purpose. Trained in the arts of coercion by bounty hunter Benjamin Weaver, Sebastian has returned to the city to repay old debts…and to find the man who killed his father. To succeed, he'll need to find his allies and identify his enemies among the Inquisition's spies.
Ballantine Books * 9780345520197

THE FROZEN DEAD by Bernard Minier (Mystery)
One winter morning, a group of workers discover the headless, flayed body of a horse, hanging suspended from the edge of a frozen cliff. There’s something disturbing about this crime that Commandant Martin Servaz can’t ignore. Then DNA from one of the most notorious inmates of an asylum, a highly intelligent former prosecutor accused of killing and raping several women, is found on the horse carcass. And a few days later, the first human murder takes place. A dark story of madness and revenge seems to be unfolding.
Minotaur Books * 9781250078346

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT by Nuruddin Farah (Fiction)
When Bella, a fashion photographer living in Rome, learns of her beloved half-brother’s murder, she travels to Nairobi to care for her niece and nephew. But when their mother resurfaces, reasserting her maternal rights and bringing with her a gale of chaos and confusion that mirrors the deepening political instability in the region, Bella must decide how far she will go to obey the call of sisterly responsibility.
Penguin Books * 9781594634109

HONEYDEW: Stories by Edith Pearlman (Fiction/Short Stories)
In HONEYDEW, Edith Pearlman writes with warmth about the predicaments of being human. Whether the characters we encounter are a special child with pentachromatic vision, a group of displaced Somali women adjusting to life in suburban Boston, or a staid professor of Latin unsettled by a random invitation to lecture on the mystery of life and death, Pearlman knows each of them intimately and reveals them to us with unsurpassed generosity.
Back Bay Books * 9780316297233

HUSH HUSH: A Tess Monaghan Novel
by Laura Lippman (Mystery/Thriller)
Tess Monaghan wants nothing to do with a woman crazy enough to have killed her own child. But when her mentor asks her to keep an eye on Melisandre Harris Dawes, who --- by reason of criminal insanity --- was judged not guilty of her daughter’s death, she has to accept. However, things gets tricky after Melisandre becomes a prime suspect in a recent murder. While Tess scrutinizes her, a judgmental stalker has been watching her every move as well.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062083432

STRIKING GRIDIRON: A Town's Pride and a Team’s Shot at Glory During the Biggest Strike in American History by Greg Nichols (Sports/History)
The Steel Strike of 1959 drove the iconic mill town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, into despair. But in a time of crisis, this small community just outside Pittsburgh found glory on its high school field as the Braddock Tigers had the national record for consecutive wins in their sights. STRIKING GRIDIRON recounts the striking workers who stood tall against the steel industry --- and a setback in the Supreme Court --- and whose strength was mirrored in the field heroics of steel-town boys on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250074614

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