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August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of August 25th and September 1st that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of August 25th in Hardcover

August 26th

CLOSE TO HOME by Lisa Jackson (Thriller)
Vowing to make a fresh start, Sarah McAdams has come home to renovate the old Victorian mansion where she grew up. Ever since the original mistress of the house plunged to her death almost a century ago, there have been rumors that the place is haunted. But there’s a new, more urgent menace in the small town. One by one, teenage girls are disappearing. Somewhere deep in Sarah’s memory is the key to a very real and terrifying danger. And only by confronting her worst fears can she stop the nightmare roaring back to life once more.
Kensington * 9780758258595

THE END OF INNOCENCE by Allegra Jordan (Historical Romance)
Helen Windship Brooks is struggling to find herself at the renowned Harvard-Radcliffe university when carefree British playboy Riley Spencer and his brooding German poet-cousin, Wils Brandl, burst into her sheltered world. But with foreign tensions mounting and the country teetering on the brink of World War I, German-born Wils finds his future at Harvard increasingly in danger. When both cousins are called to fight on opposing sides of the same war, Helen must decide if she is ready to fight her own battle for what she loves most.
Sourcebooks Landmark * 9781492603832

F by Daniel Kehlmann (Fiction)
Arthur is a wannabe writer who takes his sons to see the Great Lindemann, Master of Hypnosis. The Great Lindemann gets Arthur to tell him his deepest secrets and then tells him to make them real. Arthur empties his bank account and vanishes to become a world-famous author (F is for fake). But what of the boys? Martin grows up to be a priest without a vocation (F is for faith). Eric becomes a financier (F is for fraud), while Ivan, a talented artist, becomes a forger (F is for forgery). When the summer of the global financial crisis dawns, they're thrown together again with cataclysmic results.
Pantheon * 9780307911810

FIVES AND TWENTY-FIVES by Michael Pitre (Fiction)
Dispatched to fill potholes on the highways of Iraq, the road repair platoon works to assure safe passage for citizens and military personnel. Lieutenant Donavan leads the platoon, painfully aware of his shortcomings and isolated by his rank. Doc Pleasant, the medic, joined for opportunity, but finds his pride undone as he watches friends die. And Kateb is an Iraqi interpreter whose love of American culture is matched only by his disdain for what Americans are doing to his country.
Bloomsbury USA * 9781620407547

THE FURIES by Natalie Haynes (Psychological Mystery)
After losing her fiancé in a shocking tragedy, Alex Morris moves from London to Edinburgh to take a job teaching drama therapy at a last-chance learning community for teens expelled from other schools in the city. Her most challenging class is an intimidating group of teenagers who have been given up on by everyone before her. Alex soon discovers, though, that discussing the Greek tragedies opens them up in unexpected ways. But are these tales of cruel fate and bloody revenge teaching more than Alex ever intended?
St. Martin's Press * 9781250048004

HARBOR ISLAND: A Sharpe & Donovan Novel by Carla Neggers (Romantic Suspense)
Emma Sharpe joins her grandfather Wendell Sharpe, a world-renowed art detective, in the search for a serial art thief who has eluded them for a decade. The first heist occurred in Ireland, where an ancient cross was stolen, and now the thief leaves a replica after each crime to remind them of their failure. But when the replica turns up on the body of a dead woman, Emma must now face questions about her relationship with her fiance, while tracking the most ruthless killer she has ever encountered.
Harlequin MIRA * 9780778316534

HER LAST WHISPER by Karen Robards (Paranormal Romantic Suspense)
The last time criminal psychology expert Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone helped capture a serial killer, it was nearly the last thing she ever did. But when dangerous duty calls, she can’t refuse. And there’s no greater danger than the Cinderella Killer, a charming predator who lures beautiful, single women to their deaths. FBI agent Lena Kaminsky fears her missing sister has fallen prey to the seductive psychopath, but it’s Charlie who ends up gambling with her life when the killer decides she’s just his type.
Ballantine Books * 9780804178266

HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Romance)
He’s a reclusive writer whose macabre imagination creates chilling horror novels. She’s a down-on-her-luck actress reduced to staging kids’ puppet shows. He knows a dozen ways to kill with his bare hands. She knows a dozen ways to kill with laughs. But she’s not laughing now. When she was a teenager, he terrified her. Now they’re trapped together on a snowy island off the coast of Maine. Is he the villain she remembers, or has he changed? Her head says no. Her heart says yes. It’s going to be a long, hot winter.
William Morrow * 9780062106070

THE IRON SICKLE: A Sueño & Bascom Mystery Set in Korea by Martin Limon (Mystery)
Early one rainy morning, the head of the 8th United States Army Claims Office in Seoul, South Korea, is brutally murdered by a Korean man in a trench coat with a small iron sickle hidden in his sleeve. Against orders, CID agents George Sueño and Ernie Bascom start to investigate. Somehow, no one they speak to has been interviewed yet. The 8th Army isn't great at solving cases, but they aren't usually this bad either. George and Ernie begin to suspect that someone doesn’t want the case solved.
Soho Crime * 9781616953911

LISETTE’S LIST by Susan Vreeland (Historical Romance)
A young Parisian woman must move to Provence to take care of her husband's ailing grandfather. She discovers that, despite the horrors of war, the paintings of Cézanne, Pissarro, Chagall and Picasso bring a fresh perspective and breathe new life into her --- and allow her once again to experience love.
Random House * 9781400068173

LOCK IN by John Scalzi (Thriller)
A new and highly contagious virus makes its way across the globe. For most, the virus is nothing worse than the flu, but for the unlucky 1% of the population, it results in locked-in syndrome: the victim is fully awake and aware but unable to respond. Fifteen years later, integrators are able to let the locked-in borrow their bodies, when a single murder rocks this new world and everything they thought was true.
Tor Books * 9780765375865

THE LONG WAY HOME: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel by Louise Penny (Mystery)
Happily retired in the village of Three Pines, Armand Gamache, former Chief Inspector of Homicide with the Sûreté du Québec, has found a peace he’d only imagined possible. While he doesn’t talk about his wounds and his balm, his neighbor Clara Morrow tells him about hers. Peter, her artist husband, has failed to come home, and she wants Gamache’s help to find him. Having finally found sanctuary, Gamache feels a near revulsion at the thought of leaving Three Pines. But he does.
Minotaur Books * 9781250022066

THE MINIATURIST by Jessie Burton (Historical Fiction)
Nella arrives in Amsterdam to begin a new life as the wife of illustrious merchant trader Johannes Brandt. Johannes is always locked in his study or at his warehouse office, leaving Nella alone with his sister. But Nella’s world changes when Johannes presents her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a cabinet-sized replica of their home. To furnish her gift, Nella engages the services of a miniaturist --- an elusive and enigmatic artist whose tiny creations mirror their real-life counterparts in eerie and unexpected ways.
Ecco * 9780062306814

MR. TALL: A Novella and Stories by Tony Earley (Fiction/Short Stories)
The stories in MR. TALL introduce us not only to ordinary people seeking to live extraordinary lives, but also to the skunk ape (a southern variant of Bigfoot), the ghost of Jesse James, and a bone-tired Jack the Giant Killer. Whether it's Appalachia, Nashville, the Carolina Coast, or a make-believe land of talking dogs, each world Tony Earley creates is indelible.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316246125

THE STORY OF LAND AND SEA by Katy Simpson Smith (Historical Fiction)
Set in a small coastal town in North Carolina during the waning years of the American Revolution, THE STORY OF LAND AND SEA is a debut novel that follows three generations of family --- fathers and daughters, mother and son, master and slave, characters who yearn for redemption amidst a heady brew of war, kidnapping, slavery and love.
Harper * 9780062335944

STRANGE SHORES: An Inspector Erlendur Novel by Arnaldur Indridason (Mystery)
A young woman who has disappeared has left in her wake a tempest of lies, betrayal and revenge. Decades later, somewhere in the same wilderness, Detective Erlendur is on the hunt. He is looking for the missing woman but also for his long-lost brother, whose disappearance in a snowstorm when they were children has colored his entire life. Slowly, the past begins to surrender its secrets. But as Erlendur uncovers a story about the limits of human endurance, he realizes that many people would prefer their crimes to stay buried.
Minotaur Books * 9781250000408

SUMMER OF THE DEAD by Julia Keller (Mystery)
It’s high summer in Acker's Gap, West Virginia, but no one is enjoying the rugged natural landscape. Not while a killer stalks the small town and its hard-luck inhabitants. County prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are stymied by a murderer who seems to come and go like smoke on the mountain. At the same time, Bell must deal with the return from prison of her sister, Shirley --- who, like Bell, carries the indelible scars of a savage past.
Minotaur Books * 9781250044730

On Sale the Week of August 25th in Paperback

August 26th

BEING A ROCKEFELLER, BECOMING MYSELF: A Memoir by Eileen Rockefeller (Memoir)
In BEING A ROCKEFELLER, BECOMING MYSELF, the great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller and the daughter of David and Peggy Rockefeller reveals what it was like to grow up as the youngest of six children and 22 cousins in one of the world’s most famous families. Eileen learned in childhood that great wealth and fame could open almost any door, but they could not buy a sense of personal worth.
Plume * 9780142181379

BLEEDING EDGE by Thomas Pynchon (Fiction)
It is 2001 in New York City, in the lull between the collapse of the dot-com boom and the terrible events of September 11th. Silicon Alley is a ghost town, Web 1.0 is having adolescent angst, Google has yet to IPO, Microsoft is still considered the Evil Empire. There may not be quite as much money around as there was at the height of the tech bubble, but there's no shortage of swindlers looking to grab a piece of what's left.
Penguin Books * 9780143125754

THE CREEPS: A Samuel Johnson Tale by John Connolly
When a new toy shop’s opening goes terrifyingly awry, Samuel Johnson must gather a ragtag band of dwarfs, policemen, and very polite monsters to face down the greatest threat the Multiverse has ever known --- not to mention assorted vampires, a girl with an unnatural fondness for spiders, and highly flammable unfriendly elves.
Atria/Emily Bestler Books * 9781476757100

EARLY DECISION by Lacy Crawford (Fiction)
EARLY DECISION is a novel that follows five students over one autumn as Anne, “the application whisperer,” helps them craft their college essays, cram for the SATs, and perfect the Common Application. It seems their entire future is on the line --- and it is. It’s because the process, warped as it is by money, connections, competition and parental mania, threatens to crush their independence just as adulthood begins.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062240699

FAR GONE by Laura Griffin
(Romantic Suspense)
While on leave from her job, police detective Andrea Finch gets an urgent call from her younger brother. Her search for answers takes her to a dusty Texas border town where danger lurks in plain sight. FBI agent Jon North is working undercover in west Texas investigating an unsolved murder that may be linked to a broader plot. But when the evidence points to Andrea’s brother, Jon finds that persuading the stubborn cop to help will be harder than cracking his toughest case.
Pocket Books * 9781476758855

THE HUMANITY PROJECT by Jean Thompson (Fiction)
After surviving a shooting at her high school, Linnea is packed off to live with her estranged father. His neighbor, Christie, is a nurse distracted by an eccentric patient, Mrs. Foster, who has given Christie the reins to her Humanity Project, a bizarre and well-endowed charity fund. Meanwhile, Conner, the Fosters’ handyman, has become the one person in which Linnea can confide. As these characters and many more hurtle toward their fates, the Humanity Project is born: Can you indeed pay someone to be good? At what price?
Plume * 9780142180907

THE IMPERSONATOR by Mary Miley (Historical Mystery)
Leah Randall, a young vaudeville actress, discovers that she looks exactly like Jessie Carr, an heiress who vanished years ago. When Jessie's uncle asks her to impersonate Jessie in order to inherit her considerable estate and then split it with him, Leah is reluctant but can't resist --- which propels her into more than one murder mystery.
Minotaur Books * 9781250054302

IN DOUBT by Drusilla Campbell (Mystery)
Paperback Original
Defense Attorney Sophie Giraudo is about to open a new legal practice in her hometown when the beloved governor is shot and seriously wounded. The only thing more shocking than the crime itself is the identity of the would-be assassin: a seemingly gentle teenager named Donny. Sophie reluctantly agrees to take him on as a client, but as she digs deeper into Donny's past, Sophie begins to suspect that he might not be the cold-blooded killer everyone thinks he is.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455510337

THE KIDS GOT IT RIGHT: How the Texas All-Stars Kicked Down Racial Walls by Jim Dent (Sports)
New York Times bestselling author Jim Dent pens the compelling story of how a black and white player came together to break the color barrier in Texas football in 1965. Jerry LeVias and Bill Bradley bonded as friends at the Big 33 high school all-star game, producing a dramatic finish that fans still talk about.
St. Martin's Griffin * 9781250053954

KIND OF CRUEL by Sophie Hannah (Psychological Thriller)
Amber Hewerdine suffers from chronic insomnia and, as a last resort, decides to visit a hypnotherapist. Under hypnosis, she hears herself saying “Kind, cruel, kind of cruel,” words that awaken a vague memory. Two hours later, Amber is arrested for the brutal murder of a woman she’s never heard of, and the only way she can clear her name is by remembering exactly where she has seen those words.
Penguin Books * 9780143124627

THE LITTER OF THE LAW: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown (Mystery)
Rita Mae Brown collaborates with feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown in a new mystery starring Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen, the curious cat detectives Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the valiant crime-solving corgi. Halloween arrives early this year to rural central Virginia, when a twisted killer will stop at nothing to protect a multimillion-dollar scheme.
Bantam * 9780345530493

MADAME PICASSO by Anne Girard (Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
When Eva Gouel moves to Paris from the countryside, she is full of ambition and dreams of stardom. Though young and inexperienced, she manages to find work as a costumer at the famous Moulin Rouge, and it is here that she first catches the attention of Pablo Picasso, a rising star in the art world. Picasso sets his sights on Eva, and Eva can't help but be drawn into his web. But what starts as a torrid affair soon evolves into what will become the first great love of Picasso's life.
Harlequin MIRA * 9780778316350

OUTLAW: A Robin Monarch Novel by Mark Sullivan (Thriller)
Former CIA operative and master thief Robin Monarch and his counterpart, a mysterious Chinese agent, embark upon a dangerous journey into the underbelly of Southeast Asia, a world of corrupt Vietnamese Army officers, fanatical pirates, Hong Kong triad leaders, and volatile mercenaries living around the red light districts of Thailand. As they get closer and closer, Monarch learns that his whole mission may not be what it seems.
Minotaur Books * 9781250048295

PRIVATE DOWN UNDER by James Patterson and Michael White (Thriller)
Paperback Original
With the best detectives in the business, cutting-edge technology and offices around the globe, there is no investigation company quite like Private. Within days the agency's caseload is full. But it is a horrific murder in the wealthy Eastern Suburbs and the desperate search for a motive that stretches the team to the limit. Stacy Friel, friend of the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, isn't the killer's first victim --- and as the bodies mount up, she's clearly not the last.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455529780

SILVER BAY by Jojo Moyes (Romance)
Paperback Original
Liza McCullen will never fully escape her past. But the unspoiled beaches and tight-knit community of Silver Bay offer the safety she craves --- if not for herself, then for her young daughter, Hannah. That is, until Mike Dormer, a mild-mannered Englishman with too-smart clothes and distracting eyes, shows up as a guest in her aunt’s hotel. His arrival could destroy everything Liza has worked so hard to protect.
Penguin Books * 9780143126485

SISTER MOTHER HUSBAND DOG: (Etc) by Delia Ephron (Memoir/Essays)
In SISTER MOTHER HUSBAND DOG, Delia Ephron brings her trademark wit and effervescent prose to a series of unforgettable, moving and provocative essays. The emotional linchpin in this collection is the author’s stirring, eloquent response to the death of Nora Ephron --- Delia’s older sister and frequent writing companion.
Plume * 9780142181096

Forensic pathologist Dr. Samantha Owens thought life was finally returning to normal after she suffered a terrible personal loss. Settling into her new job at Georgetown University, the illusion is shattered when she receives a disturbing letter from a dead man imploring her to solve his murder. There's only one catch: Timothy Savage's death was so obviously the suicide of a demented individual that the case has been closed.
Harlequin MIRA * 9780778317104

THE WINTER GUEST by Pam Jenoff (Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
Set in Poland during World War II, The WINTER GUEST follows twin 18-year-old sisters Helena and Ruth Nowak. The two are left to care for their younger siblings while avoiding detection from the Nazis. But when Helena discovers Sam Rosen, an Allied paratrooper and Jew, she risks her family's safety by hiding him. Will Ruth be okay with Helena's budding romance, or will her jealously endanger them all?
Harlequin MIRA * 9780778315964

On Sale the Week of September 1st in Hardcover

September 2nd

ACCIDENTS OF MARRIAGE by Randy Susan Meyers (Fiction)
Maddy is a social worker trying to balance her career and three children. She fell in love with her husband, Ben, drawn to his fiery passion, but now he lashes out at her. She vacillates between tiptoeing around him and asserting herself for the sake of their kids --- until the rainy day when they’re together in the car and Ben’s volatile temper leaves Maddy in the hospital fighting for her life.
Atria Books * 9781451673043

BEFORE THE FIRST SHOTS ARE FIRED: How America Can Win or Lose Off the Battlefield by General Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz (Current Affairs)
Drawing on his vast experience --- from combat in Vietnam to peacekeeping in Somalia, to war games in Washington, DC and negotiations with former rebels in the Philippines --- retired four-star General Tony Zinni argues that the US has a lot of work to do to make the process of going to war (or not) more clear-eyed and ultimately successful.
Palgrave Macmillan Trade * 9781137279385

THE BONE CLOCKS by David Mitchell (Metaphysical Thriller)
Following a terrible fight with her mother over her boyfriend, 15-year-old Holly Sykes slams the door on her family and her old life. Now, as she wanders deeper into the English countryside, visions and coincidences reorder her reality until they assume the aura of a nightmare brought to life. For Holly has caught the attention of a cabal of dangerous mystics --- and their enemies. But her lost weekend is merely the prelude to a shocking disappearance that leaves her family irrevocably scarred.
Random House * 9781400065677

THE BULLY OF ORDER by Brian Hart (Historical Fiction)
Set in a logging town on the lawless Pacific coast of Washington State at the turn of the 20th century, THE BULLY OF ORDER is a novel of fate and redemption in which the lives of an ill-fated family are at the mercy of violent social and historical forces that tear them apart.
Harper * 9780062297747

DARING: MY PASSAGES: A Memoir by Gail Sheehy (Memoir)
DARING: MY PASSAGES is the story of the unconventional life of a writer who dared. Always on the cutting edge of social issues, Gail Sheehy reveals the obstacles and opportunities encountered when she dared to blaze a trail in a “man’s world.” DARING is also a beguiling love story of Sheehy’s tempestuous romance with and eventual happy marriage to Clay Felker, the charismatic creator of New York magazine.
William Morrow * 9780062291691

DE POTTER’S GRAND TOUR by Joanna Scott (Historical Fiction)
In 1905, a tourist agent and amateur antiques collector named Armand de Potter mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Greece. His body is never recovered, and his wife is left to manage his affairs on her own. But as she starts to piece together his life, she realizes that everything was not as he had said.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux * 9780374162337

EXPO 58 by Jonathan Coe (Spy Fiction/Humor)
Thomas Foley is an employee at the Central Office of Information who will be overseeing the “authentic British pub” that will be erected at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. It’s the first major expo after World War II, meant to signify unity, but there’s inevitable intrigue involving the U.S. and Soviet delegations. In the shadow of an immense, imposingly modern structure called the Atomium, the married Foley becomes both agent and pawn --- when he’s not falling head over heels for his Belgian hostess.
New Harvest * 9780544343764

THE EYE OF HEAVEN: A Fargo Adventure by Clive Cussler and Russell Blake (Thriller/Adventure)
Husband-and-wife team Sami and Remi Fargo are on a climate-control expedition in the Arctic when they discover a Viking ship in the ice filled with pre–Columbian artifacts from Mexico. As they plunge into their research, tantalizing clues about a link between the Vikings and the legendary Toltec feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl --- and a fabled object known as the Eye of Heaven --- begin to emerge. But so do many dangerous people.
Putnam Adult * 9780399167300

HAUNTED: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel by Kay Hooper (Thriller)
How do you make peace with the dead if the dead aren’t ready to forgive? In Kay Hooper’s new Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novel, the answer lies in the twisting shadows of a small town, and its secrets yet unearthed.
Berkley Hardcover * 9780425259399

AN ITALIAN WIFE by Ann Hood (Historical Fiction)
AN ITALIAN WIFE begins in turn-of-the-century Italy, when 14-year-old Josephine Rimaldi is forced into an arranged marriage to a man she doesn't know or love who is about to depart for America, where she later joins him. Bound by tradition, Josephine gives birth to seven children. The last, Valentina, is conceived in passion, born in secret and given up for adoption. Josephine spends the rest of her life searching for her lost child, keeping her secret even as her other children go off to war, get married and make their own mistakes.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393241662

LEVEL ZERO HEROES: The Story of U.S. Marine Special Operations in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan by Michael Golembesky and John R. Bruning (Current Affairs)
In LEVEL ZERO HEROES, Michael Golembesky follows the members of U.S. Marine Special Operations Team 8222 on their assignment to the remote and isolated Taliban stronghold known as Bala Murghab as they conduct special operations in an effort to break the Taliban’s grip on the Valley. What started out as a routine mission changed when two 82nd Airborne Paratroopers tragically drowned in the Bala Murghab River while trying to retrieve vital supplies from an air drop that had gone terribly wrong.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250030405

A LIFE INTERCEPTED by Charles Martin (Romance)
Twelve years ago, Matthew "the Rocket" Rising was the number one NFL draft pick. But on the night of the draft, he was falsely accused of a heinous crime. Having served his sentence, Matthew leaves prison determined to find his wife. He soon learns that she has discovered a young man with the talent to achieve the football career Matthew should have had. Although helping the boy means violating his parole, he'll take the chance with hope of winning back Audrey's love.
Center Street * 9781455554669

MURDER 101: A Decker/Lazarus Novel by Faye Kellerman (Mystery)
A call about a possible break-in at the local cemetery seems like a false alarm until it's discovered that a mausoleum's stunning Tiffany panels have been replaced by forgeries. Soon the case escalates into murder. Detective Lieutenant Peter Decker and his partner, Tyler McAdams, are drawn deep into a web of nasty secrets, cold-case crimes, international intrigue, and ruthless people who kill for sport.
William Morrow * 9780062270184

NIGHT OF THE WHITE BUFFALO: A Wind River Mystery by Margaret Coel (Mystery)
A mysterious penitent confesses to murder, and then flees the confessional before Father
John O’Malley can identify him. Two months later, attorney Vicky Holden discovers rancher Dennis Carey shot dead in his truck. It soon develops that the most sacred creature in Native American mythology, a white buffalo calf, was recently born on Carey’s ranch. Vicky and Father John try to unravel the strange events surrounding both the murder and the recent disappearances of three cowboys from the ranch.
Berkley * 9780425264652

PERSONAL: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child (Thriller)
Someone has taken a shot at the president of France in the City of Light. How many snipers can shoot from three-quarters of a mile with total confidence? Very few, but John Kott is one of them. And after 15 years in prison, he’s out, unaccounted for, and likely drawing a bead on a G-8 summit packed with enough world leaders to tempt any assassin. If anyone can stop Kott, it’s the man who beat him before: Reacher.
Delacorte Press * 9780804178747

THE SECRET PLACE by Tana French (Psychological Thriller/Mystery)
“The Secret Place,” a board where the girls at St. Kilda’s School can pin up their secrets anonymously, is normally a mishmash of gossip and covert cruelty. But today someone has used it to reignite the stalled investigation into the murder of handsome, popular Chris Harper. Detective Stephen Moran joins forces with the abrasive Detective Antoinette Conway to find out who and why.
Viking Adult * 9780670026326

SOMEWHERE SAFE WITH SOMEBODY GOOD: The New Mitford Novel by Jan Karon (Fiction)
After five hectic years of retirement from Lord’s Chapel, Father Tim Kavanagh returns with his wife, Cynthia, from a so-called pleasure trip to the land of his Irish ancestors. While glad to be at home in Mitford, something is definitely missing: a pulpit. But when he’s offered one, he decides he doesn’t want it. Maybe he’s lost his passion. His adopted son, Dooley, wrestles with his own passion --- for the beautiful and gifted Lace Turner, and his vision to become a successful country vet.
Putnam Adult * 9780399167447

September 4th

THE BARTER by Siobhan Adcock (Psychological Thriller)
THE BARTER is a ghost story and a love story that also explores motherhood, work and feminism. Set in Texas, in both the present day and at the turn of the 20th century, Siobhan Adcock’s debut novel follows two young mothers at the turning point of their lives.
Dutton Adult * 9780525954224

DR. MUTTER’S MARVELS: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz (Biography/Medicine)
Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz chronicles the life of Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon who revolutionized the face of American surgery and founded a museum of medical oddities. An eccentric innovator, Mütter pioneered the use of ether as anesthesia, the sterilization of surgical tools, and a compassion-based vision for helping the severely deformed. DR. MUTTER'S MARVELS offers both a biography of this unconventional doctor and a revealing portrait of 19th-century medicine.
Gotham * 9781592408702

EISENHOWER: A LIFE by Paul Johnson (Biography)
Acclaimed historian Paul Johnson chronicles Dwight D. Eisenhower's modest childhood in Kansas, his college years at West Point, and his rapid ascent through the military ranks, culminating in his appointment as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II. Many elements of Eisenhower’s presidency speak to American politics today, including his ability to balance the budget and skill in managing an oppositional Congress.
Viking Adult * 9780670016822

When Judd Ryker is appointed director of the new State Department Crisis Reaction Unit, he figures he has a mandate to help the United States respond more quickly to foreign crises, but he hasn’t reckoned with the intense State, Defense, Pentagon, White House and CIA infighting and turf battles he would face. Then comes the coup in Mali, which is his chance to prove that his theory of the Golden Hour actually works --- but in the real world, those hours move incredibly quickly, and include things he’d never even imagined.
Putnam Adult * 9780399168604
On Sale the Week of September 1st in Paperback

September 2nd

AT NIGHT WE WALK IN CIRCLES by Daniel Alarcon (Fiction)
Troubled young actor Nelson lands a starring role in a revival of The Idiot President, a legendary play by his hero. The tour across his South American country whisks him out of the shelter of the city and across a landscape he has never seen. With each performance, Nelson grows closer to his fellow actors until, during one memorable performance, a long-buried betrayal surfaces to force the troupe into chaos.
Riverhead Trade * 9781594632839

CRITICAL MASS: A V.I. Warshawski Novel by Sara Paretsky (Mystery)
V.I. Warshawski’s closest friend in Chicago is the Viennese-born doctor Lotty Herschel, who lost most of her family in the Holocaust. Lotty escaped to London in 1939 on the Kindertransport with a childhood playmate, Kitty Saginor Binder. When Kitty’s daughter finds her life is in danger, she calls Lotty, who, in turn, summons V.I. to help. The daughter’s troubles turn out to be just the tip of an iceberg of lies, secrets and silence.
Signet Select * 9780451468185

THE DROP by Dennis Lehane (Thriller)
Paperback Original
Three days after Christmas, a lonely bartender looking for a reason to live rescues an abused puppy from a trash can and meets a damaged woman looking for something to believe in. As their relationship grows, they cross paths with the Chechen mafia; a man grown dangerous with age and thwarted hopes; two hapless stick-up artists; a very curious cop; and the original owner of the puppy, who wants his dog back.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062365446

DUST: A Scarpetta Novel by Patricia Cornwell (Thriller)
The body of a young woman named Gail Shipton has been discovered on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's rugby field. Physical evidence links the case to a series of uniquely weird homicides in Washington, D.C., where Kay Scarpetta's FBI husband has been deployed to help capture a serial killer dubbed the Capital Murderer. The cases all connect and yet seem to conflict.
Berkley * 9780425270042

FALLEN WOMEN by Sandra Dallas (Historical Mystery)
Wealthy New York socialite Beret Osmundsen has been estranged from her younger sister, Lillie, for a year when she gets word from her aunt and uncle that Lillie has died suddenly in Denver. What they do not tell her is that Lillie had become a prostitute and was brutally murdered in the brothel where she had been living. When Beret discovers the sordid truth of Lillie’s death, she makes her way to Denver, determined to find her sister’s murderer.
St. Martin’s Griffin * 9781250054500

THE FAMILY: A Journey into the Heart of the Twentieth Century by David Laskin (History)
David Laskin researched his own family roots and has created a historical, fact-filled book that spans 150 years and traces the three distinctly different paths his descendants took. One path led to America and financial success. Another led to Zionism and pioneering the Land that became the state of Israel. The final one led to the horrors of the Holocaust.
Penguin Books * 9780143125891

THE GARDEN OF LETTERS by Alyson Richman (Historical Fiction)
Paperback Original
When Mussolini's Fascist regime strikes her family in Verona, Elodie Bertolotti is drawn into the burgeoning resistance movement by Luca, a young and impassioned bookseller. As the occupation looms, she discovers that her unique musical talents, and her courage, have the power to save lives. Upon arriving in Portofino months later, Elodie is a frightened and exhausted girl. She is given sanctuary by a young doctor named Angelo Rosselli, a man with painful secrets of his own, haunted by guilt and remorse.
Berkley Trade * 9780425266250

THE HEART OF EVERYTHING THAT IS: The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin (Biography)
The great Oglala Sioux chief Red Cloud was the only Plains Indian to defeat the United States Army in a war, forcing the American government to sue for peace in a conflict named for him. At the peak of their chief’s powers, the Sioux could claim control of one-fifth of the contiguous United States. But unlike Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, or Geronimo, the fog of history has left Red Cloud strangely obscured. Now his incredible story can finally be told.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451654684

KILLING CUSTER: A Wind River Mystery by Margaret Coel (Mystery)
In her pulse-pounding mysteries, Margaret Coel interweaves authentic Native American culture and history with modern-day suspense. In the latest Wind River novel, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O’Malley are caught between two cultures that won’t let go of the past --- and a killer who won’t leave any witnesses.
Berkley * 9780425264645

KNITTING YARNS: Writers on Knitting by Ann Hood (Essays)
Why does knitting occupy a place in the hearts of so many writers? What’s so magical and transformative about yarn and needles? How does knitting help us get through life-changing events and inspire joy? In KNITTING YARNS, 27 writers --- including Anita Shreve, Elizabeth Berg, Ann Patchett and Barbara Kingsolver --- tell stories about how knitting healed, challenged, or helped them to grow.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393349870

THE LAST DARK: The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson (Fantasy)
Thomas Covenant and Linden Avery have fought for what they love in the magical reality known only as "the Land." Now they face their final crisis. Reunited after their separate struggles, they discover in each other their true power --- and yet they cannot imagine how to stop the Worm of the World’s End from unmaking Time. Nevertheless, they must resist the ruin of all things, giving their last strength in the service of the world's continuance.
Ace Trade * 9780425270059

THE MAN HE BECAME: How FDR Defied Polio to Win the Presidency by James Tobin (History/Politics)
With a painstaking reexamination of original documents, James Tobin uncovers the twisted chain of accidents that left FDR paralyzed; reveals how polio recast Roosevelt’s fateful partnership with his wife, Eleanor; and shows that FDR’s true victory was not over paralysis but over the ancient stigma attached to the crippled.
Simon & Schuster * 9780743265164

THE MAYAN SECRETS: A Fargo Adventure by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry (Thriller/Adventure)
Husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo are in Mexico, when they come upon a remarkable discovery --- the skeleton of a man clutching an ancient sealed pot, and within the pot, a Mayan book, larger than anyone has ever seen. The book contains astonishing information about the Mayans, their cities, and mankind itself. The secrets are so powerful that some people would do anything to possess them --- as the Fargos are about to find out.
Berkley * 9780425270165

MIDDLE MAN: A Lieutenant Rollie Waters Novel by David Rich (Thriller)
Recruited into SHADE, the elite, covert group formed by the U.S. military, Rollie Waters must locate and retrieve the countless millions taken from Saddam’s cache during the Iraq War and shipped home in the coffins of dead soldiers. But when a sniper attacks the team, Rollie is forced to go undercover to solve the riddle of the graves and to apprehend the puppet master behind the whole plot.
Signet * 9780451467539

MY MOTHER’S SECRET: A Novel Based on a True Holocaust Story by J.L. Witterick (Historical Fiction)
Providing shelter to Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland is a death sentence, but Franciszka and her daughter, Helena, do exactly that. In their tiny home in Sokal, they hide a Jewish family in a loft above their pigsty, a Jewish doctor with his wife and son in a makeshift cellar under the kitchen, and a defecting German soldier in the attic. For everyone to survive, Franciszka will have to outsmart her neighbors and the German commander.
Berkley Trade * 9780425274811

ORFEO by Richard Powers (Fiction)
Peter Els is a retired music professor with a unique hobby: He has set up a microbiology lab in his home to find music in the modified DNA of the bacterium Serratia marcescens. When Federal agents find out about his laboratory, they suspect he may be a bioterrorist. ORFEO is the portrait of a man so obsessed by the need to create that he’ll sacrifice just about everything for the sake of his quest.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393349849

ROBERT B. PARKER’S DAMNED IF YOU DO: A Jesse Stone Novel by Michael Brandman (Mystery)
The woman on the bed was barely out of her teens. She wasn’t exactly beautiful, but she’d tried to make the most of her looks. And now, alone in a seedy beachfront motel, she was dead. Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone doesn’t know her name. Whoever she is, she didn’t deserve to die. Jesse starts digging, only to find himself caught in the crosshairs of a bitter turf war between two ruthless pimps. And more blood will spill before it’s over.
Berkley * 9780425270073

WILSON by A. Scott Berg (Biography)
One hundred years after his inauguration, Woodrow Wilson still stands as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, and one of the most enigmatic. Now, after more than a decade of research and writing, Pulitzer Prize-winning author A. Scott Berg has completed the most personal and penetrating biography ever written about the 28th President.
Berkley Trade * 9780425270066

THE WIND IS NOT A RIVER by Brian Payton (Historical Fiction)
Following the death of his younger brother in Europe, journalist John Easley heads north to investigate the Japanese invasion of Alaska's Aleutian Islands. While accompanying a crew on a bombing run, his plane is shot down. He survives only to find himself exposed to a harsh and unforgiving wilderness. Meanwhile, John’s wife, Helen, struggles with the burden of his disappearance and is forced to reimagine who she is --- and what she is capable of doing.
Ecco * 9780062279989

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